Saturday, August 10, 2002

Friday, August 09, 2002

Erjika finally got off her lazy ass and uploaded her Japan journal (first two days anyway). Introducing...

"Tabemono wa doko desu ka?"

It'll be updated every few days, so keep an eye out.

And now social bloggage... sorta.

Added Cari to the list of blogs. She's the third person I know in RL who has a blog!! She's also partly responsible for; the coolest communist community since the 20s! ^^;V

Happy (belated?) birthday, Ammie! Hope you feel better, too!

This is a little late, but I like your layout! And regarding updates... at least you have several sites to look after. I only have one, really, and it takes me forever to put stuff up! And thanks, but the Got Milk? is coming down soon. Cute piccie, but the layout design's just... bleah. >< California Cheese commercials are funny, tho. 'Specially the alarm clock one. ^_^



Which Saiyuki character would sleep with you?

Mwuhahaha!!!!! Damn, I'm good. Mura, your results kinda scare me. o.o But Chin Issou was third on my list. Not surprising that Kami-sama was last. x.x

I'm Hakkai's teddy bear!

Who's teddy bear are YOU? Take the quiz and find out!

Hell yeah! I'm his lover and his teddy bear! I rock. ^^


Wednesday, August 07, 2002
Don't you hate it when you get into an old fandom (slamdunk*cough*), fall in love with some of the doujinshi, have tons of people recommending said doujinshi, then find out that it's so old it ain't published anymore?


Anyway, I'm not trying to rub it in your face, but I noticed that all throughout Wild Adapter, Tokito never says "Kubota." It's always "Kubo-chan." Kawaii! But you would think that after sleeping in the same bed with someone that you would stop calling them by their last name. And yes, they do sleep in the same bed. Wah.

Thank you so much, Ammie! If I think of more questions, I'll just send you an email, 'cos it'll probably take up too much room here!


Monday, August 05, 2002
Ya know... maybe I shouldn't have said anything about WA referrers. 'Cos since then, I haven't gotten any search engine referrers. Instead, all I've been getting are people from Mura's blog, wondering what the heck she meant by shower scene.



Sunday, August 04, 2002
The Great Kaworu has at last come down. He has been replaced by the Tensai Sakuragi. From angels to basketball players. Oh, how the mighty fall. *snerk*

=^_^= I would preen, but I'm much too kind for that. :P Actually, if I can get my butt over to my da's workplace (where there's a scanner), I'll scan in some stuff from the second volume. I was planning on doing it anyway, because there's some piccies from WA and SS that are in major need of captioning. Heh heh...


A note to ppl coming to my site for Wild Adapter anything:

I love Wild Adapter. I really do. At the moment, it's my favourite manga. But I do not have anything about it on this blog, other than me drooling over the unbelievably not-so-subtle yaoi context between Kubota and Tokito. Do not come to this site in hopes that there will be any info about it, because I can't bloody read Japanese, thus in consequence, don't really know what's going on. T.T This is a blog. It is transient. There aren't many sites with WA info, but they're out there. Or at least, they were. '_' They have the info. I don't. Thank you!

*coughs* Sorry, it's just that WA referrers are filling up my statistics, so I have no idea if anyone else is coming to this site. ~_~

Blah... in other news, although the uber-cool Kubo-chan was my fave chara in Seitokai Shikkoubu... in WA, it's definitely Tokito. The cuteness! The angst! He's such a feisty uke!! And I hope I wasn't the only one who, during the shower scene in the second book, was hoping that Kubota would just open the door... and step inside... and 'comfort' poor Tokito... *maniacal laughter* I even got a non-yaoi fan thinking that. Damn, I'm evil. ;P

I so can't believe I'm writing this all at work. *blush*

Rawr, nice layout, Kim!

Glad to see you having fun! ^_^



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