Saturday, June 22, 2002


HAPPY (belated) BIRTHDAY, CARI!!!!!!


*smiles brightly* So, now that I'm done ranting (for now...)

I came back not only from a nice week vacation in San Diego (from which I'm still sunburned T.T), but also from a two day orientation for my college. UCSD Pride, baby! I finalized my schedule, which will be pretty boring. I'll be taking US History 2A (colonial history), which will complete my Social science requirement due to AP test. I'll also be taking Math 10B (bloody calculus, ew), Chem 6A, and Japanese 1A. My first time taking Japanese! ^_^

And there's a story behind Chem 6A, too. ^_____^ Have you ever heard of the band Switchfoot? Prolly not. Anyway, they're a Christian band that doesn't really play Christian music (they make their songs ambiguous), and one of their songs is called "Chem 6A." It's about not wanting to study. ^_^ Turns out that the guys from Switchfoot went to UCSD, and that song was indeed about the course I'm about to take. Oh. Joy. XP

Anyway, I might be changing my major from General Biology to Ecology, Behavior, and Evolution Biology. It's a wee bit harder, tho. TT But I also found out about the study abroad programs. It'll take a bit of adjusting, but I'm pretty sure that if I have enough money, I'll be able to go to New Zealand junior year! Maybe I'll see you, Ammie!

Liz has a blog!!!! ^_^ The second person I know to have one!


<soccer rant>


Today is a very sad day indeed. After being on the road for 10 hours due to traffic/road delays/etc., I come home, flip on the TV, find our that S. Korea and Spain are still 0:0, then decide to wait for the Senegal/Turkey game. I wake up at around 4 am, watch the game for all two hours that it was, only to have the ONE player from Turkey I DON'T like (the dude with half his hair up... the substitute for the famous guy... you know who I'm talking about) score in overtime. GODDAMMIT!!!!!!!!!!!


Erjika is sooooo pissed right now. And England lost, too! But on Wednesday, I'll have the sadistic joy of watching Turkey be killed by Brasil. MWUHAHAHA!!!! To be honest, Rivaldo scares the heck out of me. But I'll definitely be rooting for him in the next game. TURKEY MUST DIE!!!!!

(disclaimer: I don't really hate Turkey. Just their soccer team. And that one particular player who shall not be named. T_T)

Sylva didn't play as well this time (What was up with that almost-goal from Turkey?! Good thing Dal was there. That was scary!), but I still love the man. He did good, all things considered. *sigh* And yet it wasn't enough...

I'm still glad Senegal was able to make it this far. And the US as well, for that matter. And South Korea. And even Turkey, I SUPPOSE. *big glare* But in the end, Brasil WILL kill everyone off. Starting with Turkey. *snicker*

</soccer rant>


Wednesday, June 19, 2002
Poor Japan. But Senegal will kick Turkey's butt, so all is well. ^____^

Due to my idiotic idea about "even tanning", I now have sunburned my upper body and legs from the knees down. It's so bad that when I stand up, I can feel the blood rushing back to my legs, and it hurts. >.< 'S not fair...

Danke, Kurot! ^_^

Ko, that was a beautiful piece of writing. *sniffle* For some reason, it made me think of Frequency. And I miss your Kaworu/Shinji layout! But your new one is great, too. *snicker*

Tree: So, are you white meat or dark meat?
Kamui: WAHHHH!!!!

Thanks for the link, Mura! Tenpou is soooo pretty in his uniform. *drool*

Sylva is ranked second for the most saves, right behind the "human wall" of the US. ^_^ Man, I am waaay too obsessed with the World Cup. I actually went through withdrawal last night since there wasn't any soccer. I need a life. Oh wait, who needs a life when you've got the internet? ("Reasons? There are no reasons. Who needs reasons when you've got heroin?" -- Mark Renton, Trainspotting)

Lesson of the Day: Wear sunscreen. Lots of it.


Sunday, June 16, 2002

They'll be facing Japan or Turkey. And England will be facing Brasil (sorry Belgium, but it's probably true). I think I have a crush on Sylva (Senegal's goalkeeper). He's so amazing! And no, it's not because he's cute, dammit! He's just really cool. So's the dude with the long hair (forgot his name).

er, anyway... my sister graduated this morning. Her ceremony was far more interesting ^_^

the heat fried my brain (and so did last night's overtime), so I can't even blog coherently... so um, yeah...

What Weapon Are You?

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