Friday, June 14, 2002
I think blogger ate my post yesterday... oh well. T_T

I've graduated!!!!!! Yatta!!!!!!! ^___^ Except I'm not officially a high school grad 'til I get my diploma... which won't happen 'til later this month. Damn, four days of graduation practice, and we don't even get a diploma. -_-

Costa Rica... ;_; Oh well. It was a good game, tho. And Castro's really cute ^^. Alas, the fangirl beast within will never die, even during the World Cup!

I'll be leaving for San Diego tomorrow, so blogging will still be sporadic at best. But my sister has DSL. *maniacal grin*

Here's something I should have posted a while ago, but didn't. Our school has a Day of Silence for gay rights. Basically we go around school without talking, and get people to be aware and stuff. We wear badges so that teachers know what's going on (and students, too!), but they didn't have enough this year. So I made my own! ^_^  Enjoy:


Wednesday, June 12, 2002


SO IS SENEGAL!!!! ^________________________^

*cough* right, so in the past few days, I've become a World Cup fanatic. I still don't know that much about soccer, so if someone could explain this, I'll be eternally grateful: What determines the overtime? And why do they need that overtime if teams can tie? Forgive my ignorance!

In other news, graduation is tomorrow!! And we've figured out why we have so much graduation practice. We're only at school for about an hour each time, but the school gets paid for us being "in class," which is why we have to show up every day. Bloody administration... -_-

Still haven't watched Saiyuki, will get around to that soon (I better, since I'm leaving for San Diego on Saturday).

Has anyone seen No Man's Land? Wah. ;_;

england england england... ^____^ I'll be rooting for Costa Rica tonight, since I think Brasil's already going on to the second round. Let's hear it for the underdogs!!

Social blogging? What's that?? o_o I'll get around to it next time.


Tuesday, June 11, 2002
Hey! I think my legs are getting tanner! ^^ Graduation practice must be good for something then.

Don't worry about the translations, Kit! If you get 'em done by the time I'm completely done with schooling (which will be another, oh, six years), I'll be happy! ^_^

Ooh, pretty layout, Ko! Funny, 'cos I have a Kaworu layout in the works right now ^^;

Speaking of Eva, I was looking for good pics of Kaworu for said layout, and I came across this site. Some of the pics are pretty funky o.o

This is just scary x_x
Wai! Pretty Kaworu/Shinji piccie I've never seen before!

I want to bear Ishida Akira's children! Or at least be his flunkie! ^o^

And in lieu of Ishida, I'll take Nick Wolfwood! ^_~ That man is so cool...

*off to watch an odd combination of Saiyuki 40-52, Harry Potter (again; Oliver Wood, daisuki!), and more World Cup goodness*


Monday, June 10, 2002
*stretches* God, I've forgotten what life without homework is like!!! Mmmm...

Went to a Pho (I think I'm spelling it wrong -_-) shop today and ended up falling in love with their strawberry shake. It's better than Jamba Juice! ^o^

WAI! MC has a blog!!!! Now I know someone from school who actually has one!! Now I can educate you on the wide world of fan fiction! ^_~

Ko-chan, I'm, um, not going to be in Tokyo all the time. Technically, I'm not even staying there (we'll be on the outskirts, Chiba and Yokohama), and we'll be in Kyoto/Hiroshima/Osaka/Southern Japan in the middle of the trip (no set itinerary). But I'm leaving for Japan on July 3, and we're leaving on July 25. I think I'm just going to miss you. ;_; btw, did you send me an email recently? 'cos if you did, I haven't gotten anything. Just wanted to know!

Graduation practice starts tomorrow. *stares at thermometer, which reads 90 F* Ack. x_x


Sunday, June 09, 2002
*sneaks online @ work to blog*

I'M OUT OF SCHOOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


My last day of classes was on Friday. Next week is just graduation practice (four days of practice for walking to a seat, getting up, and getting a fake diploma; damn, we're pathetic). In other words-- no homework.

In other words-- more time for anime!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Just saw the first 12 episodes of Trigun last night. It was starting to get boring, but then in comes NICHOLAS D. WOLFWOOD!!!!!!!! *huggles him to death* I love him. I thought he was just going to be all solemn and cool in contrast to Vash, but he isn't!! The confessional was excellent XD I know what happens to him... *sigh* But I'll enjoy him in the meantime.

Also watched Zetsuai 89... faces and upper bodies are nice, but damn! They have no leg muscle! Walking toothpicks! O_O And to think he's supposed to be a soccer player...

Annnnd... also watched the first part of Ai no Kusabi. It's pretty good for yaoi, plotwise and stuff. Reminiscient of Bladerunner. ^_^

ANNNND... ^^; also watched Lesson XX!!!!!!!! Finally! Very very cute shounen-ai! ^___^ Sakura's adorable.

Sakura: (holding up condom) Here you go!
Girl: *BLUSH* I HATE YOU! (runs away)
Sakura: Eh?
Guys: *snickering* What do you think you're holding?
Sakura: ? *looks at it* o_o;;;;;;

Kawaii!! ^___^ If you like sweet shounen-ai romance, you'll like it! (Mura, I don't think this is for you ^^;)

Anyway, Erjika still won't be blogging tons 'cos of graduation, then San Diego, then Japan... wait 'til August, then I'll be blogging every day as usual. Ja!


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Didn't come out quite how I wanted... -_- For those of you who don't know, Kubota and Tokito are from Seitokai Shikkoubu (Executive Committee) and Wild Adapter, both by Minekura (same mangaka as Saiyuki). Kubo's on the right. He's cool. ^^


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