Saturday, May 25, 2002
What Seven Deadly Sin Are YOU? [?]

You're SLOTH! You're extremely lazy. There's just no other way to put it! Your loner attitude gets in the way of your social life sometimes. You're represented by the color aqua.

This surprises me not at all. -_-;;


whoohoo! Just stuffed myself silly with kalua pig (ie, Hawaiian pork roasted underground-- really moist and tender), and I am in h-e-a-v-e-n. And I'm also really thirsty. ;_;

I have now decided that aside from the food, Hawaiian luaus outside of Hawaii are only fun if you know people other than your parents. -_- But I think the food more than makes up for it. ^^

Kit, I would be eternally grateful if you could translate SS. Um... *offers firstborn child* I'll give you... almost anything! *more grovelling* 'Sok if you can't translate Wild Adapter. SS is enough for me!

And I thought Wild Adapter was about how they met... *shrugs* Whatever. Not like I can read it anyway. ^^;;

I really wish I could be a kangaroo when I grow up. Life wouldn't be nearly as complicated. -_- *sniffle* But as long as I got me manga and kalua pork at hand, it'll be ok!


Friday, May 24, 2002

Take The Ewan McGregor Test!

...yeah. Too bloody bad I play clarinet and mallets! XD But Andy was ok. Guess I'm too clean to have gotten Curt, eh?


*gasp* Kit, you have translations? *gets down on knees and grovels* Onegai-shimaaaaasu!!! #_#

Kim, haven't heard of Wild Adapter, but I know Seitokai Shikkoubu's already come out. Me wants. Me hast not money. ;_;

What type of Bishounen are you? Find out at by Rin.

All I can say is "..."



Thursday, May 23, 2002
hey... if anyone can tell me why my document.write tags aren't disappearing, help! ^^;

'k, I think that's enough blogging for me today. But it's so addicting!



:P Yes, Mura, I'm actually ok with most kinda of unconventionality (is that a word?), but Nii/Chin Issou just breaks my brain. They scare me! >_<

Besides, who needs them when you have Gojyo/Hakkai? XD

Argh, does anyone know if Saiyuki eps. 40-52 are out on Hong Kong DVD? As crazy as their subtitling is, I'd like to get the DVDs rather than the tapes (to complete my collection!).

*stares at SD manga downloading* hurry up... *points at slow modem and limited memory* and this is why I'm never on IM!


Oh jeez... I don't normally watch JAG, but I saw the season finale today.... WAH!!! Stupid bloody cliffhangers!!!! ;_;

And if that wasn't enough, once I'm done angsting, I hop on the net and see this! T_T But fortunately, since CLAMP is great and the tv series.... wasn't, Fuuma gets more depth. *cheers*

Actually, Ko, you're right, tripod was giving me that remote image thingie last night. But I checked today... a little more skin wouldn't hurt! ^_~ But tripod might bust for porn or something. XD And I know what you mean about pinching pennies. The last thing I spent on myself (not counting a mini-splurge at Fanime) was a CD-- about two months ago. -_- Just trying to make sure we'll get by in Japan, ne? ^_^ I'm holding off on all the manga and artbooks I was planning on getting 'til I hit the used bookstores over there. So much cheaper! *sniffle*

Bring on the Saiyuki layout! You can save a copy somewhere. ^^

Here's the bunny picture, Kim. It's not mine, I downloaded it from... somewhere. *sheepish grin* Forgot where. Now look at that and tell me there's nothing going on between them. -_-;;

Instead of finishing my log book (which was due today) and working on a powerpoint presentation (due tomorrow), I spent all day yesterday finishing a new layout for the blog. It's barely been a week! T_T Touya and Yuki will stay up for at least another week, tho. If I hold off...


wahhhhh!!!! ^_______^ I'm still sick and can't talk (bloody sore throat T.T) but I'm alive! And hyper! I think I just OD'd on mint chocolate chip ice cream (yum!)

More links-- Koji, 'cos I forgot to earlier (in my semi-unconscious state) and she has a prettiful blog ^^ (and thanks for the comments! But I only spent a day on it ^^;), and Kurot, because she's a bloody brilliant artist.

Thanks Ammie! *huggle* Yeah, I'm doing better already! ^__^ I'm respond to your email addy soon. NZ!!!!!

Yeah, well, it still freaks me out. When it comes to relationships, I'm more on the conventional side (well, sorta, do the Tensai and the Kitsune count as conventional??), and Nii/Chin Issou (or however you spell his name) is about as non-conventional as you can get! ^^ Every time I think of that pairing, my brain starts short-circuiting on me... and I don't think that's a good thing! o_o Regardless of who he's paired with, Chin Issou will always scare me. Sorry, but anyone who's obsessed with dolls scares me (like Muraki). Dolls and clowns. Must be some residual fears from having seen IT when I was 9 or 10. x_x And I do like Nii. By himself. Or maybe just with his bunny. ^^;

Speaking of bunnies, are any of you into Seitokai Shikkoubu (Executive Committee)? Have you seen the so-yaoi-it's-not-funny picture with the bunny? Hoeeeeee.... *_*

Same for me Mura! ^_^ Before they were all kinda neutral to me, but by those ep (10-11, I think), my brain went "whee!" It was sooo obvious at that point. 'specially with Gojyo trying to cheer Hakkai up when they were sitting on the jeep. ^^

Nice blog, Ko! Show a little more skin next time, 'kay? ^_~

hmmmm... really should be doing homework, what with senioritis and everything... mmmmm... *totters off to finish that gallon of mint ice cream*

Um, can anyone tell I'm loopy today? ^_^


Tuesday, May 21, 2002
Fortunately, we have people like these who keep bringing on all that is Saiyuki, thus keeping me sane. To you guys-- THANK YOU!!! *mass glomp*

Even if Nii/Chin Issou still freaks me out. o_O


oi... today has soooo not been a good day. T_T After spending four hours on a watercolour poster (which turned out nothing like I wanted it to), the samurai presentation in English went rather badly. And we found some nasty stuff in the mink we're dissecting. Not to mention I'm sick and exhausted, Slam Dunk got licensed so I have no more translations, and I still don't know how to use IRC. ;_;

Gah... really should go sleep some more, if it weren't for all this crap due on Thursday and Friday that I haven't started.



Monday, May 20, 2002
Forgot to say who I linked. -_- Kim and Kit, both of whom are Saiyuki fangirls. ^____^ I'm just out of it today. *yawn*


soooo... -_- internet was down yesterday at my home. I link now.

Was talking 'bout the digestion system in bio today. We got into some pretty nasty stuff, including inner tubing one would not think (nor want to know) was connected. Somehow, towards the end of class, several of us were getting hungry. o_O Life is weird.


Sunday, May 19, 2002
Ack... blogging from work right now, since filing and purging is just so fascinating...

I swear, one of these days, a huge box of patients' files "MO-MZ 2001" is going to fall on my head, and the Big Guy Upstairs(tm) is going to laugh long and hard. T_T

Hi Kim! Hmm, your layout looks very familiar... ^_~ WIll link you once I get home 'n stuff.

*looks longingly at clock* WIll it ever end??


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One of the cutest piccies of TxY out there. Cool song, too; even though Switchfoot's a Christian band, they make their songs apply to everything. Sizing of the pic is kinda awkward, but oh well. Better luck next time!


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