| Saturday, February 15, 2003 |
It's five in the morning. Why the hell am I still up? I don't know, but it's kinda scary.

Well, actually I do know. Layouts and such. I swear, I'm the bitch to the god of photoshop. ~_~

If I keep this rate up, I'll end up going vegan for the rest of my life. x_x And ye gods above, how I crave meat. The last time I had meat was... *thinks hard* Tuesday. Oh my god. How am I still alive?? No wonder I feel all twitchy...

I got InuKai doujins today--er, yesterday. Whoohoo! I now own four of at least seven doujins from Kira Etoh and Karen Hotta. I totally ADORE Kira's style. *sighs happily* Much WAFF was to be found, along with a surprising bit of smut. And a bit of what-could-have-been smut, if Kaidoh didn't decide to be pissy at that moment. o.O

I also realize that I got a package everyday this past week. Which would explain why the guy at the postal service was eyeing me rather suspiciously today. XD Oh well, that should be the last of ths wave, only a few things still in the mail for me. ^_^

Disjointedness is nothing new, but I think it's getting pretty bad now. Sleep could, quite possibly be a good thing. So why the hell am I still toggling with this layout?? >_< Argh.

Social blogging-like thingy:

*ding ding ding* We have a winner! Yes, it was indeed Kamio-kun, whom I /still/ say is a rhythmless rhythm freak. :P Melen-chan, Kamio-kun is a terribly fun chara from PoT. Which I shall forcefeed down your throat this summer. After I force it down Vi's throat. ^_^V

Koji, I really, really loved your fic. I love how you made it seem like it should be disturbing, and somehow it was... and wasn't. VERY cool.

Mura, you know that thing I was thinking about getting earlier this evening? It has been acquired. :D Expect an email soon regarding the whereabouts of something you want but have not yet seen... =^_^=

Ammie-love, what time are you on? Considering how late I'm up right now, I'm sure we can arrange a time when we'll both be online. ^___^

Juli, yeah, Meri-san is cuter, but... it's One Piece! Gotta love it.

Now I shall venture off into the land of layouts, OishiEiji WAFFles, and chocolat eclairs. Ja ne, tout le monde. ^^

| Wednesday, February 12, 2003 |
La la la... yes, I'm online. It was an accident!! I was /supposed/ to stay offline today, but I, er, kinda forgot and jumped on the net as soon as I got back from work. Eheheheh... damn addiction. -_-

Anyway, I was able to sleep off the depression, as usual (yay). Talked to my supervisor at work, and he wasn't mean about it at all-- in fact, he had no clue what was going on either. o.O Oh well, I got more hits today, and if the success rate reaches 20%, I'll be very proud of myself, indeed.

Today has been pretty strange in general. I was completely alert during my 8am math class, and that's the first time that's happened since... oh, the second week of classes. ^^;;;; I've also managed to keep the vegetarian end of my deal for the day, though, really, being vegetarian is not too hard when you have a collective three granola bars for breakfast and lunch. ^^;;;; And I wonder why I have so many meal points left...

It was absolutely pouring today, and while I love the rain, it's terribly not fun being soaked and... sitting in an air-conditioned shuttle. >_< I was turning into a little Icicle!Erjika, and that is not good at all.

Mura, the package has arrived... but I asked my roomie to hold it for me until after the chem midterm (which is tomorrow). Heheh. And three cheers for the return of the Frog!! *huzzah, huzzah*

Yes, Juli, there is a wonderful postal service. I keep staring at the sheep that Zoro (Zolo?) is painting over. Wahhhhh! It will probably be taped up next to the Ewan McGregor poster... with the tape on the PoT side. XD Buh-bye, Ryoma!

Jiroh-senpai, je t'aime! *hug* The world needs much more ShinKami. Of both the angsty and the nonangsty kind. ^_~

You're a Yaoi fangirl.

Are you a yaoi fangirl?
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*nods happily* Yay!

By the way, I had a random fit of insomnia last night, probably brought on by my bingeing on M&Ms. ^^;;;;;; Anyway, I sketched this little piccie out at around 2 or 3 in the morning. It's kinda a cumulative work of a style I've been fiddling around with for a while. Brownie points and a random hot bishie if you can guess who it is! :D

| Tuesday, February 11, 2003 |
Feeling terribly depressed right now, and it isn't because I'll be going vegetarian tomorrow, though that's not exactly helping my mood. Neither is the fact that chemistry makes NO FUCKING SENSE. And that my roomie is rather obsessed with getting more info on a girl's apparent suicide last week. And that I'm getting yelled at for no apparent fault of my own by the people I work for and I'm not even at work right now. Hopefully I'll live past Thursday, where, if I'm lucky, I'll get to go to Outback with my sister. Yay for sundaes with toasted coconut. I so need comfort food right now, and there isn't anything in the fridge save for cream cheese and milk, which is a terrifyingly disturbing combination.

For anyone who's never had it (though I sincerely doubt it), depression bites. Very much so.

Juli, your poster arrived today, actually. Yay fast postal service. Though I'm surprised you gave up the One Piece side-- there were sheep! And the sheep were cute! But I guess you felt it was tainted by the presence of Ryoma on the other side...

Jiroh is doing his best at cheering me up in PoT 63, but it's not working. I shall watch it again when I'm in a better mood, so as to appreciate his fangirling ways moreso. At least now the whole Fuji=kuma thing makes more sense. And is anyone else having problems with their audio?

Well, it's veggies tomorrow for me, as well as no internet access. I'll attempt to blog on Thursday, assuming the chem midterm doesn't kill me off first. Ja ne, tout le monde. *shoulders depression and returns to nonsensical chemistry-- may it burn in hell*

Oh yeah... *points below* If I'm on aim, I'll have my away message up. Poke me anyway! ^_^

| Monday, February 10, 2003 |
For anyone who's interested, this week I'll be on aim for anyone who wants the full "Inner Universe" mp3. I won't be chatting (thus not breaking my lil contract), but I'll just be spreading the love for Yoko Kanno and Origa. ^___^ My SN is sleeperdown. Now, off to study bio. -_-

MWUHAHA. I currently have the Ghost in the Shell: Stand Alone Complex OST in my grubby little hands. *preens*

One day I'll get my own domain so I can distribute songs-- the complete "Inner Universe" (opening song) doesn't add that much more than what everyone's already heard, but it's absolutely gorgeous, as is "Where Does This Ocean Go?" This album is like what Yoko Kanno would have done with Macross Plus, had she been better at rock/techno back then. Ah yes, I should mention there's a definite industrial metal feel to the whole of the album. Along with a slight Radiohead-esque touch. Which I have absolutely no problem with. :D

Anyway, here's the tracklist, for anyone interested. Apologies if my katakana reading skillz aren't up to par:

1. Run Rabbit Junk
2. Yakitori
3. Stamina Rose
4. Surf
5. Where Does This Ocean Go?
6. Train Search
7. Siberian Door House
8. Velveteen
9. Lithium Flower
10. Home Stay
11. Inner Universe
12. Fish ~ Silent Cruise
13. Some Other Time
14. Beauty Is Within Us
15. We're The Great
16. ... chinokuroomu? Thin Chrome? Not sure...

So yes. Covet. And love. It is good. :D

PoT 61 = Taka lovefest. XD

Admit it, y'alls, Akutsu and Taka used to go at it like bunnies. I mean, Akutsu was almost AFFECTIONATE, which speaketh much for that boy. Taka's so bloody sweet, and..... what the!! Fuji has a blood fetish?! o_O

Right-o, got my PoT fix, now I can sally forth to class. >_<

| Sunday, February 09, 2003 |
Vday layout. Yes, it's PINK. MWUHAHAHA. But Daisuke=Vday, so it couldn't be helped.

Updated the PoT Rivals blog crew, and... we have a Rukia!!! And thanks for the piccie-- mucho love for Ichigo. XD

Someone... posted a lemon on the PoT yaoi ML!!!! And it was GOOD!!! Even if it was rathe depressing, but whee!!!

I shall be releasing your hostage sometime today, when I get the chance. ^__^

Now, off to a three hour bio review session!! *bounces off in pseudo-happiness*

| p r o f i l e |

name | erjika tevkana
age | adult (barely)
place | california
hair | ponderously brown/black
eyes | brown
height | 5'4"
weight | not enough -_-;
astrology | cancer, rat, wood (so not me!), water

email | sleeperdown@yahoo.com
aim | sleeperdown
websites | Erjika's Workshop


| o f   t h e   m o m e n t |

read | HP fanfics
hear | Calvin's DJ mix-- britpop!!
watch | Get Backers
obsess | coming up with devious plots to get back at the guys upstairs
work | Japan Photo-Journal (on hiatus)


| c u r r e n t   l a y o u t |

version | 19.0 - Vday special
title | La Vie en Rose
imagery | Daisuke (D N Angel)
inspiration | "La Vie en Rose" by Edith Piaf

It's pink. It's PINK. I HATE pink, but I made this to scare the masses. And it's in french, which is a language I prefer to avoid due to high school trauma, but again, it's here to scare you guys. And also 'cos this song IS romance itself, as Daisuke IS Valentine's Day himself. Enjoy! *grins sadistically*


| f a v o u r i t e s |

animanga | X, Tokyo Babylon, Yami no Matsuei, Fruits Basket, D N Angel, Saiyuki, Evangelion, Slam Dunk, Wild Adapter, Prince of Tennis, Hikaru no Go, Bleach

mangaka | Kazuya Minekura, Inoue Takehiko, CLAMP

doujinshika | Ranko Tokugawa, Prin, Plum Garden, Zettaikouunken

1D crushes | Sadi, Berit, Mirtai (OMG, a female!), Loki, Hermes, Ganymedes, Ron Weasley, Merry Brandybuck, Orlando Gardiner, Dan Troop, Queequeg, Duncan Idaho

2D crushes | Seishirou, Keiichi, Tatsumi, Touda, Satoshi, Touya, Hatsuharu, Hatori, Hakkai, Tenpou, Kaworu, Crawford, Botan, Judeau, Destruction, Mitsui, Sendoh, Wolfwood, Tokito, Fuji, Kaidoh, Kaga, Yang Hai, Chad, Quincy Archer, Hige

3D crushes | Ewan McGregor, Ioan Gruffudd, Jude Law, Jamie Bamber, Ed O'Brien, Vinnie Jones ^_~, Sean Biggerstaff, Jamie Oliver, Viggo Mortensen

seiyuu | Ishida Akira, Seki Tomokazu

books | David Eddings, Tolkien, Tad Williams, Douglas Adams, Neil Gaiman, J. K. Rowling

music | Radiohead, Gomez, Belle and Sebastian, The Verve, Loreena McKennitt, Josh Groban, Yoko Kanno, Yuki Kajiura, Hans Zimmer

movies | Lord of the Rings, Matrix, Dark City, Star Wars, Talented Mr. Ripley, Memento, Trainspotting, Lock Stock & 2 Smoking Barrels, Dogma, Fight Club

art | Dali, Van Gogh, Monet

poetry | e. e. cummings, Yeats, Poe, Roethke, Auden

obsessions | guys with one good eye (seishirou? hakkai? hatori?), anything British, historical costumes, world music, kilts, seafaring tales, Greek mythology, fiesty ukes, reversible bishies, glasses


| b l o g g e r o o s |

  Soshi Ken


| b l o g   c r e w s |


|x| Sado Yasutora (Chad)
|x| Kuchiki Rukia

Prince of Tennis

|x| Momoshiro Takeshi
|x| Echizen Ryoma
|x| Fuji Syuusuke
|x| Kaidoh Kaoru
|x| Kawamura Takashi
|x| Kikumaru Eiji
|x| Inui Sadaharu
|x| Oishi Shuuichirou
|x| Tezuka Kunimitsu
|x| Karupin
|x| Mizuki Hajime

Seigaku Rivals

|x| Shishido Ryo
|x| Ohtori Choutarou
|x| Atobe Keigo
|x| Akutagawa Jiroh
|x| Oshitari Yuushi
|x| Fuji Yuuta
|x| Mizuki Hajime
|x| Tachibana Kippei
|x| Kamio Akira
|x| Ibu Shinji
|x| Akutsu Jin
|x| Sengoku Kiyosumi
|x| Dan Taichi
|x| Kirihara Akaya


| p a s t   l a y o u t s |

version 1.0
title | Out of the Rain
imagery | Touya and Yukito (Card Captor Sakura)
inspiration | "You" by Switchfoot

version 2.0
title | Photographic Memories
imagery | Kubota and Tokito (Wild Adapter)
inspiration | --

version 3.0
title | Fridge Buzz
imagery | Thom Yorke (Radiohead)
inspiration | OK Computer by Radiohead

version 4.0
title | Free Will
imagery | Kaworu (Evangelion)
inspiration | "Jesu, Joy of Man's Desiring" by Martin Janus

version 5.0
title | Got Milk?
imagery | Hanamichi (Slam Dunk)
inspiration | "Happy Cows come from California"

version 6.0
title | Strength and Destiny
imagery | Sorata and Arashi (X)
inspiration | --

version 7.0
title | Lonely Souls
imagery | Aya and Ken (Weiß Kreuz)
inspiration | "Lonely Soul" by UNKLE

version 8.0
title | Starry Night
imagery | Starry Night by Van Gogh
inspiration | "Vincent" by Don MacLean

version 9.0
title | Devils and Angels
imagery | Fuuma (X)
inspiration | "Rabbit In Your Headlights" by UNKLE

version 10.0
title | Dementia
imagery | Akito (Fruits Basket)
inspiration | "The Crab" by The Verve

version 11.0
title | Finest Little Space
imagery | Hiiragi (I'll)
inspiration | "Finest Little Space" by Unbelievable Truth

version 12.0
title | 19x19 Jaunt!
imagery | HnG cast (Hikaru no Go)
inspiration | --

version 13.0
title | Song to Life
imagery | Death (The Sandman)
inspiration | "Canto Alla Vita" by Josh Groban

version 14.0
title | One Ring
imagery | Two Towers (LotR movie)
inspiration | "One Ring to rule them all."

version 15.0 Christmas Special
title | The Viper and the Tree
imagery | Evergreen!Inui and Kaidoh (Prince of Tennis)
inspiration | "O Christmas Tree" *snerk*

version 16.0 New Year's Special
title | Wild Insei Bacchanales
imagery | Insei cast (Hikaru no Go)
inspiration | --

version 17.0
title | Daysleeper
imagery | Daitotoro et al. (Tonari no Totoro)
inspiration | "Daysleeper" by REM

version 18.0
title | Sometimes I Dream
imagery | Nataku (X)
inspiration | "Sometimes I Dream" by Mario Frangoulis


| a r c h i v e s |



| c l i q u e s   &   r i n g s |

taka love clique

radiohead fan clique

boys love clique

slam dunk phenomena

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