Friday, February 07, 2003
As yummy as Jones Juices are, they don't taste too good with Cup o Noodle soup. o.o

Thanks for the responses, but math midterm was... -_- I was confident about 8 points... out of 50. -_- Fortunately they give points for effort, so if my BS was good enough, there's still hope. So much for getting an A in that class. -_-

Class schedules for next quarter are going to be totally wonky. It'll interfere with work, so I'm going to be quitting at the end of this quarter, which is both a blessing and a curse. Supervisor's totally cool with it, which is good. I think. She did take it a little too well.... eheheh....

Anyway, if I get my ideal schedule, I won't have to start classes til 11am at the earliest!!! *cheers* And instead of having light MWF and godawful Thursdays, the pain of 18 units will be fairly evenly distributed. Phew.

I am so bloody glad it's Friday. Finally have a chance to work on V-day layout *yay!* before I hunker down and study for bio and chem midterms next week, which just might end up killing me. x-x But until then....

Sirius Black = Jean Valjean!!! XD

Think about it-- both escaped prison, have an obsessed hound bent on revenge following them (Snape and Javert), and end up being the replacement father for an orphan! Heheheh...

btw, you know how lotsa people in HP fics refrain from using "oh my god" 'cos it doesn't sound very wizardly? Then why is Sirius Harry's godfather? *tilts head*

Thursday, February 06, 2003
I just now realized how damn anorexic I am. God, it took me this long? -_-

Get to go to the zoo today!! *bounce bounce* Am playing hooky from Japanese and bio, and I swear if my roomie forgets to turn in my bio homework.... bad things will happen.... *evil smile*

Wish me luck on tomorrow's math midterm, as I have not studied one bit for it! XD Gah... so much for balancing out the rest of my major GPA. ^^;

As you can tell, I'm rather hyper right now. Blame it on the possibility of getting to see my buddies, the marsupials, at the zoo! I just hope we actually have time to see em!

Wednesday, February 05, 2003
Saw the first part of Second Renaissance at the Matrix website. NOT something to watch whilst eating-- kinda like Eva, and how it's robot violence, but so damn realistic it's freaky. It was VERY good, tho, and enough to convince me to get Animatrix when it comes out. The graphics were AMAZING. Wah... *still in awe* And I love how they tied in tons of Christian symbolism to the story. From the parallels between god and man, and robot and man, to the maggoted apple becoming the brain of man... wow. *_*

In other news, Kim has released enough screencaps of PoT 65 to practically MAKE the episode. Seriously, the only reason for watching it now is for Suwabe Junichi's voice. Atobe's such a slut-- stripdancing for everyone on the court. Jeez. I want Yamato desperately now, though perhaps not as much as the Kimmie. Her devotion is rather frightening, but hey we all have our own little quirks. *looks sidelong at Destruction and Chad*

Tuesday, February 04, 2003
Dammit Erjika, STOP fantasizing about guys you know. It will lead to no good. I mean, just 'cos he'd make an adorable uke doesn't mean he'd actually BE one.

Hot chocolate makes me feel like a kid again. And it's almost energizing me to do chem homework. Miracle of miracles!

Roomie said she admires me for being very laidback. I am? Hmm. Well, she did acknowledge that I have moments where I run around like the frenetic headless chicken that I am, but most of the time I just let things slide by. Hmmmm. *ponders*

Looking at various blog entries I've written, I kinda wonder if I have some mild form of schizophrenia or something. ^^;;; Either that or my mind is just plain wonky. Well, it is, but still.

*goes back to sipping hot cocoa, grabbing chem book and deliberately ignoring a certain layout that begs to be worked on-- I will not give in!*

*starts gettin all WAFFy inside* Awww, thanks to everyone for responding! I'm feelin' the love...

Am still dead, unfortunately. I have an odd feeling I'm going to BS through my chem homework, then actually do the problems over the weekend.

Don't wanna go to work tomorrow! *wah* Calling people the first time was hard, but now I get to call back the people I missed the first time... >_<

Today was bleah. Japanese teacher kept teaching us propaganda ("repeat after me-- kanji ga daisuki desu!"), but I almost feel comraderie with me classmates. Whoo.

Saw lots of people around campus by random chance-- the guy from work (he's a fifth year-- what are the chances of seeing him on campus at 9am??), a girl I met in Summit a while ago, a guy who used to go to aikido with me, and my sister's roommate at the sushi fest. Woi. And speaking of said fest, I ate too much sushi today. Soy sauce overdose. Ack.

All I wanna do is curl up and go to sleep. *glares at the sky* Is that too much to ask for?? Huh??

Granted, my philosophy is that there's always a choice. And I can indeed choose to sleep. And I can also choose to flunk outta chem. ^^;;;;

*totters away*

Monday, February 03, 2003
I am dead. Dead as a doornail. If doornails were ever alive to begin with.

Called around 60 or so people today, and I got six responses. SIX. Good god. Pseudo-telemarketing bites. -_- The only potential good thing to come out of this is that apparently there's an excellent record store near where I work, so I guess I'll check it out on a friday. Until then... *goes off and dies in a corner somewhere*

Sunday, February 02, 2003
Episode 60. Hell yeah. Taka-san, marry me? Oh wait, you're already whipped by Fuji. And Akutsu. Damn.


You are right about Kabaji being Atobe's dog. Poor kid. I'm also amused over Atobe's expression when Jirou fell asleep again. Inui's got it bad for his uke-- such a shock for him to listen to Kaidoh actually agree to be his uke-- it wasn't a one night stand!! Ootori and Shishido are SO together. Momo still has a Viper complex. Yuuta still has a brother complex. Jirou's adorable. The baron's a dirty bastard. Dane duck is just funny. XD I didn't really like him at first, but for some reason, he and his bf have grown on me. And damn cliffhangers. -_- I want 61!!!

Laundry was giving me hell (and I'm leaning over my chair typing this right now-- there goes my back), but PoT made it a bit better. I fucking hate dryers now, at least the one for our house. Dammit.

Juli, posters/donations/pocky will be gladly accepted.

And people! Bleach blog crew! Join!!!

Happiness is PoT 55. Nemi, je t'aime! FujiTaka was blatant in that episode, yes it was. And of course... Oishi fuzziness! Warm fuzziness! But now I'm getting VERY disturbing images of an OishiEijiMomo threesome... o.o

Happiness is also PoT Rival songs. Taka-Kat, je t'aime aussi! Kamio may not have rhythm, but he can sing. ^_^ After talking about the songs, we came up with some pretty scary images... Woodsman!Tachibana, playing his acoustic guitar for the squirrels... the Ibu phone bill... Hillbilly!Shinji singing "I Am a Man of Constant Sorrow"... the Fudomine rock star band...

I've finally heard "Keep On Dreaming." Good GOD. I'm going to have that stuck in my head for the rest of the week. Along with the imagined Hyoutei comeback, courtesy of Taka-Kat ("Hyoutei, ganbatte, you can say, let's go!").

In other news, I want the dane duck's song. And any Hyoutei songs. Wah!

I have this wild urge to say "BARO~~~~N." I think it started with you, Juli. ^^;

Blog crew will be updated when I'm no longer half dead from the toil and turmoil of classes. And scans are being put off again. Sorry!


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