Friday, January 31, 2003
Walking back from bio discussion in short sleeves, watching the sky turn into the most incredible splash of sunset, laughing as guys attempt to carve waves on their skateboards, and staring in bemusement as cherry blossoms fall (yes, in JANUARY), I have once again been reminded that as shitty as life can be, it is still damn beautiful.

</end philosophy>

Had to share this link-- Fuji, looking more and more like Lupin every day. Best of all, you can watch an animation of the artist colouring it, which is really cool, because she has an AMAZING sense of colour.

Also-- *covet, covet*

Now I shall go off and pretentiously weep over not winning an Ocean Colour Scene CD on ebay, and start scanning doujins. ^^

Why, oh why, am I again addicted to HP fics? And fics of atypical pairings. I mean, Dean and Seamus anyone could understand, since I seem to love the 'best friends' pairings, but... Oliver and Marcus?? Oy vey... I blame Khirsah and all her cohorts for this, yes I do. *nods sagely*

SHIT, I missed my math quiz today by sleeping in. There goes 8% of my grade, along with any hopes of getting an A in that class. *panicked state* So much for Belize...

Regarding spoiled children, I'll agree with that to an extent. It's not quite so much that everyone's spoiled in America, so much as people are fairly clueless when it comes to raising children. Some are spoiled to death, yes, but many others are just neglected. And the problem is that this just keeps getting passed down through the generations, because people don't have any other examples. Which is one of the reasons why I refuse to have kids. ^_^

Me personally, I know that it does feel good to bitch and whine and la la la *cough cough*, and gaining sympathy typically raises one's ego. But I guess for me, it also makes me feel utterly pathetic, which makes me feel even worse, and well, it all spirals downhill. I think people have as much of a right to bitch as anything else-- they're free to be depressed, if they want to. They just shouldn't expect anyone to listen. ^^;

btw, Atobe's a friggin' slut. I can't believe he was stripping on the tennis court. Probably trying to get to Tezuka, ne? Poor Tezu-chan. Dammit, where's Yamato??

Thursday, January 30, 2003
(blogger being evil. this is posted friday morning, but was written last night.)

Talking to roomie made me realize how utterly isolated catholic school can be. She's never heard of flamenco before. x.X And a lot of various remarks I make about world culture just go right over her head. Granted, anything asian is something most people are unfamiliar with (like when I was trying to explain the japanese writing systems, as opposed to chinese), but then stuff like her incomprehension over why I'm singing along to Indian songs, even if I have no idea what they're saying, just utterly confuses her. And... no flamenco? Eep. Sheltered... o.o

Anyway, was looking through the freshmen seminars for next quarter, and unfortunately, they're not offering the language of comics anymore. However, they are instead offering "The Invented Languages of 'The Lord of the Rings.'" Heheheh... I can't wait til we start scheduling classes. >:D I just hope there's no time conflict. -_-

Fun things we learned in japanese today-- the kanji for 'house' is a pig under a roof. o.o And the kanji for 'beautiful' (more beautiful than kirei) is 'big sheep.' o.O

It's really freaky to think we're already in fourth week. One more week and we'll be halfway through. Ack! And I think I'm going to be dead at the end of the quarter, but who knows... ah well, wait and see. ^^

Juli, water and peanuts will be accepted. And maybe some mochi? :D Or I could be like the japanese snow monkeys, and ask for a trip to the hot springs. XD

Rachel, I emailed about the internship, and they replied, saying that I should apply anyway. ^^ I doubt I'll get in, but hey, it's cool. If not, I'll just work my ass off, and there may be a SLIGHT possibility of going to Belize over the summer. VERY slight. It may already be too late. But... if I can get $2000, it may be possible...

Right-o, Erjika, stop planning your summer, 'cos you'll never go to Belize if you don't pass calculus first. *whacks self, then goes back to studying*

I had a lot of comments regarding work, but I'm far too tired to post them now. Basically, they changed my job. Instead of primarily filing and being the office monkey, I'm going to be making phone calls for a survey.

Me. Making. Phone calls. Eh??

They said it was because I had the 'right sort of energy.' Ahem. This is from someone who can indeed be manically hyper, but is, more often than not, a sarcastic, brooding lethargist (is lethargist a word?). Oh well, they're the ones paying me, so I shall not question.

Bad thing, tho, was spending all that time doing not really anything. So. Bored. But I did meet another college student, and we two were the youngest people there (everyone else HAD to be at LEAST upper 20s, mid 30s). So yeah, it was me, the first year student, and him, the... fifth year student. ^^; Why is it that the only guys I talk to at college are all fifth years??

Anyway, that guy seems pretty cool, as he didn't totally back off when I went all sarcastic, like most people do. That's a first! The other people are cool, too-- so many nice people! Gah! Feel the love! ^^;

I should probably mention that I work at an AIDS clinic. I was kinda surprised, 'cos when I was in the waiting room, EVERYONE was male. And middle aged male, too. No wonder they were looking at me funny. ^^; It was a bit depressing whilst going through the office orientation; for the patient's files, they have three statuses-- active, inactive, and... expired. And there's a state/federal fund for those who can't afford the treatment, and it's named after a boy who died of AIDS, and probably because he couldn't afford treatment himself.

Other than some of the more sobering issues, the place is pretty relaxed. When I asked about the dress code, they looked at me (I was wearing a blue navy tee and khakis), and said I was overdressed. XD Which means I can wear cargo pants, mwuhaha.

Ah yes, speaking of which, my supervisor was listening to Radiohead!! Fake Plastic Trees! The ACOUSTIC version, which means she's really a fan!! ^^V

Right, so I wasn't planning on writing that much, eheh. Oh well.

Ahh, Subaru. Yay for greyscale! :D It seems the X bug is catching everywhere.

Have I mentioned that I totally adore your layout? Gah. Prettiness.

Franšais has been on my mind recently... and in a week or so, you'll find out why. =^_^= Until then, je veux DORMIR. MAINTENANT. Bleah. Bonne nuit! :P

Tuesday, January 28, 2003
WAH. Was looking through summer internships through the college, and I found the PERFECT one. The job would be writing up technical documentation for software from a respected company (not naming them, but they're pretty damn good). Qualifications are knowledge and work with html, css, javascript, photoshop and office. Best of all it's really close to where I'll be over the summer. But dammit, they only want tech communications, instructional design, or english majors. WAH!!!! *sniffle* And... it's something I was almost qualified for!!! ~.~

(japanese midterm tomorrow? are you saying I should study? surely you jest!)

K, started a Bleach blog crew. Mail me if you want to join, with your chara's name and url; ya know, the usual. ^^ I have taken Chad, and will NOT relinquish him unto anyone... except maybe Juli, but too bad, she doesn't have a blog. *whistles innocently* Anyway, as long as you give me something of a chara name, even if it's "ugly octopus leech hollow," then it's acceptable. =^_^=

Once again, best source I've found for Bleach info is Strawberry Death. Go to the links there for other sites (including manga translations), for I am too lazy to do so now.

Many thanks to those who commented on the layout and/or job. I start working tomorrow... and I'm not sure if I get a lunch break... ^^;;;; I have an odd feeling that I'm going to slip into anorexia this quarter...

Kit, I just meant that you had an Integra layout. ^^ And go ahead and play random monster. It's all good!

Melen, checked out the story and doujin. WEIRD story, but pretty drawings! Anyway, I don't care how you wanna do it, it's already making me feel all warm and fuzzy inside. ^^ Just don't screw yourself over with being distracted by this, ya?

Nadia, those rumours are indeed being spread. And of course, keenspace had to die in the middle of a story arc that had me squealing every night. Fortunately, the good Melen told me about her journal a couple days ago, and all the stuff about Fox and Collin........ =^________________^= Happy moods, happy moods...

To all PoT fans, I'll attempt (key word: attempt) to scan in some of my doujins this weekend, midterms and studying and work allowing. Should I do so, it will include the SexEdTeacher!Inui story, as well as the ofuro story, and possibly the Eiji-doesn't-know-what-to-get-for-Oishi-so-Fuji-helps-him-out story, and hell, why not the G-spot story as well? XD Mucho scanning, indeed...

InuKai doujins on ebay. I'm so tempted, but I know the person who already bid on them will start a bidding war with me, and I don't think I can afford that. *sigh* Someone else bid on it, before I lose my nerve... and my wallet. ^^;

Monday, January 27, 2003
Even better than PoT yaoi goodness--

I GOT A JOB!!!!!

Dammit, I didn't think they were going to hire me, as they said they'd call me the next day last week, but never did. Then they called me today, saying "we'd like to offer you a position..." HELL yeah! XD

Ok, not that the job will be terribly interesting-- filing, database input, and all around student gopher for a clinic, but... well, let's see what happens!

I just hope the dress code isn't too... dressy. -_-

To PoT 59, all I can say is


XD That episode was SO BLOODY YAOIFUL, good GOD. And the chibis at the end were.... WAHAHA!!! I'd write more, but I'm still reeling over the sheer joy I felt whilst watching this ep. waaaahhhh!!!!

To the ladies of a certain PoT website that will eventually go up, I would really, really like to write an episode summary for this. Onegai shimasu! XD

Sunday, January 26, 2003
Blaaaah... not much studying was done this weekend. And don't blame it on the computer, at least not entirely. God, I'm so lazy!

So Raiders lost. I'm kinda glad I'm not in the bay area at this moment. ^^; It was odd, though, cos /everyone/ was watching it today. There were maybe five people I saw around campus this afternoon. Damn.

If you've ever heard me complain about the guys upstairs who like blasting their music (or boinking like bunnies, judging from the odd rhythmic pounding we hear every now and then), then you may be pleased to note that we have figured out a way to stop them. If they start playing the same rap songs over and over again, we just blast persian music right back at them. Shuts em up real fast. ^___^

News of the actors for Prisoner of Azkaban. I think the Remus is going to work out, and Sirius... well, we'll see. I guess part of my fangirl brain still sees them as being younger, despite that they ARE old enough to be Harry's da. So while it may be a shock, I'm glad that they do look like early middle age guys. I just hope that Gary Oldman can pull off both Sirius's maniacal fun, and his desperation. I think he can... but we'll see. ^^

Kim, I may not be as anti-pop as you think. In fact, I really, really love this one pop song, and it's been on repeat on my playlist for a while now. The fact that it's an Indian pop song doesn't matter, right? XD

Shiny new layouts! And judging from other layouts I've seen floating around, X seems to be unintentionally quite popular. o.O

I don't know if I said this before, but to your layout, I'm surprised it didn't happen sooner! ^_^

Hana, I have a doujin gag story where Inui educates the tennis team on the process of gay sex. >:) I'll scan it sometime. ^^

TachibanaxKamioxShinji? hmmmm... *looks at Shinji* You up to it? XD

*blush* Thankee, Melen! But I still that story is in desperate need of a good edit or two. Or three. Or five. ~_~ I know for certain that I rushed the ending, and that I fell back to cliches, but... ahhhhh! *tears hair* No time to bloody edit that beast! But thank you for wanting to do this! *blushes again* Fanbase, whoo!

I want to start a Bleach blog crew. But I don't know if anyone will join it. ;_; I've found a few scattered fans, and I know someone's setting up a fanlisting, but it ain't up yet. Hmmm....

Juli, despite lassitude, I was not able to scan this weekend. >_< Next weekend...


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