Friday, January 24, 2003
Wah, came disturbingly close to my time limit! I don't care what you say-- yasai ga DAIKIRAI. grr.

Watched I'll OAV 1. Yeah, Crazy Kouzu!!! Hiiragi's brother isn't a bastard, just very narrow-minded, but his dad.... grrr. Not on par with Litouten in the Clique for Horrible Fathers, but he comes close. Grrrrr! The utter slashiness between Tachibana and Hiiragi is just incredible. Whereas PoT is a fun slashy shounen animanga, I'll is /seriously/ slashy. I mean, I know that it's really about a beautiful close friendship between two unlikely people, but still! To deny the slashiness of this is to deny the slashiness of LotR, and we all know that's not possible.

And besides, Tachibana was rolling all over Hiiragi's bed. ^^; In fact, first thing he did when he walked into Hiiragi's apartment was to flop on the bed. Subtle hints, anyone??

One thing I thought was rather funny is that for all of Hiiragi's goth/punk/raver/pimp style and attitude, he's rather prissy, especially when it comes to manners. XD Poor Tachibana. Definitely the odd couple. And it's actually rather touching that Tachibana's opinion of him and his dreams matters to him that much, considering that even at that point, they weren't /that/ close.

Summary of it all: Hiiragi's a guy who puts up a tough front, but is really uncertain about who he is, and what matters to him, and whether he should be Tachibana's uke. Tachibana is a guy who simply is what he is-- he appears to have no fronts, just does what pleases him and acts how he wants to act. He's also an evil seme in training who makes funny noises.

Tachibana: I will make Hiiragi collapse to the floor and apologize to me!! *evil manic laughter*
Yamazaki: He won't do that.
Tachibana: T__T

Tachibana's evil laughter is one of the scariest, yet funniest things I've ever heard. o.O

Anyway, yes, I'll OAV is fun! Watch it if you can. ^^

In vaguely personal news, I have paper cuts all over the pads of my fingers. I have no idea where I got them, but it stings whenever I type. Why I still type... geh, who knows? XD

Bio discussion made sense, yay! I might end up going to two sections a week, as I'm signed up with one, but I like this TA better. ^^ She explains things really well. So now there's a possibility that I might actually pass my midterm!

Speaking of midterms, got my chem score. 75!!! HELL yeah! That's about an 83%, and it's above the class average. *pats self on back* And now there's a possibility I might pass chem as well!

Ah well, off to finish bio homework, and start studying for Japanese. I believe this is the first time I've studied on a Friday since... beginning of fall quarter! Damn.

Oh yeah-- got a Kodaka Kazuma PoT doujin today. Veeeeery nice. ^^ Beware of scans in the future. ^^

New day, new layout. Just a lil thing to celebrate the end of my first Chem 6B final. It was hell, yes, that it was. But it's over so... la!

But apparently it isn't the right time to post an X layout, if Mura and Kim are correct. Oh well.

Fixed the links up a bit. Deleted links that hadn't been updated in a while, or to people I haven't talked to in forever. Though I still link to Kevian, in hopes that he'll return someday. ^^ Added the Seigaku Rivals blog crew (I'm Rhythmless!Kamio, go me!), and links to Sharon and MD; Sharon because I now know she's got an online journal, and MD 'cos I've been stalking her for... oh, almost a month now, I suppose? ^^;;;

*pokes Bearit* Don't tell me finals have buried you completely!

Kerrie, Bleach is a damn cool comic that basically deals with shinigamis (and others) booting off evil spirits. What makes it so awesome is that, while it plays on stereotypes, a lot of said stereotypes get broken. Ichigo is a rather cute name for a boy, but he tends to be pissed off more often than not. The main female chara, Rukia, understands her limits, but does what she can anyway (instead of cowering in a corner). Even the 'princess,' whom every guy remembers 'cos of her chest size, is really smart, and, although occasionally ditzy, doesn't run from danger. Then of course there's Chad; first impression is that he's some big, scary guy, but... he likes cute things! Wah! And as far as I know, Quincy Archer doesn't have some dark, angsty past to explain why he's so antisocial-- he's a bastard, he knows it, and that's that. ^___^ So refreshing!

Annnyway, there's a couple English sites for Bleach. Strawberry Death is probably the best for basic info; DeathBerry's also pretty good, but it's still under construction. You can find scanlations at Toriyama's World. Kinda like PoT, many of the charas couldn't possibly be 15/16 years old, but hey, that's the beauty of manga. ^_^

Juli, will scan pic this weekend, and will probably edit it into a wallpaper as well. Until then, go here to stare at at least part of the pic. ^^

Danny, I'll try to get a pic of Philip (the koala stripper). And yes, I've seen Wolf's Rain up to 3. Gotta love the internet. ^_~

Wednesday, January 22, 2003
After watching Wolf's Rain 3, I finally understand.

Wolf's Rain = Weiß Kreuz!!!

Didn't realize how obvious it was 'til Hige started calling Toboe 'chibi.' Then it all fell into place.

Kiba - Aya
Hige - Ken
Tsume - Youji
Toboe - Omi
Dr. Degre - Manx
Darcia - Fucked Up Crawford

Heheheh.... I guess Hubb could be sorta like Detective!Youji, and Yaiden could be Kowai!Persia. Cheza is Imouto!Aya? *shrugs* Need to see more episodes.

Yes, this is what I do when I'm sick of practice chem midterms. I've done three so far, and I've got four more to go. And midterm is tomorrow. GAH.

I keep forgetting to social blog, dammit. ARGH. Will attempt to do so now.

I'm pretty sure I didn't get the job. Probably because when they asked me to use one word to describe myself, I said "independent." Considering that I was applying for a job that would have me be their little student minion, that probably wasn't the best choice of wording. ^^;;;;

Oh well. Now I can look for wonderfully exciting jobs, like... cleaning lab dishes!! Whoohoo!!

In better news, my Candyskins CD came in today. ^.^ Not all the songs are terribly good, but I've been listening to "Car Crash" repeatedly. "I had a life, but I couldn't get a good one / you know what they cost / you learn a thing or two about getting lost / when nobody's trying to find you" GAH, I love those lyrics.

Tempt me not, Mura! *casts eyes away dramatically*

Koji, they don't even know how to use -te verbs?? We just learned them last week, and I've taken less than an equivalent semester. o.O And they force-fed us katakana in the first three weeks. Your school's program bites. Come down to SD!! XD

*stare* Bleach layout. WHOOT.

Juli, I found a couple Chad fanart sites that were quite good-- however, they contained pairings that are too disturbing to mention here. @_@ I was badly squicked. And if I was squicked, then you most certainly would be.

Danny, Chad is absolutely gorgeous. Will send piccies once I get em scanned. ^_^

I agree, Sharon, Danny's giving in. XD Hope you're feeling better, and I know exactly what you mean about being alone. *hug*

Must get you into Bleach. LOTS of strong female charas in there. And... Yuuya gets intelligent? Whoa...

Roomie's koala has completely stripped. It's taken him only two days, and I swear to god we never even touched him. He's a slut, I tell ya.

Off to cheerfully voyage into the world of calculus, instead of squealing over Kaidoh's bandanna or ToriShishi. I'm sure you know how happy I am about this. -_-

Monday, January 20, 2003
*reads Boy Meets Boy*


Oh my god. Fox and Collin are cute beyond words.

As opposed to Mura, who keeps corrupting my brain. GAH. x_x

I am currently sipping apple cider, listening to a guy sing about his bikini, and looking on in amusement as my roomie's stuffed koala takes off his bathrobe-- again.

Life is bizarre.

Sunday, January 19, 2003
So I am back from my wild, wonderful weekend in Irvine. Key point to focus on is that we went to the opening of Book Off in Costa Mesa. I am now under a love/hate relationship with the Juli-- more like I love her, but my wallet doesn't. ^^;;;;; I now have the Sai artbook, five volumes of I'll ($1 each!), PoT 10.5, D N Angel 3, and... BLEACH!!

Allow me to rant about Bleach. A somewhat new-ish comic in Shounen Jump (six tanks thus far), and... it's got it all. :D Orange-haired heroes, residential bishies, likeable females, EVA-like monsters, cute little stuffed toys that turn out to be quite perverted, and possibly my new fave male chara of all times. Chad is just... awesome. He's this big, strong, quiet sort of guy, with a penchant for pink shirts and anything cute. XD He's not particularly bishie (kinda reminds me of Kabaji, but with better hair), but... he just grows on you. Especially after watching him chase after a stuffed lion. XD

Aside from the wonder that is Chad (sugoi sugoi sugoi), there's other cool charas, like Ichigo, whose name does NOT mean Strawberry... but it's so fun to think that it does. XD Along with the wild and crazy cast is a shinigami named Rukia, who is one of the most kick-ass females in manga to ever grace its pages, the "princess" who is not quite as weak as she seems, a dad with bad fashion sense, an antisocial archer who likes to sew (Wally? Wally??), and.... a stuffed lion. Named KON. Oy vey...

So blame Juli for getting me started with this new manga obsession, beware of a Chad layout in the future, and remember that Quincy Archer hates you too. ^_^

In other news--- PoT 58!! The most slashable episode of the most slashable shounen series. Good GOD. What with Shishido calling Ootori by his first name out loud, Ootori being the fluffy protective seme that he is, Atobe in shock over Shishido's supreme diva-ness, and Kaidoh is shock over Shishido's supreme ukeness... yeah. Wow. And yes, Shishido did question why Kaidoh was being such a pissy uke. Inui really can't control his uke. ^^;

All in all, what started out as a typical doubles match has now turned into a "which couple is better both on the court and in the bed?" match. And at this point, it appears that OotoShishi are in the lead. But things are not always what they seem... XD

By the way, there is no butt groping in this episode, sadly. But... Inui makes Kaidoh smile. Which is something that only one other has done before-- Karupin. Which shows that even Inui is no match for the ultimate seme of PoT.

I can't believe I wrote that.

Anyway, went through Juli's old Jump mags, and got to see Tezuka scream in pain. Yowza. Poor kid. And I didn't notice before how Oishi was bowling left-handed. ^^;;; DUH. And I made Juli listen to Inui's image song. Hee hee... it was fun watching her wince at each new ingredient!

So now I'm back, home sweet home, at least $100 poorer, and with a shitload of anime to watch on my compy. Whee.


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