Thursday, January 16, 2003
Juli, train arrives at 12:38. ^^; Guess we can speed down Jamboree, as per usual? (not like I remember how to get there or anything...)


Last post for a bit-- just got back from nine hours of classes (five of which were for chem), with only an hour break in between. I think this sort of feat is pretty much unheard of amongst Americans. Unfortunately, my poor roomie also had 8.5 hours of hell today, though four of those hours were from work. I shall fear the day when I start working, particularlly if it's at that potential job, where total transportation time alone is over an hour. x_x

Blog linkies for you three folks will change if/when i finish new layout.

Good god, I think I'm going to pass out. Oy vey.

PoT 57 contains more slashibility than you can shake a stick at. Whipped!Oshitari is unnatural and it made me want to cry. The Baron is EVIL. And I think Keigo's also being raped, but never gave a damn about it, (ie, no psychological trauma from it, as opposed to everyone else). I think the Baron's merely lost interest in him. And I'm sure the Baron has attempted to take Jirou, but Jirou was so out of it that it took too much effort. I really think he's the only regular (and possibly Kabaji?) to remain unscathed.

Inui looked so sad when he remembered how Kaidoh turned him down! *sniffle* And to anyone who hasn't been feeling the InuKai yet (god knows WHY), the fact that Inui was obviously checking in on Kaidoh, and was with him for a VERY long time, doing nothing but staring, speaketh much, methinks.

Great, my speech has degenerated into random olde english babble. Bleah. SLEEP for me. -_-


Wednesday, January 15, 2003
Oh yeah, sat in on a friend's math lecture today. English accents are SO damn sexy. Even when they're talking about anti-derivatives. ^______^


I... have a job interview next week! (yatta!) Only problem is, it's half an hour away! @_@ Which means that, being that my interview is at 8:30 on Tuesday, in order to be there on time, I'll need to leave at 7:30. And being that the station is at least 10-15 minutes away, I need to leave the dorms at 7:15. Which means I have to be up by 6:45 at the latest. Good GOD. But still, a job's a job. We'll see what happens. ^^

Ko, I love yooooooooouuuuuuuuuu!!! =^_____^= Got your package, and that made me quite a bit happier. ^.^ I've yet to eat the cupcakes, but they look good. Whee!

I dun wanna go to chem section. ;_; I just hope the TA doesn't bitch at me for missing first section. Gah-- there goes my free points.

My alertness in class has fianlly started waning. Nearly fell asleep again in math, but I blame that on the pills. -_-

Oh well, off to study more valence electron theory (BLEAH).


Tuesday, January 14, 2003


Just sent in my first resume. *takes deep breath* Wish me luck!

I'm nearly at my limit already. How the hell did I do that?? o.o 1 hour is far, far less than what I'm used to, wah.

Hanase, thanks for the info on Ryoma's name! ^_^ And I was trying to figure out why you sounded so familiar... Slam Dunk fandom! Of course! *smacks self* One of these days I'll finish that fic I was working on. One of these days....

Good god, I have a stalker!! *glares at Danny* :P Read about you being sick and all; with your phlegm and my coughs, I think we have more than enough illnesses to last a lifetime. -_-


Today, or this morning, sucked quite much, if that's even a grammatically correct sentence. As I was about to go to bed, an attempt to move my desk light so it wouldn't bug my roomie ended up with a flying Bill. Yes, I swatted my cactus. Aside from a prickled hand, there was dirt all over the floor, and my poor Bill began turning bald. ;_; Thank god the roomie had a vacuum cleaner.

Finally went to bed at around 12:30, but couldn't fall asleep til 3 because I was coughing so much. Gahhh, why can't it just end?? I'd rather have one day of feeling absolutely wretched, rather than spreading it out through insomniac nights. ~.~

This morning, I almost slept through bio discussion (again, thanks roomie for her freakishly loud alarm clock), then ate an oddly deformed 'breakfast sandwich.' A better name for it would have been 'breakfast grease pool.' But at least it was food. And at least it wasn't a bagel. Again.

You know how sometimes at night, right when you're about to fall asleep, and your body just does something weird? Like making a subconscious noise, or twitching involuntarily. I think that twitching was what kept me from going under in bio. ^^ Fortunately, my prof understood our pain.

Prof: "And now, we're going to learn about secondary protein structures."
(Someone in the class yawns really loudly)
Prof: "Yes. Exactly."


Chem prof felt like exploding things again today, and once again, I'm glad I plugged my ears. Later on, he wants to put a lab coat on fire. o.o

And now it's almost four, and I have to finish chem AND bio, dammit all to hell. And starting on math would be a good thing as well. Assuming I don't pass out first. *brain implodes*

O-hoi, shiny new sitey! Coolness. Snowpeach, hee!

*hug* Thanks Rachel, but I'll pass on the vegetarian promotion. Meat is BETTER. All that lard and grease and muscle fiber... mmmmmm. =^______^=

Chibis... ;_; This is what I get for not going online. *kicks fansubbers* Work faster, I say!

*checks a certain website* Wolf's Rain? First episode? WAI! *downloads as fast as she can make her compy take it*

Hey, my plan DID exclude downloading! XD


Monday, January 13, 2003
Quick posty as I've got five minutes left. ^^;;;;;

Anime club showed Wolf's Rain today. But the CD didn't work or something, so we only watched the first five minutes. DAMMIT, I WANT MORE!!!!!! T_T Danny, I now understand your fervent love for wolves. Dear god, the animation was absolutely beautiful. And now we can't watch it til two weeks from now, at the earliest. *wails*

Net plan pretty much working thus far. I even did Japanese hw, which I almost never do. I did remove the general comp time limit, as I'm not too keen on waking my comp up for just a couple minutes. But basically it's so I don't start randomly working on Kaidoh layouts when I get tired of doing hw. Hee.

Juli, the Sister would like us to leave before 3, so I'd probably arrive at around 4ish at the latest. Will this be a problem?


Sunday, January 12, 2003
Whilst in the shower, I realized that... college life is really not good for me. Back in high school, at least for my junior and senior years, the computer I used was in my sister's old room (she had moved out at that point). That meant if I wanted to use it, I actually had to get up and go down the hall, and hopefully no one else was using either the compy or the room in general. In addition, we had free internet access, but at the cost of slow dial-up and a time limit. There was no way I could be online for more than four hours before it timed out, and only my parents know the password. In other words, I had a max of four hours on the internet each night.

Here at college, we have disgustingly fast internet speed, and even if aim crashes every now and then, I can go online any time I want to, and do 10 times the stuff I could do at home. And this is probably not helping my grades any.

Back to me thinking in the shower-- I have now decided that I need some rules laid out. I may not be quite as freaked out as I was last quarter, but I do need to know that I have the potential to get good grades. Or at least, better grades. And after having just found out that I missed a mandatory chem section because I was reading the wrong schedule, I know that the main culprit is my computer. Or the internet, to be more precise.

In conclusion, I will be going through a sort of internet deprivation for the next ten weeks. If I can make it through this quarter with a higher GPA, then all is well. If not, then... er, oh well. If you want to read my plan, it follows thus:

Time limit
* 3 hours on the computer per day (4 hours per day Fri/Sat/Sun)
* 1 hour on the internet per day (2 hours per day Fri/Sat/Sun)
* no chatting during the weekday (2 hours per day Fri/Sat/Sun)

* school-related stuff (like checking response for jobs, or chatting about hw)
* downloading (and ONLY downloading--nothing else)
* listening to CDs/mp3s
* If I have finished ALL potential homework, which is never going to happen

For every two weeks of following guidelines, two extra hours of compy/net/chat for the following weekend

No internet (save for exceptions) plus vegetarian meal for the following day

Why vegetarian for punishments? I love meat. Can't live without it. And I hate vegetables and never eat them. So hey, even the punishments benefit me!

This is going to be pretty hard for me, considering how addicted I am, and how weak-willed I am. I see many vegetarian days ahead of me. -_- Yet, who knows? I survived 3 weeks in Japan with maybe two hours total internet access, and if I ever do go hostelling, computers will be nearly nonexistent. Of course, I'll be doing far more interesting things, but that's beside the point. The point is really to rid me of my addiction, and to improve my grades. Not to mention find a job. Eheh.

So what does this mean for you? Far less blogging, even fewer layouts, and the loss of a chat partner... and that's about it, actually. ^^;; The potential domain is growing farther and farther away, and it looks like the Japan journal won't be worked on til spring break at the earliest.

*sigh* Well, today is my last splurge day, and even as I splurge I've got my Japanese textbook in front of me. Tomorrow I shall start realizing what the original intent of being a college student is. Wish me luck! ^^

sidenote: ok, so college was actually created to keep spoiled rich kids from boredom, kinda like Roman soldiers and the aqueducts, but still! You know what I mean. ^_~

And if anyone notes any particular holes in my rules, do point them out! ^^


Juli, the Sister can drive to/from train station, thus this weekend is definitely a go! My last class on Friday lets out at 10am, and I don't think I can get my sis to drive til 3 or 4 at the earliest, so is it cool if I come at around... 4-6ish?


9 am on Sunday and I just got back from taking pictures around campus. I've seen a total of... three people thus far. Damn, I never realized it'd be this empty!

One problem with getting up so early is a growling tummy. Food services don't open til 10am, and I'm sick of my stock of granola bars, oatmeal, and cheerios. I want variety, dammit. Give me my hash browns! T.T

And as I sip hot chocolate and valiantly pretend I DON'T have chem homework looming over my head, I shall squeal over the Kazuma Kodaka PoT doujin I won, and blanch at the going price of a potentially smutty OishiEiji. 30 bloody dollars for a doujinshi. Even I'm not that desperate. I think.



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"Daysleeper" is actually about working at night, but hey, the title still works. This is my totoro lovefest layout-- 29 total! Is it possible to OD on totoro-kawaiiness? All images from The Camphor Tree.



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