Saturday, January 11, 2003
My posts aren't showing up. Weird.

Yami no Matsuei: Which Tsuzuki x ? Pairing Are You?

brought to you by Quizilla

Surprise, surprise. XD

I also took the LotR personality test six times, and each time I got dwarves. -_- I thought of myself as somewhere between the race of hobbits and men (a mobbit?). Oh well.


o.O!! *covet, covet*


Friday, January 10, 2003
"I... am a man.... of constant sorrow...."

Guess what erjika has stuck in her head? :D

Actually, I've been mostly listening to christmas music as of late, a la Trans-Siberian Orchestra. Funny how things work out. ^^

Um... class was fun today? Especially since I had only two hours, and math was all review? la la la...

yesssss, D N Angel anime!! *cheers* At long last!! And... again, Seki Tomokazu plays my fave chara! How does he do that??

Dammit, I'm so bored. I'm already sick of RPS, and I've yet to stumble across a new fandom. And I know I should actually be studying, but... wah. *pout* Maybe I could finally watch Ninja Scroll... *flounces off in her typical incoherency*

Oh yes, one more quote:

"I'm Ian McKellen and I fancy Ewan McGregor as well."



Randomly flipping through my kanji dictionary (instead of learning how to write "tenki" like I should be doing), I have found some rather interesting things. Apparently Kaidoh's full name means "Hall of the Sea" (cool!). And Inui's given name (Sadaharu) means.... "subdued chastity." Er.... Here's some more random loose translations to entertain you:

Ooishi Shuuichirou - "big stone" "excelling first husband" (*cough* you hear that, Eiji? He's a keeper!)
Kikumaru Eiji - "round chrysanthemum" "brilliant second" (probably for second child-- what a cute name!)
Kaidoh Kaoru - "hall of the sea" "fragrance" (you got cool parents, yo)
Inui Sadaharu - "dry" "subdued chastity" (XD)
Fuji Shuusuke - "...not two? (not sure)" "circuit rescue" (I have NO clue-- but interesting to note that the "shuu" kanji is the same as my mum's maiden name!)
Kawamura Takashi - "river village" "prosperity" (so nice and... normal. Unlike his lover. o_o)
Momoshiro Takeshi - "peach castle" "military" (Momo's a peach soldier?)
Echizen Ryoma - "before crossing" (no kanji for Ryoma, damn)
Tezuka Kunimitsu - "hill of the hand" "shining country" (well... literally it's 'hand mound,' but this way sounds better!))

As you can tell, I can only do so much with a dinky kanji dictionary, and my translation skills are a little... off. Heh. Oh well. Enjoy!

(side note: Yamato is beyond words, he's that cool)


Thursday, January 09, 2003
ohhhh... I survived my first Thursday of the quarter. Six hours of back to back classes, plus another hour of tutorial. Fortunately, the only thing truly suffering right now is my back. ^^;; Who'd have thought calc books would be that heavy? It wasn't quite as bad as I thought. I didn't fall into fugue once! *beams* I mean, my mind drifted quite a bit in chem and bio, but other than that, I was really listening n stuff. Wow. Of course, I'm saying this now. -_- I'm clearly not looking forward to any more Thursdays, but it's good to know it'll be over in another 9 weeks. Bleah. ><

*huggle* Hope you're doing ok, luv.

I think I've gone through every Merry/Pippin story out there, and now I'm so desperate I'm resorting to RPS. Yes, real people slash. This is the only fandom where I've actively searched through RPS archives for decent fics. Good god, LotR has me totally beyond addicted. ><

Anyway, before I either read more fics, or totter off to rest my back, I'd just like to leave you with this quote from Sir Ian McKellan:

"I've had enough of being a gay icon! I've had enough of all this hard work, because, since I came out, I keep getting all these parts, and my career's taken off. I want a quiet life. I'm going back into the closet. But I can't get back into the closet, because it's absolutely jam-packed full of other actors."

*glomps the knight* I love you!! XD


Wednesday, January 08, 2003
Fun chatting with the Mura yesterday left me sparkling all night. *happy sigh* Damn, I have no life. XD

Again, Japanese is the only class that's remotely interesting. I got the same TA as last quarter, whom you may remember me ranting about. VERY energetic, very theatrical, and just all around cool. ^___^ And Jen's in the class (she reminds me of you, actually), so despite the fact that there's only seven people in the class, it's quite fun. Too bad chemistry's going to slaughter me again this quarter. Dammit, I should have majored in the arts. >_<

Juli, turns out that once I starting having midterms... I never stop. ^^; I can come up either Jan. 17-19, or Jan 31-Feb 2. Those are the ONLY times this quarter where not too much will be going on the following week. ^^;;; So, which one will work best for you? And do you want to be at Book Off when they open? (I don't really care, I'll be happy either way ^^). And... I think I can afford the Sai artbook now. =^_^=

After seeing the Yoji lookalike on Nadia's blog, I forgot to mention-- there's a guy at my college who looks EXACTLY like Taka-san from the back; same haircut and all, he just needs thicker eyebrows. ^^ And there's another guy who, if he had round glasses, he'd look just like a short Oshitari. And another guy who looks like a black-haired Eiji. And another guy who's a dead ringer for Ootori. And another guy with Oishi's haircut. And another guy... damn, I could go on and on. ^^ I'll attempt to sneak pictures, if I can. XD


Tuesday, January 07, 2003
WAHOO!!!! ^___________^

Just got an email from the chem prof, and he changed the start time for midterms to 8:15. Which means I only have seven straight hours of class, instead of ten!!!!!!! That means I'll get to eat dinner!!!!!!! *bouncebounce*

Woi, blame this hyperactivity on pure relief, plus fruit punch. Lots of fruit punch. ^^

And did I mention that my printer now prints in colour. Whoo!

Thanks Ko! ^^ Your layout is so pretty *happy sigh* If I was still taking that ten hour block, I would have been going from 11am to 9pm, so while lunch was still possible, dinner wasn't. >.< But that don't matter now! *crosses fingers, just in case* Hope you do/did well on your GEs! Er, make that, hope you get a second take on GEs! ^^;

Oh yeah, if you want a really easy comments system, use haloscan, if they're taking new peeps. It's kinda limiting, but it's really simple.


Hmm... do y'all remember how I was complaining about how I had six straight hours of class on Thursdays? Thanks to my chem teacher, who randomly decided to make all the midterms on Thursdays, it won't be six hours anymore. It'll be ten.


Fuckin' hell, how am I supposed to get through ten straight hours?? It appears Lady Luck has officially deserted me, and is now living with my muse in Sweden. Shit.

On the other hand, Juli, I may come over towards the end of the month for stress relief. *tries to hide from classes underneath the glory of used manga*

Other than scheduling midterms at a bloody ridiculous time, I like my chem teacher. I'm probably going to get a C again, but he's really making us work for our grade. And he's lots of fun... even if he loves alcohol a bit too much ^^; Japanese teacher is cool-- polite, but definitely not boring. Biology, unfortunately, was boring as hell. I'm not sure how I'm going to survive this quarter.

Well... I just have the freshman seminar now. But I don't think I'll be able to go to the zoo, due to schedule conflicts. Meh.


Monday, January 06, 2003
Oh geez, cheesy yaoi thought:

Two guys, best friends, just lying around and laughing over something or other, which leads one of them to stick out his tongue.
Guy A (cheekily): "Don't stick that out unless you plan on using it, boy."
Guy B (just as cheekily): "And how would you have me use it?" *smirk*
Guy A: ......however the hell you want.
proceed to snogging

~_~ And with that, I'm off to anime club, and hopefully to enjoy more Crossdressing!Yukimura.


Why is it that, whenever I have a damn cool entry, something always happens to erase my oh-so brilliant prose? Dammit.

I'm in a terribly odd mood today, just so you all know. To shorten the originally lengthy entry I had *glares at explorer* my writing course was dropped unexpectedly. After quite a bit of weedling, petitioning, and all-out hair-ripping, I managed to get into a bio course in its place. This means-- no comic class, and no going home of wednesday for spring break.

Not to mention things just keep going wrong today, so yes, odd mood indeed. I hope this isn't the start of depression again. >.<

Ah, well, I shall flounce off and read more hobbity goodness (aka, LotR fanfics). Au revoir.


Sunday, January 05, 2003
I am now back in the land of dorm food, high speed ethernet, and bathrooms you need a key to get into. I also now have peppermint body wash, and a cactus (his name is Bill). I would blog a bit more, but I have just found out that the school dropped a rather important class I need to take this quarter-- one hour ago. So they send a mass email, apologizing for any inconvenience, but not doing a damn thing about it. This truly does not make for a happy Erjika.



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