Friday, January 03, 2003
It's (sorta) complete! LotR/PoT cast list! I haven't read RotK, so this is just for FotR and TT. This is based mostly on the books, not the movie, just so you know.

Frodo - Ryoma
Sam - Momo
Gandalf - Ryuuzaki
Merry - Oishi
Pippin - Eiji
Aragorn - Tezuka
Gimli - Taka
Legolas - Fuji
Boromir - Arai
Sauron - the Baron
Saruman - Banji
Witch-King - Shinji (sorry luv ;_;)
The Ring - Akutsu :P
Gollum - Horio
Smeagol - Dan
Bilbo Baggins - Nanjiroh
Fatty and Fredegar - those two freshmen (they're interchangeable)
Gildor - Oshitari
Tom Bombadil - Sengoku
Goldberry - Mukahi
Glorfindel - Kaidoh
Elrond - Tachibana
Arwen - there will be no Arwen >_<
Isildur - Yamato
Haldir - Jirou
Celeborn - Kabaji
Galadriel - Atobe XD

Treebeard - Inui
Quickbeam - Kamio
Grishnakh - Shishido
Wormtongue - Mizuki
Theoden - Akazawa
Eomer - Kaneda
Eowyn - Yuuta XD
Hama - Yanagisawa (the St. Rudy guy who always says "da ne!")
Shadowfax - Karupin!!!
Erkenbrand - Muramachi
Faramir - Ootori
Shelob - Braided Wonder

Sengoku is totally the playboy version of Tom, and Mukahi's Goldberry only 'cos I didn't know where else to put him, and we all know Sengoku's a slut, so it's possible! Treebeard was kinda hard-- my ideal choice was Shinji, since they both ramble so much, but eventually it was Treebeard's juices that made me choose Inui. Except that Treebeard's juices don't poison you. XD


It's 9 in the bloody morning. Why the hell am I up?? Right, because my da's not here right now to hog the internet, so this is the only time I can go online 'til Sunday...

'Twas really sad, 'cos when me mum asked if I wanted hot chocolate, it took me a couple minutes to answer, due to coughing my voice out for the past couple days. I hate getting sick. ><

My dad watched Big Eden last night. I never mentioned to my family that it was a gay film, but I was a bit surprised nonetheless. After he finished watching it, I asked him what he thought of it, and he said it was "cute." My DAD thought two GUYS finally getting together was CUTE!!! :D Vast improvements are being made!!!

Speaking of Big Eden... I had a review, but it was eaten by the one and only blogger, so let's just say it's really, really cute. ^^ As is Monsoon Wedding (wai!). Go indie flicks!!

I finished Two Towers over vacation, and... I want more!!! Sam is so friggin' adorable, and he's definitely got a backbone when it comes to defending his master. He's definitely jealous of Gollum. And... he says such cute things as "I'd be dearly glad to see you go to sleep. I'd watch over you; and anyway, if you lay near, with my arm round you, no one could come pawing at you without your Sam knowing it." WAI!!!

I think the slashiness of Frodo/Sam is sprinkled liberally throughout the books, but they did a good job of expanding on it in the movies. Like when Sam is talking about "'Frodo and the Ring; I want to hear about that, dad!'", In the book, Frodo and Sam just rush through the dialogue, with no signs of emotion. In the movie, you've got all the right pauses, and Elijah with his big puppy-dog eyes saying "so was I." Thank GOD they didn't cut out all the physical contact between those two. The movie wouldn't have been the same without it.

I can see why you don't think they're boinking, but even in that time period, homosexuality was at least known. Just look at Oscar Wilde (though he was a bit before Tolkien's time). I think when Tolkien was writing about it, he really meant for this to just be an intimate friendship; a relationship where their love for each other transcends all else. I really do think that Sam loves Frodo more than Rosie, but it's a bit more complicated than that-- more like Sam loves Frodo in more ways than Rosie. Although the issue is whether or not they're boinking, I think, in an odd, almost zen-like way, they go beyond that. I really think they're soulmates, and to me it doesn't matter if they're actually boinking or not-- they love each other, and that's all that matters. (And it's so cute that in the book, Sam straight out says that he loves Frodo. *niko*) ^.^

I think one thing they kinda missed in the movie is that Sam is really a servant. Even Pippin orders him around (poor Sam!). And of course, the fact that Frodo is a middle aged Hobbit, not the tweener he appears to be. In consequence, I am always happy to read a fanfic that expresses one or both points. ^^ Too much Tolkien fanfic bingeing for me. ;_;

Er.... yes, new layout, whee. Far better than the other one. Seriously, is it possible to OD on totoro?


Tuesday, December 31, 2002
blogger doesn't seem to like my reviews of Big Eden, Monsoon Wedding, and Two Towers, so those shall be posted later. *kicks blogger then runs off*


Blogger apparently didn't like the entry I was typing up on BBedit, so I shall try again now.

I've been gone for the past three days, and it hasn't been terribly fun. My throat cells have apparently decided to rebel, and are currently wreaking havoc on my system, to my voice's dismay. This prevented me from seeing TT again (sorry melen!), and has been keeping me nearly bedridden as well. On top of that, the net server decided to be pissy, and is only now letting me back online. And anoyone who knows me understands how addicted I am to the net. Solitaire can amuse the mind for only so long. ARR!!!

In the meantime, some benefits did come to my invalid state. Such as watching Big Eden and Monsoon Wedding. ^_^ Both of which I highly recommend.

Phosphorus, O glowing friend of mine, please do inform me when this new Book Off opens, and I shall gladly invite myself over again! :D And I promise I won't even make fun of your driving!!

Bearit, forgot to say this before, but I really liked your fic. ^^ We need more MomoRyo!! And good writing as well!!

Anyway, as you've noticed by now, new layout. It's rather ugly, but Hikago piccies are too cute to resist. Oh well, prettier layouts shall come out soon. Happy New Year's, y'all!


*kicks blogger* work, damn you!



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