Saturday, December 14, 2002
So I walked off the plane and straight into the death of autumn. It's been raining like hell, even by San Jose standards, for the past couple days, and leaves are just ROLLING down the streets. Whee. I've also been freezing my arse off, despite the temperature being 'pleasant,' according to my parents. The storm's coming from the south, meaning more humidity and less frigidity. I still say it's cold. T.T

That being said, I am now back at home, in the land of dial-up connections, five hour internet time limits, and no scanners. >_< Once again, using OS 9 is just... odd. At least the keyboard isn't too different.

I slept for 13 hours last night, which NEVER happens (my max is 10, typically), and I took a three hour nap this afternoon as well. Good god, this is what three all-nighters in a week does to you. Wah.

Oh yes, Mac news-- they're coming out with laptops for $999!!! Ha, take that, PCs!! *ducks vegetable-throwing*

Other than that... um, nothin' much going on. ^^;; Been working on a Christmas layout (fun, fun), but it's going to end up being pretty plain. Er... I forgot to bring Myst III: Exile back home with me, so I've got no computer games save solitaire (which my mum has recently grown addicted to). I also realized on the plane that I left kiwis in the fridge in my dorm room. ^^;;;;;;;;; Guess I'll be bringing back some baking soda... *prays that roomie doesn't kill her for this*

More PoT layouts, wheeeeee!!

To all who would cheerfully slaughter me for getting out a week early-- just remember, you all get, what, 1.5 months off? I get three weeks. So... yeah!

Damn, I'm still out of it...


Friday, December 13, 2002
New layout up, in honor of Two Towers. Whee.

I don't know how much internet access I'll get at home, so merry holidays to all, if my blogging is non-existent! ^^; Hopefully some of you will also be receiving packages over the next couple weeks, assuming the postal service doesn't collapse from the sheer volume of christmas mail. ^^;;;;;; Oh yes, and since I'll probably be missing out on PoT episodes, if anyone wants to send em to me in three weeks, I will love thee forever. ^_^

Juli, call me when you get up north, since email may not be accessible. ^^; Damn, I feel like I'm going back to the stone age or something.

Ok, gotta run. Ja ne, minna-san!! Have a great break, if you get one! ^^;






Whee, pulling another all-nighter! My history final is in... about two hours. *smiles brightly* Just wanna say that, you know you're tired when you and your roommate start making cracks about Thomas Paine putting out, and being Republicanism's bitch. ^^;;;;

Thursday, December 12, 2002
Talking to people in other countries puts me in a nice perspective. As you've all noticed, I'm sure, I like to complain about school. A lot. >.< But after today's conversation, I now know that in a number of other countries, I wouldn't have even made it this far. Damn the crappy American education!! *shakes fists*

Before I go back to dumb-american mode and complain about history finals, here's more yaoi proof from PoT (like we need any more proof!). I swear I did NOT modify this picture in any way, shape, or form. Just... look where Inui's putting his hand. o_o

That is all.


Backtracking a bit-- my math midterm went pretty well, but I dare not hope. ^^; Despite having slept from 4 to 2, then from 3:30 to 6, I was still tired, but more coffee woke me back up. I swear, I'm going to go through caffeine withdrawals when I get back home. Anyway, I started studying for chem... and never stopped. ^^ I ended up pulling a not-quite all-nighter, all for the sake of a detested class. I tried to take a short nap at around 7 am (yes, I was up 'til 7, Rachel can attest to it ^^), and the hour long siesta turned into three hours. Oops. Anyway, I ended up NOT finishing all eight chapters we were supposed to know, and I just winged the test. The likelihood that I did ok is not very likely at all. Please pray I get a C-. Meh.

Sooo, I'm surprisingly awake, considering my lack of sleep, but I shall nap anyway. History final is next, and I need to essentially write eight mini-essays before the test. grrr. Just wanted to say to y'all before I bury meself yet again! *returns to slumber*


Wednesday, December 11, 2002
Crap... I have a terrible headache, despite sleeping in. Perhaps it's because of the coffee I've been having for the past four nights? Or perhaps it's because of some IDIOT who called at 8 am, and again at 9? Meh...

Due to that, I won't be blogging or going online for the rest of today, either because of the headache, or because I'll be studying for the Very! Important! Chem Final. *totters off*


I would social blog a bit more, but I'll just stick to the essentials right now.

Juli, turns our we're have a linner, or a dunch, or just a really big afternoon snack. We'll be leaving at around one and coming back around four, no later than five. Is that, um, too late for the performance? ^^;;;;

Tanjoubi omedetou! ^_^

Yup, that's it. Blah.


Tuesday, December 10, 2002
Well, so much for doing well on the Japanese midterm. I forgot half the kanji. ~_~ Some of them were understandable, being that we never friggin' used them in class, but... I forgot the kanji for school. That was the first bloody kanji we learned in the class. How the bloody hell could I forget THAT of all things???? ARGH! RAGE!

Um, anyway, other than that, I probably screwed up half the grammar (as usual), so I guess I shall be expecting a B in the class. Dammit all to hell.

And diid I mention that my beloved apple juice spilt all over my backpack? My Japanese books are now damp, with the delightfully sticky scent of apples embedded permanently within its sheets. RAGE!

Ok... the guys upstairs are bipolar. By night, they blast rap-- the same songs over and over again. By day, they blast... Eagle Eye Cherry. And that Kryptonite song. And Hotel California. And I could have sworn I heard LotR at one point. Are they pulling a Weiß Kreuz??


Monday, December 09, 2002
Quick blog, before I go study for Japanese midterm tomorrow. Wish me luck! (and seigaku boys, while you're at it)

Got my PoT doujins today. ^.^ Four anthologies, and very very little in the way of lime/lemons (damn). Most of the stories were gags, which makes it really hard to understand when you can't read most of the kanji. -_- Some of them made sense, though (like the ofuro doujin *snicker*), and I shall scan some in after Christmas break.

Didn't really fall asleep last night til... 7 in the morning! Go me! Four hours of sleep, plus a half hour nap, and I'm now drowning myself in Starbucks caramel frapuccino, courtesy of a wonderful friend-- so I guess I won't be gettin much sleep this week. BLARGH.

Juli, there be some problems-- the da's-side-of-the-family christmas party is the 21st, so.... yeah. I won't be able to make it to the performance. ;_; We can still meet up, depending on what time you get here. On the other hand, I'll GLADLY take HnG 19 off your hands. :D

Ootori, WAI!!! *glomps the boy* He just gets cooler and cooler. ^^ Yeah, TezuKai's a little... bizarre. Ok, it's very bizarre. I shall check those sites when I have time. ^^

So, Fuji does faint! Damn, Inui's closer to making him his bitch-- that's DAMN scary.

Yuya should go bye-bye. Benitora's an idiot for liking her, but other than that, as of episode 7, I like him. He uses a bo, so of course he's cool! But Yukimura.... now HE is the epitome of cool. *swoon* Thanks for the screencaps, btw. Mmmm, Migera.... ^_^

All right, must go away into nerd box. >_< I may not surface for the next few days. Sayonara! ^^;


Sunday, December 08, 2002
The more I read about Hikago, the more I love Yang Hai. Gah... I think he's surpassed Isumi on my faves list. ^^; And both he and Kaga like Hawaiian print! XD

Right-o, more studying for me. ~___~


After Kim's comment about that Inui screencap taken out of context, I can't stop thinking about this.

So, Inui asked Kaidoh to be doubles with him (which already has enough innuendo on its own). It pans to a nice little shot of Expressionless!Kaidoh, who you already know is saying "yes, then I can be with my beloved senpai" or whatever. Please note that the music playing in the background is the same music used in the "Wistful-Ryoma-staring-at-his-senpai-from-the-rooftop" scene. Anyway, after a couple shots of Inui and Kaidoh staring at each other (in love and lust), the last shot of the episode is of a random pole in the river. Please note that this appears to be a modern, MAN-MADE river, and is definitely too shallow for boats (and probably barges) to pass through. Why the hell would a little docking pole be in there?? Unless... it's the phallic symbol!! XD

Ok ok, that thought was probably influenced by Mura's Slurpy!Fuji doujin, and Fujimi Orchestra to boot. Wah.

Anyway, if anyone's interested, the Drumline trailer can be found here. Enjoy!


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In honor of the premiere of The Two Towers, coming out this month. The elvish script was scanned from my tattered volume of Fellowship. ^^


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