++ Saturday, December 07, 2002 ++
Ok, just watched PoT 54. Shishido is a drama queen-- who else would randomly carry around scissors? o.O Ootori is such a nice guy-- how the hell did he end up in Hyoutei? Momo is hilarious, and now the random fanart I've seen of him with the glasses makes sense. XD InuKai is definitely a canon couple now-- it's so cute how they admire each other so much! Too bad Shirtless!Kaidoh wasn't animated better. :( Now we know that Taka really does live above the restaurant-- I was right!! And Fuji's evil, as usual. Whee.

Reason why this is so short is 'cos I gotta leave in five minutes-- otherwise I'd wax poetical about the incredible slashiness of this episode.

On a side note, Ginka needs to die. Now. Along with the annoying females, and the freshmen (or at least Horio). Thank god Shiba didn't really do anything, and Ryuuzaki-sensei was cool as usual.


Was dancing around to roomie's music (Cake, Green Day's cover of Downtown, Ben Folds Five), but I have settled down a bit. I really, really should be studying, if I want even a 3.0 this quarter. So am I? Of course not!

I tried this absolutely delish coffee drink today. YUM. It kept roomie up all night, so I'll see how long it'll last for me. Strangely enough, the headache I've had for the past two days has now disappeared. Hmmm... I guess I need an odd number of caffeine doses in order to return to normal. Kinda like pills. o.O

Well, it turns out that blogger really does eat posts. I know I wrote about watching HP and getting sick from the burrito, but I couldn't find it in the archives at all. ARGH. I want that Oishi piccie again! ;_; *kicks blogger... and AIM, while she's at it*

So, ToriShishi turned into TezuRyo, eh? XD That's quite a jump! ^^ And although TezuKai makes absolutely no sense whatsoever, I have seen it several times, in Japanese fanart. Usually it has Tezuka forcing himself on Kaidoh. o_o

PoT 54, why oh why will you not download correctly? Methinks this is karma...



Bowling no Oujisama?!

What the--???

Oh well, looks like it'll be cute and domestic. Juli, tell me when you get around chapter 150 ^_^

PoT tank 16 appears to be out, and it looks like it features an entire coloured chapter of the InuKai vs. ToriShishi match. Kaidoh no bandanna wa kakkoi da!! (Juli, or anyone who speaks Japanese, did I say that right? ^^;) Oshitari still looks damn good, and Mukahi's still this side of scary. And Momo in the coloured bowling pic looks pretty damn cool. ^_^

Annnnyway, a couple nights ago I was randomly flipping through fanart sites, and ended up going on a Isumi fanart orgy. ^^;;;; He's so cool! And his roomie has totally grown on me. *glomps Yang Hai* After Kaga and Isumi, he's probably my third fave chara from HnG, with Waya, Tsutsui, and Nase (*gasp* a female!) tying for fourth.

I think what I really like about HnG is that it doesn't totally play on stereotypes. For many of the charas, you can't pick out an equivalent in another animanga; they're all very individualistic. I mean, you could say that Isumi's the nice, quiet boy next door, but he's also gone through a lot of change (particularly during/after China), and while he's still nice and quiet, he's... different. I can't really think of an equivalent chara that's gone through what he has.

Ok, so maybe Caddy's right, in that Momo of PoT will pull an Isumi, but still!

And for anyone who's following HnG manga, I have a couple questions:

~ Which tank was Isumi's China saga in? (iow, which tank was Yang Hai in? ^^)
~ In Kaga's sidestory thingy... they never figure out that he's not really Tsutsui, do they? ^^;
~ Um... what does Kaga's fan say? ^^;;;;

Right, so, being that this whole HnG rant was started from the Isumi orgy, here be some linkies! (WayaxIsumi, YangHaixIsumi, and Solo!Isumi, just so you know)

Yay, return of the fashion sense! (he got lessons from Waya ^^)
o.O Waya is a possessive little bastard
Hands off, Lei Ping!

Isumi's a DAMN pretty uke (warning: somewhat explicit!)
Domestic prettiness!

Everybody loves Isumi!
Awww... 's cute
*drools* hakama...
Not Isumi, but... XD
...remember when I said everyone loves Isumi? ^^;;;

And here it is-- the cutest HnG fanart you'll EVER find :D

Studying... finals.... riiiiight.....


++ Friday, December 06, 2002 ++

++ Thursday, December 05, 2002 ++
Grr... I don't know if I should blame AIM or a random school firewall, but I got kicked off the infamous messaging system and it's now been... *checks watch* over two hours, and I still can't log back on. DAMN. IT. ALL. TO. HELL. >_< In any case, I'm not going to bother trying to log on for the next few days. Which might be to my benefit, being that I'm supposed to be studying for finals. ^_^

Nadia, turns out Devil has no mac version. And neither does Trillian. Wah. ;_;

*glomps Ferrum to oblivion* Thank you!!!!!!!!!!! =^______^=

All right, no more 'net for me, I shall go back to drowning meself in the wonder (and horror) that is chemistry. Considering that I'm running on about three hours of sleep, I'm doing DAMN good.

"In place of a Calculus Monster you will set up a Chem Beastie. And I shall not be dark, but beautiful and terrible as the Periodic Table and the Atomic Plum Pudding Model! Fair as the Nuclei and Valence Electrons in the air! Dreadful as the Mole and the Heat Enthalpy of Water! Stronger than Avagadro's Constant. All shall love me and despair! MWUHAHA!!!"

....right, WAY too much LotR for me. ~__~


Damn you, AIM. GRRRRRR. Sorry Mura. Right when we were getting into parallelism, too. >_<

So, Nadia, what is this Devil of which you speak? ^_^


++ Wednesday, December 04, 2002 ++
Well... I got a 74% on the last chem midterm. *attempts to smile*

Soooo, on to happier things-- just watched a special on LotR, which was MUCHO fun. =^_^= 'Twas quite cute seeing the daily lives of the real life hobbits. Viggo Mortensen keeps getting cooler and cooler. He and Ian McKellen are just... wow. *worship*

Watched a bit more of CCD as well-- Chinese restaurant episode was funny. ^_^ But... I wanna Yoshie!!! Screw Miyuki, she's too whiny. Gimme a ferret anytime. I LOVED her expression when they were in the haunted house-- So. Friggin'. Cute!

All right, so I've also been deprived of house pets, so I'd take anything furry at this point. *glares at three remaining goldfish back at home*

New layouts, whee! Is it turning into a MomoRyo revolution??

Tune an uke, ne? XD That beats out the Sailor's Dance sheet music. One of the french horn players crossed out the line saying "From 'The Red Poppy'" and wrote "'The Red Poptart.'" ^^ Yay, band otakus!

Ooh, I can read your blog layout now! ^_^ And well, if you could do a little piccie of ToriShishi... *offers glomps and Seigaku boyz* =^____^=

To answer the uber-seme of PoT question, I say it's Fuji. I can actually see Oshitari being uke-ish... I dunno to who, but I can still see it. ^^

*huggles the Koji* Hope you get better, dear!

I keep forgetting stuff when I blog. WAH.



I just watched gay po*n with my roommate. How friggin' bizarre is that?

Ok, so we were watching it to laugh over the cheesy would-be plot and the hilarious music (it's the kind of thing you'd hear at the exhibits in Monterey Bay Aquarium), but still.

*still snickering over the music*


PoT 53, WAI!!!

(random observations to follow)

More proof that An (Ann, whatever) bugs me, but not a lot. Damn, if only braidgirl was like her...

Oshitari is utterly... rawr. Yum. He's got the glasses, the long-but-not-too-long hair, and the VOICE. wahhhh.... he's just... fuckable.

*looks at what she just wrote* Hoo, boy, referrers should start to get interesting now.

Mukahi is... weird. Very weird. He's still growing on me, but damn, Touya Akira looks better with that hairstyle (though I'm sure Mukahi's fashion sense is infinitely better). I wanna see him play now ('whee, bendy!').

Ootori's probably the most normal guy on the team. So far he's the only one aside from Kabaji who has a normal guy's haircut. ^^; I like him. ^_^ Now where's Shishido, dammit??

One thing after watching this ep-- I'm starting to think that the Hyoutei regulars have wild orgies as part of their "training," but they get bored easily, which is why regulars switch in and out so quickly. And it's also why being a regular is such a big deal.

And now for some non-Hyoutei related stuff:

MomoRyo is cute. Ryoma's still a brat, but damn, that was cute when he wouldn't admit that he came for Momo. ^^ How the hell can anyone support MomoAn over MomoRyo after seeing this?

Oishi and Eiji making up was adorable. They did what Touya and Yukito did, but they took it a couple steps further. The kawaiiness!! Mura, I think this definitely disrupts your original plan, but hey, who says there can only be one storyline? ^_^

And as for the preview for the next episode...

Shirtless!Kaidoh + Possessive!Inui =


Need I say anything else?

++ Tuesday, December 03, 2002 ++
I just played uke today for the last time in at least four months, if not more. Pardon me while I go off into depression again. ;_;

++ Monday, December 02, 2002 ++
I finished my Japanese composition ahead of schedule, so I took a lil break and went a-hunting for more fanart hunting. There's tons of good sites out there, but the three I found today are definitely my favourites.

Double Helix has THE best use of Painter that I've ever seen. The pictures look like oil paintings, and there's a lot of depth and light in this artwork that I haven't found anywhere else.

~ Eiji and Ryoma kicking back
~ Sengoku in all his cheeriness
~ I'm not a fan of the pairing, but I get a lil' dopey smile every time I see this
~ Cute!!!
~ Rawr

I wanted to cry after going through Dawn. The chara's eyes are GORGEOUS. Kim's linked here before, so if any of this looks familiar, that's probably why. ^^

~ Stare at the eyes
~ Stare at the eyes some more
~ One of the reasons why Tezuka is Tatsumi's lovechild
~ Kaidoh, wai!
~ Mornin', Eiji ^^

Acre has an excellent mix of beautiful art and hilarious comics. Don't just stare at the mad colouring skillz-- scroll down a little. Trust me. ^_^

~ Kaidoh gets a little b-day present... scroll down for the aftermath. ^^
~ Damn, MomoKai looks /good/
~ bloody beautiful
~ argh, just... take a look. XD
~ The cuteness... has destroyed me.
~ Seigaku gets mobbed by fangirls
~ Proof that Fuji is a sadistic bastard (not like we need more proof)

And with that, I shall lay me down to sleep, and dream about PoT boyz (speaking of which, did I mention that I had a dream about Inui's eyes? They were a really beautiful bright shade of green. Kirei!), and wish I had enough money to afford Painter.


++ Sunday, December 01, 2002 ++
Forgot to say, nice layout Bearit!

I got bored and took quizzes whilst supposedly finishing another Japanese composition. Bleah. Oh yes, and I'm currently stalking Soshi, but apparently she's stalking me, so it's mutual! ^_^


Once upon a time there has a young POOL BOY named FUJI. He was LILTINGLY RUNNING in the SPIKY forest when he met BEAUTIFUL KAIDOH, a run-away HEAD CHEF OF DOOM from the SENSUAL Queen AN.

FUJI could see that BEAUTIFUL KAIDOH was hungry so he reached into his TUPPERWARE and give him his PLEATED WASABI SUSHI. BEAUTIFUL KAIDOH was thankful for FUJI's WASABI SUSHI, so he told FUJI a very EVIL story about Queen AN's daughter RYUUZAKI. How her mother, the SENSUAL Queen AN, kept her locked away in a TOKYO TOWER protected by a gigantic DAIKUMA, because RYUUZAKI was so MULTI-COLOURED.

FUJI SPLIT. He vowed to BEAUTIFUL KAIDOH the HEAD CHEF OF DOOM that he would save the MULTI-COLOURED RYUUZAKI. He would SLEEP the DAIKUMA, and take RYUUZAKI far away from her eveil mother, the SENSUAL Queen AN, and HIT her.

Then, all of the sudden, there was a POLKA-DOTTED HIBERNATION and BEAUTIFUL KAIDOH the HEAD CHEF OF DOOM began to laugh. With a puff of smoke he turned into the gigantic DAIKUMA from his story. SENSUAL Queen AN SPAZZED out from behind a TUBE OF TOOTHPASTE and struck FUJI dead. In the far off TOKYO TOWER you could hear a "BURNING!".


Make your own Fairy Tale at fuali.com

Wait, so does that mean Fuji's going after KAIDOH now? Good god...

Ok, I took the Emo test from Inui's point of view and got 49%. Hmm... must have been the question about thick black-rimmed glasses...

How seme are you?

brought to you by Quizilla

I'm always right in the middle. Reversible, yo! ^^V

What's your sexual appeal?

brought to you by Quizilla

....right. Good to know.


*looks at Rachel's scans again*

All right, so there is some Oishi-lovin' going on. Good for him.

But... TakaxOishi?

*brain dies*


Layout change, whoot. Note the irony, as I shall be going into self-imposed exile in the very near future. Damn you, finals!! *shakes fists* Anyway, 'tis Death from the most excellent series The Sandman. If you haven't read it, shame on you. Read it now. *sidelong glance at Vi*

Rachel, love your new layout. Ryoma would be a very cute bride. *snerk*

mmm, Hyoutei players. ^__^ I'll be waiting for Ootori. You wouldn't happen to, you know, have a desire to draw Ootori and Shishido together, would you? *piku*

Kim, your screencaps are increasing my desire for episode 53 tenfold. Kaidoh looks unbelievably sultry, wah!! Too bad the animators didn't define his muscles more. ~.~

Band-related stuff: Anyone else heard of the movie Drumline coming out in December? Funny, 'cos last year we were complaining that people are making movies about everything except marching band, so we were going to make one ourselves. Looks like we don't need to! ^^

Over Thanksgiving, I found out that Logan High School of Union City only had 300 members this year. ONLY 300. WTF??!! *stares at her own high school marching band, which just maxed out at 70 members*

What kind of band geek are you?

Damn. I wanted marching geek. Guess being in pit doesn't /really/ qualify you for marching band, ne?


After a week full of self-imposed angst, wacked-up dreams, narcolepsy, permanently damaged spines, and home cooking, I'm back to my vaguely normal self. Whatever normal is. ~_~

Today (or yesterday) was a bit weird. I came back to the dorms, and well... there were actually people here! Not many (I saw maybe five room lights, out of a combined 21 floors of dorms), but still, I wasn't completely alone. And now it is 3 am on a Saturday morning, and I'm gnawing at stale granola bars and cookies, for although my stomach is demanding to be fed, I'm too freaked out over the local trespasser-turned-shower-peeper-turned-possibly-wouldbe-attempted-rapist to leave the suite, especially since no one on my floor is here. Wah.

Anyway, hope y'alls had a merry thanksgiving-ish holiday, if you had one at all. A bit of social bloggage (of a sort) before I crash. Damn cookies.

Vi, read your email. Wow. You write a lot. ^^; Anyway, congrats on becoming a rabid yaoi fangirl!! *EVIL grin* Yes, yes, FEEL the power of HakkaixGojyo. XD Regarding X, yes, I do have 18 now (thanks to the Juli :D). Saya is the zero card, and considering recent events, X has picked up enough that it could feasibly end in book 21. I'll disagree with the X 19 coverboy/girl, only because... well, look at the spine. It ain't Hokuto's hair! ^^; Yes, Hokuto or Keiichi, or even Nokoru and co. would be more logical, but there's only one chara who's got hair like that. Unless his face takes up several volumes, at this point it looks like it'll be Fuuma. As for who will end up being in the final battle-- no friggin' clue. ^^ There's no guarantee there needs to be seven seals/angels for the final battle, though what you said makes sense. The mystery dragon of earth could be.... Hokuto!!! She can join her brother in the dark side!! XD Right.

Right, so that was all the blogging I could manage. I'm losing my touch!! ;_;

I shall now totter off to bed, and new layout will be up in the near future. One last huzzah before hell week begins. The likelihood that y'alls will see me in the next two weeks will be a rarity. And that will make my next layout even more ironic. Whee.


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