-- Wednesday, November 27, 2002 --
Well, I got my history and math midterms back. I would bitch about them, but I'm too tired to do so, and you're probably sick of my growling at grades and whatnot. So... yeah. The shit has hit the fan. Grrr. *proceeds to immerse self in PoT doujins*

Wai wai, Kerrie and Ko have cute layouts! Pretty and shiny...

One cute thing today-- saw a fox running around the giraffe catchers eucalyptus forest. No friggin' clue why, but it was adorable.

And with that, I shall totter off again. Why, oh why must depression be so hard to shake? >___<

(brain not functioning correctly at the moment. will return to life shortly after a brief hibernation. please leave a message after the beep.)


-- Tuesday, November 26, 2002 --
Me not having good day, but I'm sick of complaining. All I really need to say is-- chem midterm. Yeah.

If anything, I'll wait 'til I get two of my midterm results back before I declare the shit hitting the fan. Until then, I'll go back to drowning my sorrows in more S/R fics and InuKai comics. Wah.


-- Monday, November 25, 2002 --

Rachel ga DAISUKI!!!!!!!

That is all.

-- Sunday, November 24, 2002 --
... If I went on a mass murder spree and slayed the obnoxiously loud people upstairs, do you think I could get away with it by saying it was self-defense? Or that it was for the public good?


Anyway, other than my eardrums exploding, today was damn boring. I can't seem to concentrate in the nerd box anymore. Grr. So instead I'm doing laundry at 10:20 on a sunday, just 'cos I can. I need a job. Or a life. Either one would be nice.

My time in aikido is coming to an end, since my BLOODY ANNOYING schedule for next quarter won't allow me to take it anymore. I could go to the dojo... if I had time, money, or transportation. The money part would be taken care of if I get a job, which would screw up the time; damn those cache 22's, or whatever they're called.

Damn, there really isn't a reason for this post, other than showing yet another sign of my boredom. Apologies if you made it this far.


*listens as people upstairs start stomping the floor*


Well, there seems to be something I /can/ do....

*picks up semi-automatic and heads for the stairs*


right, that's what I forgot.

"Excuse me baby. No parking on the battleground."


Dammit all to hell, I wanna do a One Piece layout.


Me very tired after a night of baking cookies. Whee. I'm stuffed now, but not riding a sugar high, unfortunately. zzzzz.

Ko, you're still a goddess. =^_^=

Forgot to say this earlier, but I love your layout. Pretty Hokuto! And you didn't really break out of TB /that/ much. ^^

I keep thinking that there's something else I should be saying, but I don't remember what. Eh. Oh well.

InuKai doujins await me when I get home for Thanksgiving. I want home. NOW.

I want Oishi and Eiji to stop fighting and have great make-up sex, wah. And where's Yamato when you need him?

Right... incoherent now. Bleah. *stumbles off for bed*


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