-- Friday, November 22, 2002 --
Please allow me to scream for a moment:


Thank you.

This has been brought to you by Erjika's really screwed up schedule for next quarter. Math and chem final on the same day-- god help us all (or at least me). *rips out hair*


-- Thursday, November 21, 2002 --
Sooo much stuff to say about PoT 52. Whee! =^_____^= Needless to say, spoilers ahead.

And it's not really a review, just a random string of thoughts about the charas whilst watching. ^^

Inui, how dare you lose your love bracelet. I'll bet Kaidoh put you in the doghouse for that one. Speaking of Kaidoh, he was terribly cute in this episode, even if he didn't really do anything. Anyway, Inui's juice label is so friggin' adorable. Inui himself, however, is getting more and more evil. And Tezuka proves that even as a spineless uke, he can still kick ass whenever he feels like it.

There's TONS of proof that Ryoma really does care about Momo, and he looks like a lost puppy dog when he's staring at his senpai. ^_^ Braidgirl, get it in your head that RYOMA DOESN'T GIVE A SHIT ABOUT YOU. There was a REASON why he was staring at Momo-chan and not you. GRR.

Oishi's a sweetheart. *huggles the boy* And he's sooo cute when he blushes! :D The poor dear just had a bad day and got fed up. He does show, however, that he isn't as fluffy as a seme as we may have thought. Eiji was being a prat, but he wasn't /quite/ as mean as I thought he would be (at least, before the bitchslap). Mura, I can see your plot working out now. ^___^

Banji's a scary, dirty old man. 'Nuff said.

Fuji opens his eyes more in this episode than any other (not including match episodes). He also gets scary again, saying freaky things with a cute smile. And... there's FujiTaka. ^___________^ And that alone, moreso than any other reason, is why I like this episode. Wai!

Preview for episode 53 looks like it'll be fun, as we get our first glimpse of the Hyoutei club. Ootori looks good, even with the grey hair, but... where's Shishido? ;__; Probably still recovering the beatin' Ootari gave him, I guess. Poor kid. An still doesn't annoy me on the levels of braidgirl and Tomo-chan, and since she actually plays tennis, that pushes her a bit further up my list.

And... what the HELL is that last lil blurb?! Until someone says otherwise, I see it as Momo-chan all miserable about not being a regular, and Ryoma attempting to comfort him with food (attempting being the key word! ^^). I think the animators got bored. REALLY bored.

Ok, me done. *checks Kim's blog* Looks like I don't need to make screencaps! ^^;;;;;

Eri-chan is fine. ^_^ Makes me feel all cute n warm n fuzzy inside. ^__^

Melen, you have called me Erjika-chan a few times (in exasperation, but anyway), so that's gotta count for /something/.... right? :D

*checks stats*
*realizes there's someone new linking to her blog*
*checks website*
*finds out she has a stalker*
*runs and hides but resistance is futile*

So um, yeah, linked Hana's blog. ^_____^


More proof that I cannot take 9 am classes and remain in good health-- the 9 am class itself was fine, and I had fun eating breakfast with a classmate, but around 11:30 in Japanese I totally crashed. I kept slipping in and out of fugues, and the girl next to me had to poke me every now and then to keep me from going totally under. I tried drawing Azazel from The Sandman to keep my attention, but during my fugues it somehow became a gorilla. o_o A damn scary one, since it was supposed to Azazel and all, but still. I had no clue that was what I was drawing until afterwards. I woke up a bit after class and looked at it, and I was all "WTF??!!!" Needless to say, I skipped chem, 'cos I would definitely have fallen asleep in that class. *prays that next quarter's classes start 10am or later*

Not much else to blog about, other than the fact that Ko is a goddess and Keiichi is a slut. And I don't have the endurance for freestyle throwing in aikido, which was probably why sensei didn't have me as uke in that exercise. Mucho love to martial arts ukes, I just don't seem to be one of them. Um, yeah.

I guess I'll go pass out again before scheduling classes, finishing chem homework, and studying for math midterm. ARGH.


-- Wednesday, November 20, 2002 --
argh, stuff I forgot to blog about--

Anime club on Monday was sorta boring, but they showed the (i think) 6th episode of Samurai Deepe Kyo. All I can say is Yukimura is MY GOD. *falls down and worships* I don't care if he crossdresses and still flirts with girls, he is amazing. He's what Fuji could have been if Fuji had a katana.

Rachel! *glomp* So glad you saw PoT finally. The guys Inui and Kaidoh are playing against are Ootori and Shishido (ex-long-haired guy). When you get back I'll show you an /excellent/ fanart site of them. =^_^= Anyway, Oshitari's doubles guy (the one who flies around like Eiji) is Mukahi Gakuto. There is much debate over the orgins of his first name (Gackt, anyone?). The guy Ryoma plays against (the narcoleptic) is Jirou. I didn't like him at first, but really, a guy who sleeps all the time will eventually steal my heart (like Rukawa). ^^ I love the part where Yuuta trips over him. He just wakes up, blinks a bit, then zzzzz. XD Poor Kabaji, he's now a delivery service. -_-

I wanna hear Oshitari again, wah. And Kaidoh!! Take your shirt off, boy!! What's the point in having his shirt on, anyway? I thought they were trying to appeal to fangirls in the anime. :(


Now that I have kicked the hell outta Microshit (and finished studying for history midterm), I now have a small window of time to social blog. Then it's back to midterms. You have NO idea how much I look forward to Thanksgiving.

Past few days have been hell due to midterms. Of course, if it weren't for a certain whipmaster (or should I say racquetmaster? o.o), I did quite badly on the Japanese midterm. But it was mostly my fault, as I haven't been studying at ALL for the class. History today was a bit better, since I stayed up 'til 4am to make sure I knew what I would be talking about. I just wish we had more than 50 minutes to write two essays. :(

We started this bizarre move in aikido that involves twisting arms. I thought my right arm would have died by now, but surprisingly it hasn't! My back has instead! I now have seven bruises on my left knee and two big ones on my right knee, both of which I'm quite proud of. Only one wrist bruise, tho. I want more! They're nifty!

I'm looking forward to watching the LotR special edition DVD when I get home. Only one more week!! *pushes self to the edge*

Now, FINALLY onto social blogging! ^__^

First off thanks to all who like the layout! ^^ I'm starting to think it's on crack, but hey, everybody needs a lil' high in their life.

And mucho love to those who reviewed the ficcy! ^____^ Four people have been WAFFled so far. If you haven't read it, read it now, you may be next! *eg*

... You know when Mura starts decorating her blog text, that she really really means it. Wow. And she keeps breaking my brain, wah! Ah yes, m'dear, remember the kinky WK fic I was talking about? If you wanna read it, it's here. And this is what I meant by me not being able to write limes. ^_^

Hee hee, feel free to call me Eri-chan. ^__^ Some of my friends do (at least my anime-obsessed buddies *looks at the melen*).

Kit, hope you're feeling better. *hug*

Forgot to mention this earlier, but pretty PoT piccie!!

Oishi's too cute for his own good. *huggles snowman*

Dude, how slow am I? I just noticed a couple days ago that on Caddy's blog the dialogue changes everytime. Yeah, I'm the observant one. ~_~

Weird taste in music is cool. Just look at me. How many other people are you going to find who like britpop, techno, world music, and dark classical? Especially from one who is obsessed with anime? You would think I would at least like Japanese music, but I can't stand most of the non-anka stuff (which included J-pop *shudder* and J-rock). btw, what kind of classical music do you like? And... Scarlet Letter. eep. Well, there are worse books out there. *glares at Canterbury Tales*

You have an artchive!!! *cheers* Beautiful drawing style, m'dear. I can sorta read your blog from your source code now. ^^ Of course YamaTezu makes sense!! XD Seriously, though, all the other semes in PoT are too evil for Tezuka. He needs someone nicer, angsty lil' bitch he is. Er... yes, I do support Uke!Tezu, despite that there are few of us out there! From what I understand, Yamato's a bit crazy and wild, but well-respected and very, very cool. Heck, he motivated Tezuka again, and that speaks much. And thanks about the Japanese midterm, even if it didn't go well. :(

That's all... I think. o.o Thanks again regarding the layout and ficcie. Now I shall go feed my tummy and ponder the giant origami cranes lying underneath the giraffe catchers. Hmmm.


-- Tuesday, November 19, 2002 --
so I had a nice, long social blogging post, and the one time I forgot to copy and save, explorer crashes. Needless to say, I will social blog when I'm done kicking microsoft to the other side of the universe. Feel the battle aura, rowr.

The only the that is taming me for the moment is the unbelievable sexiness of Ishida Akira's voice. Bring on the eargasms! (tm Mura)


One day I will blog during the day and respond to what people are saying, rather than copping out like I am now.

Thanks to Mura (whom I'm too lazy to link to-- it's in the last entry), I finished a PoT fanfic in the span of... two days. o.o Did I mention that I'm her slave? Anyway, if anyone's interested, you can find it here. It's fluffy FujiTaka, just so you know.

And with that, I shall totter off to bed without studying. Mura, if I fail the Japanese midterm, it's all your fault! *promptly falls asleep*


-- Monday, November 18, 2002 --
So much for social blogging. eheh.

I would just like to say that Mura is the DEVIL INCARNATE and should undergo Erjika torture for what she hath spoken in my presence. No one, NO ONE sullies the wonder that is FujiTaka!! Not even my slavedriver!!!

*ahem* That is all.


-- Sunday, November 17, 2002 --
I promise to social blog later... today. But me dead right now. So, new layout! Since everyone seems to be in a chibi mode, I joined in on the fun. Blame Kimmie for this. If Rukawa weren't so difficult, you'd be seeing a farewell to autumn layout. I have now conformed.

MELEN-CHAAAAAAAAN!!!!!!!! *mega-glomp* You got a blog! With a cute layout! Wai! No probs with html lessons, just give me time and all. ^__^ Hmmm.... maybe you can be converted to PoT...... hmmmmm.......


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