.: Friday, November 15, 2002 :.
Today was friggin' beautiful. San Diego, how I love thee. But... why the hell is it 80 degrees towards the end of autumn?!

My catalogue of bruises just keeps growing and growing. I'm rather proud of the ones on my wrists, but the ones on my knees hurt. They would be funner if they were still pretty, but now they've faded to red. No longer that nifty blue-purple hue. T_T

Hey, remember would-be crush? He's, erm, starting to annoy me now. ~_~ I mean, he's cool and all, but I guess I don't have much patience. Looong story, but, well, staying friends would definitely be better (and saner) for both of us.

Fanboy, on the other hand.... XD

I'm.... starting to understand chemistry!!!!! XD At long last... it only took, what, 20+ hours of studying for the past two weeks? And I've figured out why I don't like chem. It's an odd mix between the asexual numbers of math, and the attempted word flow of English. And it just. doesn't. work. The reason why I keep screwing up in chem is because they try to word things all witty 'n stuff. Just give me the damn problem, I say!! If you want to make pretty prose, get a blog!!

*ahem* Soooo.... social blogging be later, as I am supposedly off to see Harry Potter within the hour. Assuming my friend returns from the beach...


.: Thursday, November 14, 2002 :.
I dunno if I mentioned this before, but there's a fanboy in my Japanese class. He hasn't been showing up lately, but I ran into him an hour ago. We had a nice, long chat about various stuff, like classes, lecture halls, debt, Cowboy Bebop, and the wonder that is PenPen. I've forgotten what it's like to talk about anime with someone face to face, as opposed to online. ^_^

Chemistry made a little more sense today, as I actually paid attention in class. I did, however, go into another fugue, and going back on my notes, I clearly wrote something about yaoi at one point. o.O

Speaking of, I'm still squealing over my InuKai doujin. Didn't remember 'til the fourth read that it's actually done by two different people. Their styles are somewhat similar, which probably explains why I didn't notice a difference at first. Both are very nice, tho.=^.^= Oh yes, and did I mention that the doujin came with some free postcards? One of them is a fanart of Tsuzuki and SnakeForm!Touda!!! Veeeery nice.

Damn, I never realized how much energy it takes to social blog. Bleah!! As a result, don't be surprised if the following links aren't correct. X(

Evil Hinoto as Santa... yess yessss, I can see it now... XD Souhi and Hien need more lovin'. So does Daisuke, for that matter!

D N Angel 7 is indeed gorgeous. I want Satoshi!!!!!! :( Actually, I just want to know what the heck is going on in the story. I kinda wish that the card I got was the one with Satoshi.... or Krad.... but Dark works, as well!! At least I didn't get the Daisuke one where he looks stoned. o.o

Nadia, there isn't any company policy against shooting annoying people, right? Or at least kickin' them where the sun don't shine?

Kim, the world needs more PoT yaoi. And.... Uke!Oishi webring linky? Onegai shimasu? *niko* Oh yes, and I too can send you PoT eps, by mail or online. Possibly in exchange for eps 40-42 and 49...? =^_^=

Rachel's still alive and... mostly well. ^_^ I tell ya, it's impossible to survive as a vegetarian! :P At least you're finding cool stuff. Go, Seme!Fuji!!!

InuFuji?? Oi... While I agree there are times when Fuji will feel like being uke.... with Inui??!!! o.o Oh well, I can't think of anyone else.

Ferrum, do you have your art archived anywhere? I wanna see more! ^^

Kurot!! *glomp* Yeah, I did finish it kinda fast, ne? ^^;; And I just /knew/ you'd have a thing for Ryoma!! XD And yes, MomoRyo is very cute. Relationships (and characters in general) in PoT tend to be very sweet. Sometimes a bit perverted (InuKai), or sadistic(Fujixanyone), or bizarre (AtobexSengokuxShinjixKamio o.O), but they tend to be very very angstless. I think we X fangirls deserve a break. ^_^

Nooooooooo!!! *falls into the void that is HnG* Actually, I'll have a fanart posty later on, either today or tomorrow. Must show the land of blogs the adorable panda pic. *worships Juli for finding it*

o.O!! *is tickled but disturbed*

Good to see Japanese is easy for you! ^^ Yup, gotta watch out for what goes on after practice... actually, for us, it was during practice as well. We'd work hard and everything, but the minute we take a break is when everyone walks in and sees us. o_o Which is one of the reasons why pit's seen as the slacker's hangout. Not to mention that we are indeed slackers, yeah. ^^;;;

Screencaps!!! I want!! ;_; Fuji's too friggin' cute for his own good. He's making me forget the evil seme within. And... Eiji!! Why do you have your arm around the resident uke??!!

And speaking of ukes, it is time for me to go play uke for a bunch of people. Damn, I sound like a slut. Actually, I tend to be a better nage, rather than uke, 'cos while I don't take falls very well, I tend to throw with more agility than most of the other people. Does this speaketh of my personality...?


.: Wednesday, November 13, 2002 :.
I got one of my InuKai doujins today!! (yay!) The artwork is friggin' beautiful. I love it when an artist can make Kaidoh pretty without being girly, which seems to be a popular look for him, according to the tons of fanart I've looked through. Inui's hella fun; he's such an emo kid!! I can so see him listening to the Get Up Kids, Edna's Goldfish 'n stuff. He just needs cuter clothes in his wardrobe... though I shall agree with thee in that his outfit from ep 38 or 39 was pretty cool. ^_^

And speaking of wardrobes-- KAIDOH!! Damn you, boy, give me your bandannas!! Alllll of them!!

(It is now apparent that Erjika posesses not merely a glasses fetish and a one eye fetish, but also a clothing fetish. *eyes Waya thoughtfully*)

Anyway, scans from the doujin will go up once I've finished math homework. And chem. And Japanese. And history, while I'm at it. ~_~

I got Harry Potter tickets! (another yay!) I'm going to see it opening night... and for only $5!!! Whoo, I'm good. Give me my Tom Riddle and no one will get hurt. XD

I fell into fugue AGAIN during math. I may have written more subconscious "Fuji-sama"s... I'll have to check more carefully. I definitely know I was writing the arc length formula at one point, and suddenly I started writing in hiragana. o.O! Perhaps I wrote Fuji-sama in Japanese... *squints at notes*

Oh well, off to the library again. Now that I know where the elevators are... XD


I'm terribly brain-dead yet again. I want this quarter to be over already! ;_; So some social blogging before roomie drives me up the walls...

Mura, the weirdest thing is that I had a dream about that scene in PoT, and in that dream I remember you blogging quite happily about it. o_O Bizarro...

Kim, I love your layout, but you already knew that! Burning racquet turned out quite nicely, I might add. Too bad Karupin couldn't fit. ;_;

Wuhahaha--- er, I mean, damn, I feel sorry for you! ^_~ We were throwing today as well. Apparently I can be quite vicious when I set my mind to it. The guys in class were making fun of me for throwing them so hard. o.O! And... I got compliments from sensei!! *dances around* He said my front rolls improved a lot, and my back rolls...... well, yeah, but he said my front rolls improved, and that's all that matters! ^^;;

*huggles Kit* Hope things are going better now. Damn them purse snatchers. T_T

Nadia, change can be good! Do it!! Do it!!!!! XD

(by the way, I should mention that I love playing the devil's advocate. Just ask Kim. *smirk*)

Thanks Koji! *huggles* I was just hoping it wouldn't be too blah. Although a certain otouto-chan said the colours came out funky, I just blame the monitor! =^_^=

Nemesis, I adore your layout, even if I don't know the series. It's a chibi revolution! *feels tug of HnG* Noooooooo......

Oh yeah, regarding the whole episode 50... I dunno, maybe because I don't have a mad crush on Momo-chan, I wasn't that pissed off. I mean, it's not like Inui cheated. And it's not like Momo-chan's jsut gonna disappear. Then again, I have tank 15, so I already know what's going to happen, at least in the near future...

And speaking of PoT, I want 49!! T_T Could someone tell me at least what went on? Wah!

Anyway, pit was mucho fun-- as long as you're not section leader. Or rather, as long as you're not the babysitter. >_< Other than that, we had fun throwing mallets, laughing at marchers (you suckers!! XD), and goofing off in general. Pit's kinda the place where all the delinquents go. ^^;; Or for those who can't march. ^^;;;;;; And what year of Japanese are you in?

Kevian, don't tell me you've disappeared again! ;_;

Oh yes, one benefit of getting into HnG-- now I can read Kurot's blog and know what she's talking about!! ^_^

*totters back to bed*


.: Monday, November 11, 2002 :.
Ahaha, I had to blog about this-- I just caught up on Boy Meets Boy (which is a daily web comic for those who don't know), and all I can say is--



.: Sunday, November 10, 2002 :.
After struggling with a bottle of cappuccino for half an hour, my right hand is a lovely shade of purplish red. Victory is sweet, however, as I am now mildly hyped on coffee. Those who are faint of heart, beware.

Actually, if you're faint of heart, you wouldn't be reading my blog in the first place. Mwuhaha.

Anyway, Hikaru no Go is pulling me deeper and deeper into the void. Never have I thrown myself headfirst into a fandom with so much trepidation. I can already see HnG eating my savings alive. The obsession has been brought to you by the fact that I finished 19 volumes of the manga in the span of 24 hours; or, to be more specific, 2 evenings.

As a result, I have another mini HnG rant! This time, regarding--- FASHION!!! XD (minor spoilers ahead)

~ Akira's sense of style is improving... barely.
~ Isumi's, on the other hand, has improved GREATLY. Rowr.
~ Kaga, dammit, stop being such a sexy fan-wielding bitch and just GIVE ME YOUR RED SHIRT. (btw, Juli, the scan didn't come out that great. ;_; Guess I'll just have to buy the artbook! XD)
~ Waya has the best wardobe out of any 2-D character (save, perhaps, for Fuuma). If everyone dressed like Waya, the world would be a far more beautiful place.

I have a whole shitload more rants, but those shall wait for other days, when I have nothing else to write about. Heh.

I really should be doing social bloggage, but 'm too tired now-- damn you, caffeine crashes! T_T The high didn't even last a blog entry!

Oh yes-- even though it's ending in... five minutes (^^;), happy RuHana day!


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