.: Friday, November 08, 2002 :.
Dude, did I write that I want PoT 48 last night? I was thinking 49 the whole time, but it came out as 48. Proof of how dead I am.

If anyone's remotely interested, chem is not faring well for me. Half the problems in the book aren't even explained, and every time I attempt to do what looks right, it's not. Dammit all to hell. Grr.

On a mildly happier note, it is delightfully soggy today. We're not soaked to the skin, unfortunately. I hate cold drizzle. >_< If it would just downpour, then the cold would be bearable. Grr!

Whee, more random slogan generator fun! "Feel The Raw Naked Sengoku Of The Road"--- that has got to be the best one. Go slutboy!!! :D

I think Shinji's cute, mostly 'cos he reminds me of... me. ^^;;;; I tend to ramble a lot (if you haven't noticed already), and when I'm working on homework, I tend to sound a bit like Shinji ("so if the kilojoules are at the top, then that would mean that the ultimate answer would be kilojoules per mole which would mean it's the equation for enthalpy heat whatever it's called but why isn't it working..."). As for Misao, she's definitely one of the better female charas in RK. She has a hopeless crush on Aoishi, which sorta lowers her in my opinion, but overall she's all right. She's feisty. ^_^ If she were male, I'd definitely like her! I can't stand Kaoru, tho. >_< She had so much potential, since she can definitely kick (some) ass, but then it all goes downhill after the first "Kenshin, save me!" Well... I like Tomoe, does that count? ^^

Actually, the only female charas I REALLY like are Ayako from Slam Dunk, Hana-chan and Uo-chan from Fruits Basket, and Ryuzaki-sensei from PoT. I tend to be a bit misogynistic when it comes to anime, since they tend to play the same stereotypes over and over again. But every now and then, there's a female who breaks the mould. ^_^

Come to think of it, Slam Dunk's the first animanga I've come across where the main romantic focus is on the boy liking the girl, rather than the other way around. Sure, Haruko has a crush on Rukawa, but the main focus is that Hanamichi likes her... and that's what leads to him joining the basketball club. ^_^ And then of course, Ryouta pursuing Ayako of the harisen. =^_^= They're one of my fave het pairings. And there are VERY few of those!

Yes yes, Fuji is the Remus Lupin of PoT. Mizuki's one of the other evil semes (and is voiced by Ishida Akira!), but Fuji doesn't TRULY want people to get hurt (I think ^^;;), whereas Mizuki's ruthless. And Mizuki can't pull off the kitten cute act that Fuji can. But... Mizuki's got the shirt. And in the end, that's all that matters. XD

Ok, I have no idea why I just ranted about Mizuki. I guess my brain has officially left the world of the organic and living. pfft.


.: Thursday, November 07, 2002 :.
After getting my uke ass kicked around again, I'm feeling slightly better. Emphasis on the 'slightly.'

Mura, you now know the wonder that is PoT. Welcome to the Dark Side. *eg*

Of band nerds and Mr. Ks... Well, the Mr. K I had didn't /hate/ flutes... just made fun of them all the time for being out of tune! Your friend's going to be in pit-- she rocks. ^__^ Yeah, I played clarinet in wind ensemble and pit for marching. I could never get my lips to play trumpet, though trombone was fun, at least the two times I tried it. ^_^ And yes, piss off those teachers, yo. Mwuhaha.

So it's Yuya that me doth protesteth much. Haven't seen ep. 18, though it's in my grubby little hands. No time. ;_; So is Sakuya that random girl with no eyes that keeps popping up, in a lame attempt at pointing out metaphors (ie, the shifting stars, la la la)? I don't detest the females in that series, of COURSE not. :P

MomoxAn disturbs me, 'cos dammit, Momo's supposed to be with Ryoma!!! But I can almost see KamioxAn... though ShinjixKamio is far better. :D Shinji's gotta be the sweetest dysfunctional boyfriend you could possibly have. Which means Kamio's his perfect match. XD

Ko... *sighs* Your layout scares me with its bright colours, but I like it. ^_^

Rachel, I love you, but you already knew that. ^_~ Don't get too scared by the schoolkids... just think of the shorts, if that helps!

Dammit, I want PoT 48. ;_;

But to make up for it... thanks to this site, a couple things I'd like to share:

"Nothing comes between me and my Fuji"
"Just do Kaidoh"
"Go to work on an Inui"

Damn straight.


I am so pissed right now. How the hell is that I study my ass off for the second chem midterm, and get a lower grade than the first midterm (where no studying was done at all)?? GRR.

*stomps off in search of WAFFy Sirius/Remus*


.: Wednesday, November 06, 2002 :.
A thousand curses on those who outbid me for the PoT doujin. *shakes fists* At least it wasn't just one person, so I don't have a permanent grudge. I wouldn't be at all surprised if whoever won is amongst the blog crew ~_~

I have a very bad feeling that I'm getting a cold. The horrors. x-x I'm feeling terribly deprived of all that is fun in anime (iow, the PoT doujin, PoT ep 49, PoT Jump updates, etc.). At least it seems the history TA likes me a bit more, after I made a crack about the comparison between freedom for slaves and the twelve step program. o_o I guess he just likes the fact that I'm 'contributing to the class.' Erm... yes, sarcastic little side comments from me, that's participation all right.

It's so true, ain't it? Yukimura is SO cool. I'm beginning to have a thing for guys hiding dangerous personalities behind kitten cute smiles. Whee! I will disagree with the weak females part. Overall, they're certainly better than many anime, but I cannot stand the main female chara (don't remember her name -_- That's Sakuya, yes?). Remember what I said about gung-ho chicks who still need to be rescued? She's the ultimate in that stereotype. >_< I did sorta like the spider chick; she was just terribly misguided not quite /weak/. I dunno, I'm not in love with Samurai Deeper Kyo, since it plays on every stereotype that's already been done somewhere in anime. But it's strangely addicting... thanks to Yukimura. ^___^ And *huggles* I hope you feel better! *kicks your boss*


.: Tuesday, November 05, 2002 :.
No freakin' way, I thought the exact same thing!!!! Yukimura's like the great great grandfather of Fuji, I swear. Wah, 'twas not just me. ^_^

I walked over to the biology department today to change my major, and it finally hit me that I'm at a university. As in, place of higher learning, walking amongst those who are intelligent, published, PhD and whatnot, this almost mystical place in its own secular little world. I never really ventured into the more academic side of San Diego; instead, I usually stick to the more familiar student-based sections. It now occurs to me that this is not merely an extended high school-- people here are serious, we just don't always see them. It's a bit humbling, but very cool at the same time. I'm almost in awe of the things I haven't even begun to see at this campus.

It also probably had something to do with the fact that it was an absolutely beautiful day. I adore autumn. ^_^

Enough of my college musings. Here's (some of) the posty from yesterday:

Rachel, hope you go to the Hiroshima Museum, despite everything I said. ^^;; And I prefer the WAFFier stuff, tho I would have no problems with smut! ^.^

*bows down* Always glad to be of service! I can't read Japanese, in the sense that I have a looooong way to go if I want to read it fluidly, but... I can recognize hiragana and (some) katakana, and the occasional kanji! ^_^V I'm in Japanese 10A right now, if you wanted to know. And of COURSE Fuji's the uber seme of PoT!! Remember when they were running laps to avoid Inui's super deluxe remix whatever, and Momo asked Fuji why he was running? =^__^= And... more PoT fanfics!!! We need more!!! Then you can help me bug Kim about the one she's supposedly working on *eg*

Kim. There, you have a name now. :P

Bearit, you're a band nerd too! *cheers* And... you also have a Mr. K. o_O Maybe it's just a common nickname...

Ahh, I think I screwed up the chem midterm again, even though I actually studied my ass off this time. Dammit all to hell. *yawn* But I'm too lazy to really care.

So much for higher learning, eh? ^_^


So I had this huge long post that I started around 10:30 pm yesterday, and I was going to post it... but remember the so-called would-be crush? I just spent the past five hours "helping" him with the Japanese composition-- except that we just talked the whole time. ^___^

I'm happy, 'cos we talked about all sorts of cool stuff (including aesthetic male beauty!), but I'm dead tired and I have a chem midterm tomorrow. Oyasumi!


.: Sunday, November 03, 2002 :.
Well, I was just going to poke my head in and say hi, but after reading blogs... heh ^_^

Koji's alive!!!! ^___^ Hope you're feeling better, dear.

Regarding shota and stuff, I know what you mean. Kids who are barely sexually mature don't really appeal to me (as opposed to some people ^_~). It's not utterly squicky, it just doesn't appeal. And if I really want them having furious bunny sex, I just imagine them as being older. PoT, for example: yes, all those tennis players are in junior high, and they look like it too! Riiiiight. I didn't know it was a junior high at the beginning, and even now, I still see them as senior high students. Thus, Ryoma isn't 12 in my eyes-- he's 15. To me, senior high students make more sense for that series, and so senior high is what I see.

Harry Potter slash... well, Sirius/Remus is my fave, but I do like Harry/Ron-- by the time they've reached at least 5th year. Pairing them together in a sexual age when they're 12 or whatever is a tad weird for me. I prefer that they go through all the angst and UST for a few years, then get together. ^_^

I suppose it has something to do with me getting older, but yeah, I prefer the older relationships now. They just make more sense. And, regardless of what anyone says, Merry and Pippin are /so/ together! XD

Love ya too, hon! You shall soon know the wonder that is "Lovely Kubota to Beauty Tokito." And Kubota's seiyuu is niiiiice. *dopey grin*

Rachel!!!!!!! Hope you had fun at the convention. And I can't believe you found all that stuff already!

Well, I agree with you on some of the stuff you said. I really don't have a problem with An-- she's far more intelligent than the braided wonder and her friend. I'm not particularly fond of her, but she's the coolest female in the series (other than Ryuzaki-sensei, of course). The reason why I hate the braided wonder is because she's. a. wimp. She completely fits the main female stereotype in Japan-- weak, snivelling princess who always needs to be protected by a man (the other stereotype is the gung-ho sexy chick... who always needs to be rescued by a man -_-). Although I can't stand Tomo, she's a teensy bit better, since she actually takes the initiative (even if she's terribly annoying). And yeah, Ryo/braid is non-canonical (thank ye gods!), since Ryoma clearly doesn't have a thing for her. 'Cos Momo's his bitch! ^.~

Tezuka and... An? o_O You poison my brain.

Taka and Eiji shouldn't be paired together in a romantic way. It's just that every now and then, they need a break from their semes. They're bonded in uke-ship. XD

We have Oishi!!! But I can't read your blog. :( And Tezuka's coming soon, right Kim?

Well, I'm off to take a shower, and when I come back, I'm going to listen to Oshitari's seiyuu and melt all over the keyboard... again.


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