.: Friday, November 01, 2002 :.
Well, I said I'd do it eventually.... PoT tank 15 scans!!!

~ EvilSeme!Fuji on the cover (note how his uke is on the spine)
~ Momo's cute, and Keigo's impressed
~ But Oshitari kicks ass, just 'cos he can
~ Mukahi (that's his name, right?) annoys me, but... this is cute
~ "Yes... though I may act uke sometimes, I'm really seme!!" *gasp of shock*
~ The Return of the Oishi!
~ I included this only 'cos it's Fuji and his uke
~ Is it just me, or does Inui's seiyuu look like... Inui? o.O

The InuKai doubles isn't doing so well, so Inui makes a lil speech, trip down memory lane, and finally a demonstration to motivate his uke-- I mean, partner.

~ flashback part 1 (isn't Inui yummy?)
~ flashback part 2 (isn't Kaidoh yummy?)
~ Inui didn't get good at tennis by just collecting data...
~ anou ne...
~ Touching scene between seme and uke
~ "Dammit, stop groping me in public!!" "Whatever you say, dear."
~ "Does this mean I get to have sex with you later?" "..."

There you have it; proof of InuKai, straight from the manga. XD

One thing that bugs me about the mangaka (and fanartists as well): ok, so Inui's taller than everyone else, cool. But he's not THAT much taller. He's got only 10 cm on Kaidoh, and 10 cm does not constitute a head taller-- unless you have a REALLY small head. ~_~ And... Momo's the third shortest of the Seigaku team. Yes, you heard me right. Ryoma and Fuji are the only ones shorter than him. Which means... Kaidoh's taller!! XD And of course, we all know the height rule... *very evil grin*


Simple as that, you are now part of the blog crew! ^_^ And fanart's terribly addicting, isn't it? I could spend all day long going through Japanese sites... if it weren't for classes... oh, minor details, I know. ^.~

Wow, so now we're just missing Tezuka and... Oishi. Poor, poor Oishi. ;_; Always forgotten... *imagines Tezuka and Oishi running away together* ... or not. :D

Kim, thou hast a gorgeous layout. Where's the piccie from?

Thou also hast a gorgeous layout. So... white! ^_^

*blush* thanks! There needs to be more RL!Aoki and RL!Segawa, whee! I haven't read 20 Mensou Ni Onegai!! (^^;;), but the idea of the Hinoto gang in Christmas getup is kawaii!! XD

I want PoT 48! ;_; But I suppose I should have a streamload account if I want it that fast, ne? *sigh*


.: Thursday, October 31, 2002 :.
Ladies and gentlemen, I present to you Hiiragi Hitonari. Know him, love him, and worship his taste in jewelry.

And once again, merry Halloween. ^_^

*goes back into the hibernation known as chemistry homework-- yes, that again*


I'm feeling disgustingly bouncy for one who slaved away for five hours on chem homework she didn't understand. Oh well. *bounces away*

Stuff I forgot to mention earlier-- at anime club, we also saw the sequel to Ghost in the Shell: Stand Alone Complex. Damn, fansubbers are fast! I didn't really understand what was going on, but hey, I've never seen the original anyway. ^^ And Yoko Kanno is a friggin' goddess!!! *worship* I normally don't like op/ending songs, but the opening song for this was so beautiful. I think it was in Russian. o_O Not sure. It was great all the same. Her modern techno stuff is a VAST improvement over Macross Plus. Now I'll just hover over ebay and hope they get the OST, and soon!

Tezuka as Sagara... Yes, I can see it. ^^ Just gotta get Sagara's hair to float a bit more, then he's got it made. And go ahead and say Tezuka's a cold bitch, we all know it! ^_~ But he's such an uke bitch.... XD

New layout coming soon. And I could have sworn I put Akito up just last week...

And... merry Halloween, everyone!!


.: Wednesday, October 30, 2002 :.
La di da di, free John Gotti, la di da di... da di...

Damn that song for being stuck in my head for so long! >_< But... it's the King of New York, man!

I would just like to say the would-be crush is indeed only that-- would-be. He's cool, I like him, but... it'd never work out. Maybe if he came to class once in a while, maybe... :P Anyway, I'm already recommending tons of stuff for him to watch/read (Sandman, Serial Experiments Lain, Waking Life), and....... I'm starting to coerce him into watching Prince of Tennis, mwuha. ha. ha.

Rachel, InuKai and FujiTaka are still at the top. ShinKamio is third. ^^ Kamio's so cute! So's Shinji, spaced out guy that he is-- he reminds me of myself... ~.~ And I swear, they must have Evil Seme conventions. Wonder if they have a real convention for that in Japan... And speaking of which, have fun!! Will miss you. ;_;

Roomie's soap operas are poisoning my mind! Must... get... away...

Which Element Represents You?
created by kefkafanatic @ mental insanity


Anime club last night. MUCHO fun. ^_^ For Halloween they showed horror-themed stuff, like Hellsing, Samurai Deeper Kyo (sorta horror?), and Petshop of Horrors! *glomps Count D* There was also a cosplay contest, which was fun, being that I've never been to one. The guy dressed up as um, main chara from FFX (what's his name?) was pretty good, but the Noh Mask dude from Sen to Chihiro was the one who won. We also saw... Suichi's Question!!! XD I'm very glad I went! ("What's this? What's this? There's white stuff in the air...")

Adorable layout!! Another non-Eiji hater!! *cheers* I wonder who Tezuka would be... And yes yes, join blog crew? *nudges kim*

And Kim, you know the site with all the InuKai comics? They made Kabaji look... good. Not necessarily cute, but handsome. Wow... *imagines Kabaji surrounded by bishie sparklies* *winces*

Hayabusa pretty!

Ko, I hope aikido went well for you! And speaking of aikido, I can now do rolls from standing position!! I kinda thump along, but hey, it's the first time I tried em. ^^ I'm now tempted to do ukemi down the hallway... *eyes dorm hallway speculatively*

Taken from aikiweb.com; excerpt from "Aikido Psychology" by Janet Rosen:

Part III: Uke Role Issues

B. Submissive: does not usually manifest except during kaitennage, when there is a tendency to kiss nage's toes while murmuring, "Throw me, throw me, it's what I deserve."

Mwuhaha. I did say something about aikido having feisty ukes and reversible roles, yes?

I shall stay out of the "happy endings, or lack thereof" discussion. Makes my brain hurt, plus I don't really know the people involved. Blah.

Instead, I present you with... Fudomine fanart! ShinjiKamio in particular!

Pretty Shinji
More pretty Shinji
Shinji, why are you looking at him like that?
ORGY!! *coughs*
Too... cute....

Forget not Kamio, feisty uke that he is
So that's what Eiji was saying the whole time (and Fuji, I love your cacti!)
Yum, slutboy!
These cosplayers looked pretty good!

More ShinKa cuteness

I'm sensing a new fave pairing...

Is Kaidoh trying to pretend he's seme?
Seigaku team never looked cuter ^^

NICE picture of Momo

The comics here are cute, even if they don't make sense ~.~

Gorgeous site. I love all the piccies. 'nuff said.

So, just a question for y'all-- what the hell is up with the AtobexSengokuxShinjixKamio pairing?? It seems terribly popular for some reason, and I'd like to know why. o.O As Rachel said, two evil bishies together in any way, shape, or form, is a very. bad. thing.


.: Monday, October 28, 2002 :.
I have found one of the squickiest pairings in Prince of Tennis: KawamuraxKabaji.

Yes, that's Seme!Kawamura and Uke!Kabaji. No, I will not provide a link. It's too disturbing. >_<


* takes a look at the new X DVD box*

*promptly dies laughing* Tree-san, you saucy bastard!

Rachel, happiness may indeed be watching PoT 47, but there was too much slash between two certain charas. Oh my god. "Soft but elastic"...???? WTF???!!! *is traumatized*

Mura is right-- Litouten should DIE. NOW. PAINFULLY. Him and Banji, but Litouten's death should be far more torturous. *proceeds to hack the god to bits*


I have PoT 47 in my grubby little hands. But I have forsaken it for... MORE PoT FANART!!!

This site has some gorgeous artwork
~ Tezuka's pretty
~ As is Fuji
~ Yeah, go Kaidoh!
~ kirei
~ whoo, they're dressed up as... Buddhist priests?!
~ Eiji looks pretty mature here
~ Inui's sending off Touya vibes...
~ Apparently Inui's a criminal now... poor, poor Oishi...
~ go to the bottom of the page-- so cute!

This site has unbelievably cute InuKai comics, along with other pairings... like FujiTaka (it's listed as TakaFuji, but we know who's really on top!)
~ ^_^
~ A cute story about Kaidoh's lil bro wandering around campus-- think Karupin's Adventure. ^.~ Ryoma's reaction is priceless!!
~ Kaidoh gets in a bit of a fix, but his senpais come to the rescue ^^

More cute InuKai comics, and one of the cutest banners!


I got lazy with the last couple sites, but that's cos my body's telling me it's 3am. -_-


.: Sunday, October 27, 2002 :.
*looks at Rachel's blog*

*does a quick, desperate search for PoT 47*

*does not find PoT 47*


*goes back to the drudgery that is the history midterm*


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