|| Saturday, October 26, 2002 ||
Awoke to a particularly soggy day, and was again in awe of the fact that-- yes indeed, there is yaoi in Akira.

In other news, my dorm room now my stolen Ewan McGregor poster. Whee! I'm also supposed to be studying for the history midterm, but of course I'm not. I was distracted by yaoi manga scans. ~_~ I have terribly short attention span, but come on, what would you choose? The evolution of Chesapeake households in pre-revolution America, or furious bunny sex? Anyway, here's a linkie to one of my faves. Pure plotless smut, reversible bishies, and.... a laundromat. XD Makes for some interesting angles. ^^

Kim, thank you for posting the fanart scans. Although after going to the site involving SemeBitch!Kaidoh and BootlickingUke!Inui, I can now say I'm officially scared of the KaiInu pairing. @_@

Wow, I just realized, I haven't been outside for the whole day! First time that's happened in college!


|| Friday, October 25, 2002 ||
Not much to say today, other than my dorm room having pretty christmas lights, and the realization that I need to work my ass off to save my grade in chem. Starting... now.

Oh yes, would-be crush lent me Akira. Yes, I've never seen Akira before. ^^;;;;; But I will soon!


la la la... guess what? I didn't fail the chem midterm!!! I got a 69%!!! Go, Erjika!!! ^^;;;;

Anyway, still alive and kicking, even after the juice incident, hee hee. And Kit, that isn't the ACTUAL Inui juice! Just an odd veggie juice I found at the school caf, and it sounded a LOT like what Inui would have put in his first juice, before he started to go all spicy and whatnot. Fuji, you have a digestion system of steel. ^_^

Ammie, my love! We need to talk more! ;_; Wah, the idea of RL!Aoki and RL!Segawa is so cute! I can so imagine Aoki asleep on the desk late at night..... and Segawa coming by to put a blanket over his shoulders. XD The cuteness!

InuKai makes the world go round. ^_^ And... Taka on top is bizarre. No way. Not possible. Only if Fuji let him be on top... but that would mean that Fuji's still ultimately seme. I just think that doujinshika and fanartists are caught up on the whole height rule, and that Taka really does look like a guy, whereas Fuji is a little more... questionable! ^_^

X the Musical!!!! XD Brilliant idea, Kim! Les Miz is awesome, though it would be interesting to see them in Jekyll and Hyde... Kamui/Fuuma as Jekyll/Hyde, Keiichi as Emma, and... Kakyou as Lucy? o.O

I'm sure there's more social bloggage I should be doing, but the network's too slow to check everyone's blogs at the moment. :( Plus, I really should be studying for my math midterm!

This happy (for once) blog entry is brought to you by the possibility erjika of having a crush... on someone that knows she exists, walks her to class, and is totally cool!


|| Wednesday, October 23, 2002 ||
Just watched Snatch again. I adore that dog. ^____^

I also... tried Inui's veggie juice. *gasp* And I'm still alive! *double gasp* It was pretty gross, and I could only take a few sips. The fact that it was this odd dull green-brown colour didn't help. But here's the list of ingredients:

apple juice
pineapple juice
mango puree
kiwifruit puree
banana puree
green tea extract
barley grass
wheat grass
blue green algae
echinacea purpurea extract
odorless garlic

....yes, it is a wonder I'm still alive. -.-

Ko, this is adorable. Ammie, that's a cool layout. ^_^ Nemesis, actually, the pairing's not that popular. ;_; But it's not uncommon. Mwuhaha. Think we could at least agree on InuiKaidoh? ^^


|| Tuesday, October 22, 2002 ||
I just strained my shoulder and neck, and may not be participating in the next practice session for aikido. ;_; But I think after this, I'll get over my being a wimp about it. I hope. Oh, lucky me. Sensei was cool, though, and said I need a hot tub. ^_^

Apparently that tuna sandwich was indeed digestable. And did I mention it came on a croissant roll?

Nemesis... ka? ^^;;;;;;;; Gomen ne!! If you end up being Akutsu, then wild bunny sex is still good. Taka-san is so his uke. FujiTaka still rocks my world, but I don't mind if Taka was with an evil seme before. Mwuhaha.

Akutsu just pisses me off right now. I can see where his coolness is coming from, but I'm just not feeling it. He just vibrates with bastard seme vibes. And he has a neat battle aura! Ryoma's all cute and snerky (as usual), and Tezuka will always be an uke bitch, no matter how you look at it. Although now I'm getting weird parallels between Tezuka and Nanjiroh, which will make me think bad thoughts next time I come across TezuRyo. Or especially RyoTezu. meeeep.

Kim, I'll put up the PoT crew blog link thingy on the next layout. It's too hard with this one, being that my brain doesn't feel like working-- despite the looming midterms. >_<

...ok, that juice is getting more and more appealing. I can't believe I actually want to try it. ~_~ I think I'll wait 'til my body's healed itself before trying it, just in case. ^.^ Who knows, I could turn out to be like Fuji!

One question-- when Tezuka drank Inui's juices, did really get affected? He did, yes? Trembling hands? Just wanna make sure!


I just had a tuna sandwich. With cheddar. And lettuce. And a pickle on the side. With apple cider to wash it all down. Weird thing is, I've yet to fall on the ground twitching. Hmmm...

I have PoT 46 on my compy, just haven't watched it yet. ^^ Will do so after my nap, then will squee over Ryoma (and perhaps even Akutsu) like my two cohorts.

Kim, your layout's on crack. I love it. ^_^

Well, if I'm Kawamura in the PoT blog crew... does that mean I get to have wild bunny sex with Lethe? ^.^

This dead blog entry is brought to you by the realization that I'm am very, very close to failing chemistry. And the fact that I use far too many exclamation points. And the dread of having aikido in a few hours, then being dragged away to roll sushi right after.

Ah, one more thing-- guess what I found at the local dorm food cafeteria? An odd, green drink, that claims to have lots of fruit (lime, kiwi, etc.), but also has an awful lot of veggies (spinach, seaweed, and other things unspeakable). Seems like Inui's juices have been transported to America. Anyone dare me to try it? ^_^


|| Monday, October 21, 2002 ||
There are few things in this world that are cuter than seeing two guys share a pint of ice cream. ^_^ I love college!

Watched more PoT today. Inui's scary, Fuji's even scarier, Ryoma's snerky, Kaidoh's slashy, Momo's a cute dork, OishiKiku are so together, Taka-san needs a hug, Tezuka needs to get laid, and Eyeliner boy is a bastard who needs to die. He's not even cutely psychotic like Farfie. He's just a bastard. >_<

I reaaaally like Fudomine. ^_^ Kamio's hilarious. "I'll get you with my beat!" Good god, the boy can't even keep beat! o.O Shinji reminds me of... well, me, on my off days. Eheh. I keep watching "Kaidoh's Misfortune" and "Karupin's Adventure," over and over. Domestic cuteness! Yuuta's a sweetheart, and Mizuki manages to pull off the bastard deal while remaining quite cool. And still, Taka-san needs a hug.

The Almighty Rachel has now informed me of all the things I missed in three little episodes: EvilSeme!Fuji at his finest, Mizuki's shirt, and... the teddy bear?! I want more OishiKiku! They're so cute!
And congrats on the new layout, tho it really should be you who takes credit for that, ne?

Well, my mini J-pop obsession lasted about a day. Whoo. I just want "My Secret Garden," but I can't seem to find it! T_T Oh well.


|| Sunday, October 20, 2002 ||
Blogger's been a bitch lately, plus I was in a semi-crappy mood yesterday, hence the lack of posts! *kicks blogger*

I just noticed that my calf muscles are getting bigger, thanks to all the speed walking I have to do between classes. I guess this is what happens after letting your muscles stagnate for two years. ^^;

Slight PoT rambling-- Chibi!Fuji to Chibi!Yuuta ha ka-wa-ii!!! And I dunno, I think Yuuta's cute. Not pretty like Fuji, but cute in a boyish way. He needs to be huggled! And he so has a crush on Mizuki, from the very beginning! But, but... I want want EvilSeme!Fuji vs. EvilSeme!Mizuki. ;_; Mizuki's such a bastard, but dammit, he's so good at it. Ishida Akira, daisuki desu.

Ok, after seeing how ukeboy pretty much worships eyeliner boy... someone tell me how that isn't shounen-ai. Seriously! How can ukeboy obsess over someone that much, and not let it get romantic?? More to PoT than meets the eye...

So Kim, watashi ha Kawamura desu! Ah yes, it endlessly tickles me that one of the characters from the dialogue exercises in my Japanese textbook is named Kawamura. Kawamuras in Japanese, ukes in aikido... damn, I'm set!

Ko, please don't be scared! If you're scared, you'll screw up even more! If you REALLY don't feel comfortable doing something, then don't do it until you get help from the instructor. I'm the only person in my class who's still doing rolls from kneeling position, as opposed to standing position. It sucks 'cos I hate being dead last, but I'd far rather be dead last than dead! Oh, and um, if you're doing freestyle throwing exercises, don't pair up with a guy who's a former wrestler. That was part of my problem on Thursday. ^^;;;;;;

Last night my friend got me hooked on some Japanese music. Crap, like I don't have enough obsessions as it is now. I don't know if I like the bands as a whole, but there were certain songs I really liked ("Gravity" by Luna Sea, "My Secret Garden" by Gackt-- don't you dare make fun of me for liking that song, Juli). Is Erjika about to climb out of her britpop haze?? o.O

What Velvet Goldmine character are you?

Wai, I love Arthur!

What type of slash writer are you?

Sad thing is that it's true. I really don't know if I can write that FujiTaka thingy I posted earlier. Last time I tried to write a lemon, it turned all metaphorical and ended in half a page. o_O I guess I'll try... no guarantees, tho. ;_;