|| Friday, October 18, 2002 ||
A continuation of the no good, very bad day... you know how I said I was going to get my uke ass kicked? It wasn't exactly my ass-- it was my head. Hit the floor hard. Three times. Why? 'Cos I can't land properly and got something of a whiplash. Now I'm doped up on aspirin, but tomorrow, I'll probably be somewhat numb. x_x

Fortunately, my parents arrived to save the day. Or more like, my parents who brought the Executive Committee DVD saved the day. ^_____^ I spent the whole first part wondering when they were going to pull off their intro act ("Lovely Kubota to Beauty Tokito!!!"), and... they did it!! I like how the OAV fleshed out the other members of the committee more. The big guy's hilarious, and the nurse in the dominatrix/bondage outfit... oh. my. god. XD The almost-but-not-quite yaoi scenes were excellent. Kubo-chan wa (ha? ^_~) kawaii desu ne! I really like his voice actor... whoever he is. ^^;

And of course... the blood-licking in Wild Adapter. *sproink!* I. Want. More!

Yes, I'm in a scarily hyper mood, thanks to aspirin, a sugar high, and the horrors of having a crappy day. But alas, brain does eventually go wonkers, and needs a bit of shutdown time. PoT tank 15 scans, once I get around to resizing them. Oyasumi nasai!


|| Thursday, October 17, 2002 ||
Today was Erjika's terrible, horrible, no good, very bad day. Sorta. Bloody fire drill had us up and standing on the lawn in our pjs at 7 am. Did I mention how cold it was? Math made no sense, even after Monotone!TA attempted an explanation. Japanese was ok (nihon eega ga suki desu ka), but the professor made me late to my next class... which was my chem midterm. After a couple glaring contests with some jaded dude who felt it was his godgiven right to stretch out his legs, despite the fact that the only empty seat left was past him, and then decided that I must be an unworthy imbecile to deign so much as a brush against him---- *cough* anyway, I already know I failed it. I'll be lucky if I get 50%. No, I am not kidding. Normally this wouldn't piss me off so much (I didn't survive high school calc for nothing), but this is one of three midterms, and we can only drop one. Key point-- this was the easiest section. Meaning-- I be in deep shit. Yeah.

This, however, made me feel much better. Thank you VERY much, Rachel! ^__^ Kaidoh is indeed a sexy bitch. But... is it supposed to be animated? 'Cos when I saw it, it was just a collection of stills, so I have no idea where you saw Inui. Tho if this is the umi scene already, that will definitely make my day. It would be kinda sudden, 'cos I thought the umi scene started in tank 15, but oh well.

Possibly scans of PoT tank 15 later, along with some Slam Dunk doujin scans, if anyone wants em. Laree, I'm guessing you still want the RuKo? And congrats on the new layout!! But where did your comments go?

Off yet again to take a nappy-nap, before I get my uke ass kicked. Again.


|| Wednesday, October 16, 2002 ||
Ugh, I now know why I've been feeling crappy for the past few days. Damn the crimson tide. *shakes fists weakly*

Just want y'all to know that I'm still alive. Rachel, I love you. Kim, I want. And I will get it soon. ^_^ Juli, at least I'm not physically screaming whilst watching. I just have a big ol' dopey grin everytime Momo ruffles Ryoma's hair, or whenever there's a cute WAFFy shounen-ai scene.

I really should be studying, since I have a midterm tomorrow and all... really... *totters off and dies*


|| Tuesday, October 15, 2002 ||
You know, going to college is supposed to be about higher education, learning institutions, and all that jazz. But that is not reality; no, indeed, the point of college is free high speed internet access. Oh, yeah.

I'm am now a complete PoT slut. Good god. Juli, my apologies. I promise I won't rant about it /too/ much, at least anywhere but here. ^_^ I have seen 17 episodes so far, and I would see more if homework wasn't calling (higher education is a priority--just way down the list). It's hopelessly addicting. Everytime the cheese factor seems like it's about to get too much, one of the characters goes all cute 'n stuff, and I say "WAI!!" and get back into it again. Fuji is still the evil seme, Momo the adorable dork, and Kaidoh just keeps getting cooler and cooler. It was so cute when Inui asked him to retrieve Ryoma, and he was all, "ehhhh??" And Kawamura... he needs to be huggled. Badly. Kim, you're right, he's whipped, even with the racket. Haven't seen him after ep 17, so I hope he's all right.

PoT is so yaoi it's scary. But fun! Nearly all of the characters are slashy, and none of them scream heterosexual (maybe Nanjirou.... but not Inoue ^^). And I don't know if it's due to fansub translations, but... shounen-ai double meanings abound in PoT. No, I don't like it just for the potential locker room sex... unlike Slam Dunk. ^o^ You don't need to imagine anything going on in the locker room when you have stuff going on like this:

~ "Ryoma-kun seems to be going at it with Momoshiro-senpai, even at the burger shop." (preview for a following episode)

~ Have you noticed the groaning/moaning going on between Momo and Ryoma after the eating contest?

~ Proof that Fuji is the seme of semes: "Someone more fearful exists..." (after Fuji drank Inui's juices... and liked it)

~ "Taka-san; what a guy you are." (Fuji, during the preview for the 'Taka saves his seme' episode-- aww!)

And the best one-- after Kaidoh's match with Fudomine, he and Inui are standing near each other...

"Analyzed the boomerang snake, blah blah blah... I can prepare a training program for you. Wanna try it out when we get back?"

Oh. My. God. x_x

See? Yaoi abounds! It ain't just me.

Thank you all for bloggie compliments. *blushes* Getting all the javascript stuff was a bitch, and I don't think I'll be doing it again. x_x Too much effort. I probably should have used a different flower in the background (at least one native to Japan!), but oh well. I'm proud of that piccie! *beams*

T+Y kawaii! I adore that picture. And thank you for the fanart links. Yes, Inui is hot. And Kaidoh is his uke, regardless of what anyone thinks. I want more Kaidoh pics! ;_;

And another pretty layout! And thanks for the info on WA anime. I bought the EC OVA, but I won't get it til this Saturday. ;_;

Mura, you have nekkid Tokito now! Congrats! And your numerology is giving me bad ideas. Also, numerology dates has existed since at least 1999 in the English fandom for Slam Dunk, so it's not terribly new. ^_^ But regardless of what series, it's way fun. Think we could pull that off for PoT...?

Take the Purrsonality Quiz!

Scottish folds are adorable. I want one!!


|| Sunday, October 13, 2002 ||
Yet another lazy day. Whee.

And the reason for an otherwise pointless entry, is-- new layout!! Akito=kowai. Henceforth, this vaguely Halloween-esque layout. Yah.