|| Saturday, October 12, 2002 ||
Found lyrics for FujiTaka ^_~ :

lying all alone and restless
unable to lose this image
sleepless, unable to focus
on anything but your surrender
tugging a rhythm to the vision that's in my head
tugging a beat to the sight of you lying
so delighted with your new understanding
there's something about a little evil that makes that
unmistakable noise i was hearing
that unmistakable sound i know so well
spent and sighing with that look in your eyes
spent and sweating with a look on your face like
sweet revelation
sweet surrender

"Thinking of You" by A Perfect Circle, one of the sexiest songs I've ever heard, and the lyrics fit our evil little seme well, in my humble opinion! ^_^

Forgot to say this earlier as well: Nadia, I like your layout very much so! And what's with all this Alice In Wonderland-esque stuff in TB?? o_o


Instead of doing homework on a Saturday like any other person this side of insanity, I drew. FujiTaka. Yum. Dammit, why isn't my scanner working???? *wails*

Ko, forgot to say this earlier-- Keiichi is one sexy bitch. Thank you for that piccie. XD

Why hasn't anyone selected FuuxKei for X Wars? Hmmm. I would if I had the time... sorry, Nadia!


pretty blah day today-- didn't go to the free MXPX concert today due to late classes and sore muscles. ^^

One of my friends still in high school messaged me today. I miss him. ;_;

Ko, don't worry too much about aikido. I'm guessing that you're already somewhat fit from the other martial arts stuff you're doing, unlike me, who hasn't done anything truly strenuous for the past 2-3 years. ~.~ But expect to do rolls, and when you do them, DON'T LET YOUR HEAD TOUCH THE MAT!!! Otherwise your neck will hurt like a bitch the next day! Remember to roll over the shoulder on the side of your leading foot. You'll spare yourself much pain. ^^; Other than that-- expect your abs to hurt, especially if you're doing backward rolls. And you may do the duck walk! XD That was fun, but your knees won't think so.

I think all in all, you'll like aikido. Very spiritual, bending and flowing. Very fun! And... wow, so many uke stories in aikido. ^____^ And I was uke for most of yesterday.... should that explain why my inner thigh muscles hurt?? o.O

Prince of the Rings, wai! And I've been to that site before, which should explain why I though it sounded familiar.

Yesterday had lots of comments-- let's do it again!

Still folding clothes away.......


|| Thursday, October 10, 2002 ||
Still hurts like a bitch, and it's only going to get worse, since we did more backward roll thingies. To compensate for that, more ecchi martial arts tales! In aikido, the uke is actually the one who initiates the attack, and the nage responds and delivers the final move. In other words-- feisty ukes!!! XD

I have also seen POT 43, thanks to you two, and... well... Prince of Tennis is cheezy. Terribly cheezy. Cheezy to the point where I was trying not to laugh out loud at every seen (as to not wake up my roomie), but fortunately not cheezy to the point where it got annoying. It was melodramatic, pretentious, but so damn fun I found myself really liking it. ^^;;; Slutboy is awesome, but I have a weakness for redheads. I'm um, not obsessed with Momo-chan, unlike certain people *cough* but he's cool. Only real complaints I had were that characters would react only at the end of lengthy sentences (delayed reaction, anyone?), and Kaidoh's seiyuu.... is not quite what I imagined. >_< Kaidoh's funny, tho. Good ol' one lines. But... the freshmen were annoying. As was braid-girl (no, I will NEVER put her name on this blog).

I dunno, I guess 'cos I do indeed have limits when it comes to sports manga. Obviously, they're not real. But at least in the case of Slam Dunk, it didn't screw up that reality too badly. I mean, if they were all American at a top seeded high school, I could see it easily. But Prince of Tennis... I mean, it's tennis! I guess guys jumping up 10 or so feet in the air on a consistent basis is just... weird. Meh. And the running commentary was just funny. Who actually talks about that during a match, especially considering that some of the moves couldn't possibly take that long to complete. ^^;;;

All in all, I did like it. Just wouldn't spend an arm and a leg on it. Unless it was just of scenes involving Inui's juices, or Kaidoh's bandannas, or um, Fuji anything. ^^;


|| Wednesday, October 09, 2002 ||
~_~ Every single muscle I know (and those I don't) hurts like hell. It hurts to talk, it hurts to laugh, it hurts to walk upstairs. Dammit all to hell (tm Angela).

On the upside, the possibility of going to New Zealand is looking better and better. whee.

amelie pics gnome ^^
gay boy lips and mouth pic o_O
prince of tennis doujinshi ^_____________^

 Now you own a Kyuubi no Kitsune

Your Pet is Ten-chan, a male Kitsune

You always have trouble with making decisions and seem to change your mind constantly, which has a lot to do with your carefreeness and the inner rebel in you. This mythical Japanese shape-shifting silver fox will change its form to suit your taste of the moment, and will match your rebellious way of life just wonderfully. You are a bit angsty-Goth and irreverent, and so is he.

Find the PetShop of Horrors Pet for you.

|| Tuesday, October 08, 2002 ||
Aikido was fun. ^^ At first I was really nervous and nearly walked in on the yoga class before it, but it was all cool. I can sorta do forward rolls, but still can't do backward rolls. ;_; But I'm starting to get a feel for using my ki to "throw" another person (not really throwing since they're passive and I'm guiding them ^^;;). I found out that I still get REALLY dizzy quite easily, so rolling wasn't the funnest of things. I wasn't sick to the point of throwing up, but I was getting there. Fortunately, I wasn't the only one!

Found out that Ko's not the only one with ukes in martial arts! Tho I think her story about the swords beats mine. ^_^ We just throw our ukes down, no swords... yet. XD

All in all, despite the nausea, I really like it. There are some students there that have already started aikido, but they're really nice and helpful. And I'm not the only newbie, so it's all good! I walked out of the class feeling great-- it wasn't 'til I got back to the dorms that the muscle aches and nausea hit me full force. ~_~ Which is the reason why I'm not going to see a movie tonight. I don't think my legs can handle any more stairs. :(

I'm getting my POT!!!! Well, at least some of it!!! ^___^ Sankyuu, sankyuu!!!

Juli's an otaku, nyahaha--- *falls silent under death glare* ^^; Well, um, it should be the November issue of Zero Sum (right, guys?), and I think it should have the Saiyuki boyz (or maybe the Saiyuki Gaiden boyz?) on the cover, so it should be sorta easy to find. And I just realized, you're pretty much the only person who really uses the lil' comments. Come on, people, I went through hell to put them there! Use them! ^_^


Way bizarro dream last night. I typically don't dream in anime, but it happens occasionally, like last night. In the dream, I just had some banquet-like dinner after some sight-seeing in France with my suitemates, then I walked into this little side room. Tezuka and some other tennis player dude were trying on different warm-up outfits. They were going to order new uniforms, or something, and the coach lady (forgot her name) was supervising. In other words-- Tezuka was changing in front of me!! XD He's got a nice butt! Anyway, he made some quip about these briefs with an American flag design. Actually, I'm glad he didn't try those on, they were pretty ugly. >_<

This is the second time I've dreamt in PoT, which is more than any other series. And considering I "discovered" PoT about a week ago... hmmm...

Thank you, Juli, for showing me this site!!! I'm starting to consider getting a subscription to Jump... ack!

I'LL is going to be animated!!! I'll be waiting for the cheap HK versions. Then it might make more sense. The gallery section is gorgeous, and the storyline seems pretty decent, from what I've seen. I mean, you gotta love a series that has a chapter titled "Screw Stray Sheep."
This is why Inui is almost as dangerous as Fuji... almost.

Saiyuki scans!!!!! Shirtless!Hakkai, what a rarity! He's looking more and more like Kubota...

And I guess this means--- Juliiiiiii..... :D Zero-Sum? Next time you go to Kinokuniya? Hopefully in the next two weeks? Onegai-shimasu? *head bowed to ground*

Satsuki's adorable =^^= And fried brains are fun! As long as you don't have em too often.

Cute layout, Kit! And those drinks sound really yummy. Mmm, Fuji... ^_~

Speaking of Momo, yeah, just found out that Momo means peach. And didn't you say that Fuuma's name means peach as well? Kim, you're onto something...

FuuxKei playlist? No prob! I know what you mean by a deprivation of good fanfics. All the decent stories are still unfinished (and some may never be finished ;_;) And I still say ShinboxHideki, mostly 'cos I don't know any of the other male charas. ~_~

Ko, I wanna be in your martial arts class!! I wonder if there's anyone else in your class who's snickering inwardly. ^^

So you guys actually liked it? Wow... thing is, I've written only one lime scene before in the WK fandom, and that scene was pretty damn short. I still suck at em. Anyone want to beta? Rachel? ^_^

Still don't know where my aikido class is. Hoo, boy, I'm screwed.


|| Monday, October 07, 2002 ||
Ohohoho... three posts in one day! ^_^

I start aikido tomorrow. And I don't even know hat room it's going to be in. x_x I guess if I ask around, I should be ok. I'll get there eventually. ^^;;

Juli, if your dad just happens upon a POT poster, of course I'd love it! Or Vagabond, for that matter! ^^ But I'm hardly expecting him to go through all that trouble. So I guess, just tell him if he sees it and it's less than 1000 yen, I'll take it. ^_^ And... I'm on par with a six year old! Damn, I'm good. *pats self on back*

I'm pretty sure there's some social blogging I should be doing, but I can't think of anything for now... so la!

What Eyes Do You Have?

brought to you by Quizilla

... come on, like this was a surprise.


mmm, got my Tolkien slash fix. For now. ^^

Dammit, I'd love to have this poster, but...the price. x_x I mean, the cheapest s/h is $10 alone.

Da's helping me with the scanner, so I might make it for HanaRu day. That's a big maybe, tho. If not, well, I guess as long is it isn't past RuHana day, I'll be ok! ^^

Still mildly depressed, so I gorged on chocolate. BAD idea. *eyes reeses pieces mournfully* On the upside, I think I did really well on the hiragana quiz! Now I just have to memorize all the soft sounds (da, ba, ga, etc), plus all the fun "y" sounds (gya! kyu! pyon!), and the quiz on that is... Wednesday. o_o After that, we get to learn katakana (whee!). Once again, thank you, Juli, for your contribution to my katakana learning tools. Highly educational, indeed. ^_^

I'm probably going to have to pick up a kanji dictionary eventually, ne? Meh...


Ugh... judging from the lack of responses on the previous posts... guess I'm not continuing it! ^_^

Well, my scanner's back to not working, but it's my fault because I deleted the one plug-in I needed. To quote Angela, dammit all to hell. So now I'm starting this day off feeling rather depressed, especially after having watched the video for "Otherside" by Red Hot Chili Peppers. Beautiful song, beautiful video, beautiful guy as the main character, but I'm still in a blah mood. Grr.

Kim, there's at least one person who doesn't find your layout disturbing in the least! ^^

And Ko's back! I just kept forgetting to change the link. ^^;;

For the rest of the day, I think I'm just going to drown myself in Tolkien slash. Merry and Pippin just might make me feel a little better. *kicks scanner*


|| Sunday, October 06, 2002 ||
This is the reason why Erjika should never attempt limes/lemons:

There it was again; that dangerous sense of falling, falling into some place that should be cold and barren, but instead was warm. Very warm. Fuji licked his lips, the intensity never leaving his eyes. With languid ease, he lowered his face, touching his mouth for the briefest of kisses. Kawamura lifted his head, trying in vain to follow that odd sensation, but Fuji shook his head.

"First kisses should always be memorable, right?" he whispered. Kawamura blinked. Fuji merely smiled and tightened his hold on the other boy's wrists.

>_< Should I even bother continuing with this?


Today was pretty boring-- woke up around 12-ish, wandered around campus in search of a decent place to eat, took a nap outside when I should have been studying... you know, typical college fare.

But one thing made today a joyous occasion:


*cough* Right, I'm ok now. ^____^

I'll scan in the POT stuff for you two once I get over the fact that I can indeed scan stuff. But for right now I have to finish drawing a doujinshi that I was about to give up on due to crappy scanner-- and now that I can scan it up, it needs to be posted in... five days. ^^;;;;;; Guess I won't be doing screentones this time. Bleah!

^_^ I will get my POT, one way or another! Mwuhaha!! Um, so I guess whoever gets blank CDs first? I guess? Meh...

And my roomie was really cool and said she really doesn't want me to be uncomfortable, since this is my room and all. Which is really sweet of her, 'cos I know some ppl who wouldn't even care. ^^;; I'm still looking forward to having a single, tho I will miss some aspects of having a roommate. So far, she's been my mom ("clean up!" "eat more!"), my alarm clock ("um, don't you have a class in ten minutes?"), and my answering machine ("Angela called, blah blah blah"). Not to mention that she has NO problem with me and my yaoi. ^^ Although I think the concept of gushing over two-dimensional guys is a little odd for her...


today was... interesting. Yah. Basically, weird stuff happened that wasn't supposed to happen. I booted myself out of my dorm room to avoid my roomie's "cuddling" session, and I'm now residing at my friend's place, and hoping she doesn't fall asleep on me. ^^;;;;;

And this is why next year, I'm requesting a SINGLE room. -_-

Liz, I feel your pain. Oh, the joys of a college life.