Friday, October 04, 2002
Ishida Akira as Mizuki??? WAI!!!!! But... erm, who's Mizuki? ^^;;;;;;;;;;;;;

This site seems to prove that in some ways, anime is more popular in Europe than America. I think POT is being translated into French now... anyway, they have a vote for who's your fave "prince." Judging from the other stuff I saw at the site, I thought it would have been Ryoma and Tezuka... but Fuji was first!!! :D Ryoma was second.... and Kawamura was third!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Threesomes, anyone? ^_~


Last note before erjika goes beddy-bye (or however you spell that): Added fellow SD Babble groupie Star, and fellow POT-head Rachel to blog list. Whee!

And Kim.... your layout still disturbs me. But I'll put up with it for now, for the sake of Kumagorou. ~_~ meeeeep...


                    Thursday, October 03, 2002
Erjika went on a POT fanart rampage. Dammit, Kim, it's all your fault! XD

I went searching high and low for FujixTaka, which is really hard to do when your keyboard can't type Japanese characters. But here's the results of my findings!

cute Fujiko!
Fuji looks almost uke! x_X

This site has FujiKawaFuji, along with some cute comics. Wai!
The cuteness!
The cuteness!!

This site has lots of good pics of gorgeous Fuji (only one piccie I found on the whole site that didn't have him in it!). And you KNOW he's seme in every pic-- even the Inui ones! *snicker*
My particular favourite


And on to non-Fuji stuff:

This site is FULL of your fave pairings-- all except for MomoxRyo! Has everything else, tho, and I mean EVERYTHING else.
Inui kowai
Momo's cute ^^
VERY cute! ^^
Oishi's a pimp!
erjika's brain: sproink! (who's Hazue, btw?)
RyoxInui o_O

Ok, lemme get this straight-- are these kids in junior high or senior high??? Or is it some weird school that's both??? Erjika confuuuuuused...

Thank you for the info, Kit. Juli, don't get me anything. Not worth it. ^^ I've spent enough money as it is!


ehhhhh.... Mura dear, if I had a site to host Ko, I sure as hell wouldn't be on tripod. ;_; I just meant that I can survive the toil and turmoil that is low bandwidth, 'cos few ppl come to my site. And 'cos I don't scan stuff very often (or at all, at this moment-- stupid scanner!). So ya, not much data for me to transfer! But I'm pretty sure she'd be glad if you hosted her, dear! ^_^

Drew more POT chibis in class. And speaking of class... my math TA is kinda cute, in a dorky, bookish way... but he's SOOOOO BORING!!!! Very dry voice, very few emotions, the only time we laughed in that class was when he didn't know the correct English usage of "do" or "does." ~_~

Oh well. At least I've now memorized the first 20 hiragana! *smiles brightly*


                    Wednesday, October 02, 2002
I agree, Nadia, Ko needs a host badly. Few people come to my sites, so I have no problems with bandwith! ^_^

Missed class today, 'cos I slept in. T_T And it was the first day for discussion, which means it was a very unwise choice. I guess I won't be having too many AM chats with you anymore. :\

Juli, um, um, could you pick up an issue of Zero-Sum mag, if/when you go back to Kinokuniya? ^^ Hopefully it's the November issue. Then we'll see if it's as jam-packed as it's rumoured to be. Nothing from Torrance for me, tho. I've already spent my budget. -_- But you may be glad to hear that my friend is buying the extra Backgammon from me! ^^ If you care at all... heh.

Roomie's sleeping right now. Looks like a good idea. *konks out*


                    Tuesday, October 01, 2002
Courtesy of MASH:

You will live in Mansion.
You will drive a black Seabring convertible.
You will marry Seishirou and have .000000000001 kids.
You will be a biotech person in a bunny suit in Maui.

...I live in a mansion and live with Sei-chan, and all I can drive is a chrysler?? Tell me there's something wrong with this...


New blog layout! ^^ Fuu-chan seems to be popular these days.

Nearly fell asleep in chem today. Kim, it's all your fault!!! ^_^ This time, however, I just drew POT chibis. Dammit, I wish my scanner was working. T_T

After analyzing my handwriting from yesterday, I did indeed write "Fuji-sama" subconsciously. I guess this makes me his bitch. *sigh* Couldn't I get a nice guy? I mean, Fuji's just SCARY. Tho I'd rather put up with him than Penal Tea anytime (sorry, Inui!).

I had a load of fanart comments for POT, but blogger ate my entry, and I'm too lazy to find them again. Bleah.

I should be getting Seitokai Shikkoubu OVAs soon! ^^ Once again, THANK YOU!!!

Juli, keep the covers!!! Wuhaha! Even if it means endless hours of deleting all the text, who knows, there're some pretty cool payout ideas in em.

Star... erm, I lost the link to your blog. What is it again? ^^;;;;;



                    Monday, September 30, 2002
Fun with Referrers, part 6!

~ switchfoot lyrics chem 2a - Dearie, that's "Chem 6A," not "2A."

~ upon a painted ocean by ps speare - Here's her website!

~ evangelion Kaworu "got milk?" pics - o_O

~ list "with one good eye" - XD


Well, today's been interesting so far. o_O

I fell half-asleep during the math lecture. Actually, I was about two steps from blacking out, I was so tired. One second I was writing the summation formula for rectangles under a curve, then I went unconscious, then snapped back awake. When I looked down at what I wrote, it was:

[(b - c) / 8] x [sr / Fujisama]

o_o What the fuck was I dreaming about????

And you know how I was worried about my roommate finding my comics and getting a bit, er, shocked? Turns out she likes gay porn. =^_^=

Yeah, everyone seems to be getting paired off nicely, eh? ^^ I haven't seen any eps of PoT. ;_; I want!!! Which episode does Kawamura save his lover-- er, teammate? ^^;

Yeah, I can't really see anyone topping Fuji. Kinda like nobody topping Sei-chan, or Maki. 'Cept Fuji doesn't quite look like the typical seme, ne? That's what makes him special! ^^ And I think it's kinda funny that Tezuka was the last to get paired off, considering his bishie-ness. Meh... and chibi Tezuka is kawaii!

I just realized that PoT 15, which has EvilSeme!Fuji on the cover, has the back of KawaiiUke!Kawamura on the spine. ^_^

And PoT/X?? Me wants!!! ^.^

And now I lay me down to sleep. My poor poor stomach; heal thyself!!


comments are working? I think? Well, from my computer they are, and that's all that matters! :P

eep... after reading a couple fics inspired by Lifehouse's "Sick Cycle Carousel," I downloaded the song. Oh wow, I'm in love. Apparently they were big a little while back? Didn't know... but I adore this song. Wah!

I found volume 2 of Kusatta Kyoushi no Houteishiki (Bad Teacher's Equation). I want more!!! Juli and her whole family (the female part of it, anyway) thought it was really weird and didn't like it, but dammit, I don't care! It's cute, funny, and sweet, with a small dose of drama and limey goodness. Yes, lime. Yes, this is from the same mangaka who did Kizuna. No lemons (as far as I know), and in my oh-so humble opinion, I prefer it that way. I mean, reading lemons is fun and all, but sometimes it doesn't look quite right when it's drawn. Eh, whatever. I like it!

<PoT rambling>

I stayed up 'til four reading Juli's Jump mags, just for Prince of Tennis. Dammit, I blame this on Alice and Kim. I really want to see the whole series now. But I'm too cheap to get all the manga or buy all the tapes. I really hope the local anime club has them...

And now I know what Inui's magical "tea" is all about. *dies laughing*

To be honest, I think Ryoma's boring. He might be tolerable when he's with Momo (^_^), but other than that... he's a brat! I was sooo happy when Fuji kicked his ass!! But that might just be because Fuji's so awesome. ^^

And um, Kim? Where are you getting FujixKawamura from? o_o Not like I'm against the pairing... I wrote a snippet based on said pairing in a late night spasm, and i have a fic idea lined up. x_x Of course, the fic will kinda depend on my ability to write citrus-y stuff... which is not much of an ability at all. ~_~

And I would scan in PoT 15 scenes... if my scanner was working. And if there was anything vaguely interesting going on. It was kinda a boring volume, but hey: DangerousLooking!Fuji + tankoubon cover = merry Erjika! I might be using a pic I ripped out of Juli's Jump mag (yes, I did have her permission); I don't know if you've seen it already. It shows the major players (plus Karupin) posing for a team picture-- except they're all chibis! Momo;s got his arm around Ryoma (surprise, surprise), Fuji's tickling Kawamura with a cattail, and Inui's poking his head in from offscreen, with his infamous beverage in hand, and the guy with the bandanna (Kaitoh?) is eyeing him warily. And Tezuka's just standing there scowling. As usual.

</PoT rambling>

And this is a little late, but nice site layouts!



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