((Saturday, September 28, 2002))
Erk... are my comments not working again??

I'm at my friend's place in Irvine at the moment. We went shopping for manga. ^^ I now own Backgammon 1, Kusatta no blah blah blah (Bad Teacher's Equation) 1 and 10 (nope, none in the middle-- I'm weird), Bus Gamer, and Prince of Tennis 15 'cos Fuji was on the cover. XD

Juli, being the ever so kind, dear soul that she is, thoughtfully helped me with my Japanese. Thanks to her, I can now write "a" correctly (amongst other things)! And... she's indirectly helping me with my katakana! With a highly educational book!! Aimed at the wonderful target range of 4-6 year olds!!! Isn't she sweet? Aww...

But I didn't get free stickers with it. :(

Annnnnnnnyway, we're going to a used bookstore tomorrow, mwuha. ha. ha. And I'm going to max out my credit card.... argh. Oh well. It's for the sake of my addiction, ya?

Kim, hopefully you didn't drool all over your book in that scene. Like I did. XD


((Thursday, September 26, 2002))
Wandering around campus in search of your classes will give you great muscle tone. At least, that's what I'm hoping. I hate how there are some classes in the most mysterious spots. Hidden staircases, random numbering systems, missing signs... ARGH!!!

Went to to the beach for "S'mores at the Shore"-- yum! Haven't had s'mores for... er, four years!! Why the heck are they called s'mores, anyway?

Mura, your brother rocks!!!

*huggles Kim* Hope you're feeling better, both from the 'friend' incident and also from the nightmare. *shudders* That's just way disturbing. The nightmare, I mean. eep.

Koji, I don't think we can beat your 60s/70s buildings, but one of the science buildings looks like a giant corkboard. o_o

And... comments are working, whoo!! Let's see how long this lasts... x.x


((Wednesday, September 25, 2002))
Blogger ate my entry, so this a summarized version of what I had originally written. Be glad. ^^

Last night we had a hynotist come in. Oh. My. God. All I need to say is:

6 cute guys + hypnotist + suggestion to make them think they're Chippendale dancers = HAPPY ERJIKA!!!!!!

What's even better is that when the hypnotist made them fall asleep... he laid the guys all over each other!! XD Yup, once a yaoi fangirl, always a yaoi fangirl. As I told Mura, my brain was sproinking in a most delightful way. ^_~

Today I signed up for aikido, and fortunately it's not going to be across campus like I thought; it's going to be a couple buildings away! In the process of signing up, I wandered about campus and found out where most of my classes are. Hopefully I'll find the rest during our supposed campus tour tomorrow. Hopefully. *glares at Linda*

Also went to a meeting for bio majors. I met the coolest guy there. Don't know his name, and he goes to Roosevelt college (I go to Muir), and I don't have any classes with him, so I'm probably never going to see him again... but he was so cool! Friendly, but with an appreciation for sarcasm, and very laidback. I typically don't feel comfortable around a lot of guys, but I was totally at ease with him. Is this a crush??? It's not like I would die if I never saw him again, but more like a "damn, he's cool" kind of attitude. *sigh* Who'd have thought that I would have "guy problems"? (er, does this even qualify as one??)

It was karaoke night tonight... there were about three to four good singers, out of thirty. Some of them were just... *blood pours out of ears* You get the picture.

I thought I locked myself and my roommate out of our room. Oops. ^^;;;;;;;;;;; Fortunately, for once she had taken her key with her. *worships roommate*

And... I've met yaoi-friendly people on the anime club's mailing list! Forgot to ask them if they'd have a yaoi night...

And out of pure frustration, I've added comments. Hopefully they work. *crosses fingers*


((Monday, September 23, 2002))
Never mind! I just got invited! *niko*

Damn, I'm pathetic. ~_~


"If you don't invite me to dinner, I don't eat."

Fuck, Radiohead was right. o_o But thank the almighty for Instant Noodles.


((Sunday, September 22, 2002))
Skinned my knees whilst playing a "getting-to-know-you" game with my house... ow...

It still hasn't hit that I'm in COLLEGE. I mean, it feels like I'm at orientation again. It hasn't hit that I'm not going home for two months. Damn.

Mura, regarding a certain couple and a bubble bath.... you rock! Want more!


Erjika can now say that she is officially a starving college student. Whether this is a good thing or a bad thing, well, heh.

I now have... fast internet access! And a new computer! And a scanner! But no manga! ;_; Or not much, at any rate. I have about 10 volumes total, though I could have fit in all of Yami no Matsuei. Of course I find this out now. -_-

Classes start on Thursday, but I don't have to go to a couple of them, 'cos they're just discussion courses. In the meantime, I'll find out how fast I have to run between classes. Argh...

Danke! ^^ Van Gogh's way cool. Maybe I'll be doing a Dali soon... he was a little Freudian for me, but damn, melting clocks are cool! ^_^



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