Thursday, September 12, 2002
Just so you know, at this moment, the comments are NOT working. Even though they look like it. I'm trying to get help for it right now, so sit tight, and Erjika may have independent comments!!!

Treize-sama... XD What can I say, the man's a sensualist! I know guys that have crushes on him, he is that cool. And if I really put my mind to it, I understand his philosophy, too, but... well, I'm too lazy right now. ^_^

Fun with referrals!

Sendoh sex pics - *dies laughing*
san diego night life insomnia - wow, that sounds like me
radiohead insomnia - whoo!!!
saiyuki 85 - A true fangirl/boy
terribly sex pics - er.... NO comment
erjika - there are people who actually look for me?? o_o
Sean Biggerstaff shirtless - you have no idea how many people are looking for this -_-

and... the referral that I get most often...

Saiyuki yaoi!!! *cheers*


Hmm. Well.

Allow me a moment to rip out my hair.


Ok, I understand why they've been putting so many regulations on stuff. Even the RPS, I could see. But, but... ARGH!!! Well, I agree with Mura, there's going to be a lot of magically rated R stuff.

I'm not going to get all pissy with the admins, because they are toiling their lives away on the site. They can do whatever the hell they want with it, and until they start resembling the campus nazis (DON'T ask), they're cool with me.

In the meantime, this may be my new playground: It's very new, so there isn't much there, but it could be kinda a refuge for NC-17 stuff, RPS, and all the stuff that got banned on Not like it was their intention, but hey, let's hear it for automated archives! *cheers*

I got a floor lamp for the dorms. 's way cool. Think Hydra, only with five heads-- and multicoloured. ^_^


Wednesday, September 11, 2002
Instead of packing like the diligent college student I should be, I spent the day with my friends. My god, I think their minds got dirtier over the summer. o_o Not like I should say anything... ^_~

And I learned how to use the CD burner! Not like it was hard, but I didn't wanna just experiment and screw up. So now I'm combining all my singles onto respective CDs for college (whee!).

Ok, this will be my first and last post on 9/11 (mostly 'cos I'm sick of talking about it at school). Yes, what happened sucked. But while it seems to be a big thing in America, this kind of stuff happens all the time elsewhere. I think Americans are finally coming to realize that (though the media sure as hell hasn't). I am so sick of all those so-called patriots who think we should just "bomb Afghanistan," and "hey, let's harass anyone that looks Middle Eastern while we're at it." I guess the rational part of me is saying that they're just unbelievably ignorant (which seems to be a trademark of the general American populace), but fuck, they're ignorant because they want to be. Yeah, I don't have much love for the Taliban, but they're doing what they think is right, not just 'cos they're bored *cough*Fuuma*cough* :P And they talk about how John Walker, ooh, an American, how could he turn on his own country? Bloody hell, I'm american and I'm sure not fucking proud of it (And people wonder why I want to move to New Zealand-- or at least Canada). So, World Trade Center? A tragedy, but no more important, and no more tragic, than any genocide America has committed. Hell, they killed off hundreds of thousands of Native Americans over the course of two centuries, and in my oh-so humble opinion, that is far worse than a relatively quick plane-through-a-building.

Wah, gotta love catharsis. *takes deep breath* Damn, I wish I had comments working. Anyway, hell yeah, this is my blog, and if you have a problem with my opinions, you certainly don't have to read em. *malicious grin*

That felt good. On a random side note, whilst surfing around a bit, I've noticed that those who made comments in sympathy for 9/11 were from other countries, while those who are sick of it are American. Hmmm... not passing judgement on those who feel bad (or even those who support the Taliban), just thought it was interesting. Time's a-changing. Well, 'cept for random nationalistic assholes who still think the entire Middle East is to blame and then proceeds to harass Indians 'cos they can't tell the difference. *growl* Yes, I'm passing judgement on them. Bah humbug.

~~ so ends the last post made by erjika regarding 9/11. have a nice day. ~~


Tuesday, September 10, 2002
Mwuhaha, I got my Slam Dunk anothology doujins today!!! *VERY evil grin* And they were worth the $15 apiece I had to pay for them, which is good, since they are doujinshi and the quality isn't always very good. Various notes on them:

~ Ranko Tokugawa is a goddess.
~ Gothic style drawing in Slam Dunk is just... weird.
~ Hanamichi in a sailor scout uniform is odd, but Rukawa in said uniform is SCARY.
~ Hana in a wedding dress, however, is amusing. ^_^
~ Laree, there was a RuKo! Not terribly interesting, but it was there!
~ Youhei can be one sexy bitch *drool*
~ So can Kogure, in that sweet, deceptively cheerful way (a la Hakkai)
~ Drunk!Kiyota is funny and disturbing at the same time
~ Attempting to understand a number of the stories without knowing Japanese is DAMN hard >_<

So the rumors about Slam Dunk 2 might be true. Haven't seen anything on Dr. T's site, but who knows?

Social bloggage!

Kevian!! *huggle* Me crazy? But of course, m'dear! ^_~ YukixShuuichi! *high five* Though as adorable as he may be, I do hope I never turn out like Shuu. o_o A little too manic for me. As for your mixed up personality, let's just say it would be weird if you got YukixSchuu, and MurakixTsuzuki. Now THAT would be weird. ^^;;;;;

I don't mind punk that much, but with 3 Colours Red... er, as a punk band, they weren't that good. ~_~ But... it's such a gorgeous song! And, and... the rest of their songs aren't! Wah!!

Using Gravi as an intro to yaoi... hmm... yup, start 'em off tame, next thing you know they'll be watching Ai no Kusabi!! ^_^;;;; But you're right, it's a good series to start with. Too bad I only have it on tape, and of all things we don't have, it's a VCR!!! *cries* How will I live without my fansubs?! ;_;

Hee hee... on to other ppl now!

Ooh, you're part Maori?? Wah, the coolness!!! ^_^ *bows down to the greatness that is Maori culture*

Mwuhaha, 'tis only the true musicians who can admit to their band geekiness! Er, yeah! ^^;;; btw, I'm another fan of Treize... my god, what a man *spills over keyboard in sheer lust/admiration/hormonal-overdose* Treize is beautiful, simply put. Oh wow... I think he's the only chara that can short-circuit my brain from any point of view (whereas, someone like Fuuma needs his nifty glasses, and Seishirou needs his trenchcoat). Wai!!

Ooh... *pokes new toy*

Not cheating at all, are we Laree? :P But I think Hakkai would be anyone's dream mate. He's just cool like that. ^_^

And last but not least, added yet another to my blog list. Say hello to Afuna, fellow babbler! ^^

Coldplay, how I love thee... yeah, I promise not to sing anymore :P


Monday, September 09, 2002
Whoo hoo... I've had two hours of sleep for the past... *checks watch* 25 hours. Somehow it feels as if I'm in school again...

Went to see Blast yesterday. 'Twas mucho fun. ^_^ Blast is kinda like Stomp-- it's in a theatre, but it's more like a conglomeration of mini-sets. Think of it as marching band on stage. And they don't just march. They sing! And dance! And play didgeridoos! Anyway, one of their drums was so loud that it reverberated through the theatre. And of course I loved it. Then again, I'm a band geek, so I probably would. -_-

After that, we ate at the Outback. At 4 pm! That's the earliest I've ever had dinner. But the food was good as usual, especially the ice cream sundae, with whipped cream and chocolate sauce and TOASTED COCONUT... *erjika in heaven!*

Right now, I'm doing odd clerical jobs at my uncle's place, and I'm bored outta my mind. But, as my dear practical mom sez, it's money. Deal with it.

I so want to be in college already. ;_;

On the upside, Portia finished her pirate's story, and... well, it wasn't like her other fic endings! And depending on your perspective (particularly mine), this is a very good thing! *huggles her writer to death* Portia, if you're reading this, I'll be sending you a nice, lengthy email in the near future, and it definitely won't be containing any criticisms. ^_^ Congrats, m'dear!!

And to end yet another pointless blog entry, I will social-blog later, and I have Coldplay stuck in my head. Damn, they're beautiful. They're not great, but they're beautiful, and that's all that matters.

"And nooooooooothing else compaaaaaaaares..." <-- erjika shamelessly attempting to sing along



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