Friday, September 06, 2002
You may have problems with your last name, but you're not alone! Thanks to telemarketers, I have now come up with five different ways to pronounce my last name. T_T And being that I'm an avoidant paranoid, I now believe I can only identify with one character-- BEAST. XD

One word-- yum. :P

Whoo, PoT!! They're terribly cute. And... is that Fuji I see leaning on Tezuka?? Heh heh... Anywayz, your X casting is hilarious, even if I don't know all the charas. ^^ Fuji as the Sakurazukamori is just a tad disturbing, tho it oddly makes sense...

One Piece!! Oh, so that's his name. ^^ See, I've only seen about one episode's worth of One Piece, and it was subtitle-less, so I had no clue what was going on, other than rubber dude saving the day. Anyway, wah, Sanji always makes me think of Yuki Eiri. Only, well, shounen style. ^^;;;

And speaking of Yuki... (thanks for the quiz, Laree!)

What (yaoi) anime pairing are you?

this quiz was made by Eike and Mirai

o_o I was hoping for KuboxToki, but hey, there were quite a few good pairings listed. But... Shuuichi????


Wednesday, September 04, 2002
You're right. I know I don't need to, but I also know it's going to come up sometime. It's just that I had a hard enough time talking about it with someone I knew was cool with homosexuality, and I think for me, it's just an awkward subject to talk about whilst getting to know someone who'll be breathing down your neck for a year. Well, I guess as long as she doesn't erase my hard drive (with all my yaoi pics and fics), I'll be fine! I hope.

lol! It's always the quiet ones, ne? Considering that I potentially fit that category... -_- And what else has Okiayu done? I guess we all have our fave seiyuus now... My friend said PoT is terribly contrived, but I think I'll watch it for the bishie factor. Can't go wrong with that. Especially with said serious tennis players with glasses and windswept layered hair... *cough*

wai, macs! *glomp* I'm on an imac right now, but it's my mum's compy after I leave for school. Then I get an emac!!! (e=education? Hell no! e=erjika :P) And... your real name is Erika? YES!!! Someone else who spells their name the RIGHT way (as opposed to "Erica"-- blah...) Coolness. *now takes vow of silence*

"In this song, they deal candidly with themes of brotherly love and homosexuality." ^_^

Avoidant:Very High

-- Click Here To Take The Test --

Oy vey... somehow I'm not terribly surprised, tho if they had a category for bipolar, I would have done quite well there. ^_^ And if they had one for just depression, they'd probably just say, "Um, honey? You need to see a psychiatrist. NOW." ^^;;;;;;;;

*follows Cori and Nadia into the land of surveys*

1) Who.
The name you call yourself: Erika, Erjika
The name your parents call you: Erika ^_~
The name your friends call you: Sleeper, Fred, Freddie, Erjika, Erika, Eri-chan, "Hey, you"
The name your lover calls you: ---
The name you wish your friends wouldn't call you: Er
Who would you go with if your parents got divorced: Independent! I'd go with my sister, if anything.
Who do you go to when you have to tell a secret? You guys! XD Or Patty, my stuffed platypus. I tend not to share secrets with RL ppl.
Who's always telling you secrets? Too many people... they wonder why I'm anitsocial...
Who goes there?! Friend or foe?! By a name I know not how to tell thee who I am!
Who's your idol? um, um... o_o I don't have one
Who do you miss the most? Juli ;_; Grr, move down to San Diego, will ya?

2) What.
What's your favourite colour?
Blue (all shades)
What's your favourite flavour? Mint!!!!
What's your favourite species? Very partial to platypi, but I love all mammals
What's your favourite TV show? 120 Minutes, 'til they cancelled it
What's your favourite movie? LOTR!!!!!
What's your favourite song? erm... it changes from band to band. ATM, "In My Place" by Coldplay
What's your favourite temperature? 70-80 deg F and HUMID!!!
What's your favourite shape? amoeba! XD Actually, I love Celtic knots/crosses and labyrinthian stuff
What time is it? 6:34 pm, PST
What's wrong with me? anou ne... no comment!
What are you doing after this? Food. I smell curry... yum!

3) When

When do you take your vitamins?
none to take!
When do you usually go to bed? currently 4 am, but usually around 12-2 am
When is it party time? ... don't party. -_-
When is it too much? quoi? quoi?

4) Where.
Where is home?
San Jose
Where do you live? San Jose, but soon to be San Diego
Where do you want to go? New Zealand!!!!!!! Or anywhere other than America is fine.
Where are you most comfortable? in my sleeping bag!
Where does the time go? It bubbles and overfills, and when there's too much, it goes underground (ref. to Neverwhere by Neil Gaiman)
Where's the best city? London, hellllll yeah!
Where's the worst city? Haven't been to millions of cities, but I didn't like Paris.
Where will you never go back again? Montmartre district of Paris. NEVER want to go there again. -_-

5) How.
How often do you bathe?
I don't bathe. I shower!
How many times have you fallen in love? One time I was close, but it was just really deep affection/attraction
How spicy? No spicy for me. Mild curry is about all I can take!
How long a commute? Don't know yet
How expensive are your tastes? Cheap is good, but quality is better!
How are you? zzzzzzzzz...

And 6) why.
Why are you still doing what you're doing?
'cos I'm a sucker for surveys
Why not get outside? it's bloody hot, and the dinner bell rings.
Why is the world so shitty? because of blimey narrowminded idiots!
Why do birds suddenly appear? they hear the calling of Alfred Hitchcock
Why am I asking you? ask yourself!
Why do you fill these things out? No life... no life...

On a sidenote... Mura, you alone raised my daily blog reads about twice the average. o_o Wow.




*glomps Kit to asphyxiation*

Still want my firstborn child? ^_~

And, um, Nadia... you have a mac? There's more mac users out there? ^_^ Wai! You have a mac and like Spacehog! Whoo! (Erjika then finds out that Nadia was looking at her school computers, the crappy powerpcs that they are -_-;;;;)


Tuesday, September 03, 2002
Hmm... slight problem going on.

My roommate for the dorms just called me today, and later sent me an email. She's unbelievably sweet, and cool, and practically resonates a "girl-next-door" vibe. And while I'm sure she's not totally innocent, she's still got a kind of naivete about her (and I mean that in the best of ways).

How the hell am I supposed to tell her about yaoi? o_o

I mean, we're going to be living with each other for the next nine months, and there's no way I could hide it even if I wanted to. And it's not that I think that she'd object to homosexuality, 'cos she struck me as being pretty open-minded, but admit it, yaoi isn't exactly "pure love above all else." I mean, I'm not ashamed of it, though it's not something you just go around advertising... but how am I supposed to explain this to her. "Yes, I like guys. I like seeing guys together. No it's not quite an obsession, but it's turning into something damn close to it." Well, shit. How am I supposed to tell her something like that? Geez, having a gigantic porn collection would be easier to explain. -_-

Anyway... danke! That's what I thought. And I haven't seen enough of Chobits to know anyone other than Hideki, Shinbo, and Chii. ~_~ One day... one day...

Lol! All right, Nadia, I'll acknowledge you here. ^_~ And nice layout! Very... um, red! ^^

And finally, I added Laree of Slam Dunk fandom to the blog list. She's a cool writer, it's fun to read her stuff, and... she likes Hakkai!!!! *glomp* She likes 35, but hey, we won't hold it against her. One day, she will see the light. ^_^


Monday, September 02, 2002
Eheh... ^^;;;; Turns out I'll be able to take aikido after all. Erjika no baka...

Kevian's back!! *throws confetti*

Hope you had fun in China, Liz!

Hey Mura, since you know more about PoT than me... is Tezuka's voice actor the one who gives you eargasms (dunna remember his name)? Or is it someone else? (and on a sidenote, Tezuka just proves that I have a glasses fetish -_-)

Sideways!Bondage!Clow. Go Kit!

And... AokixKeiichi?? o_o And people thought FuuxKei was bizarre... Ammie, I hope your brain doesn't short out!

I think your comments died again, so I just want to say that I'm glad you're doing better. *huggle* And key lime pie can do wonders! ^^ And your views on Arashi are quite... interesting. ^^; Though I never did think about being a priestess and the whole virginity thing. Should have been obvious, with so much Fushigi Yuugi stuff floating around.

*'nother huggle* Hope you're feeling better, dear. And, um, I guess we'll have to arrange another meeting, ne?

*pats Koji* Hope you're still alive, dear. College suddenly doesn't look so fun. o_o

Wow, I've managed to fit everyone on my blog list in this entry.

Ok, so I cheated. Whatever. ^_~



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